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I used to to a meme at the end of every year, but when I went back to look for it, I found it no longer really applied to my life enough that I'd want to re-use it. So I guess I'm on the lookout for a new one (maybe shorter than the one I was using before, too).

The New Year seems like as good an arbitrary time as any to take stock of one's life and see about making changes. It helps that my birthday falls close to the beginning of January, so it gives me another excuse to revamp my life a bit every year, and see about living in a way that's more in line with my values. 2016 was a year of up and downs (so many downs, what the hell), but it helped cement one thing in my mind: there is work to be done. So, this year, I'm taking a page out of Jillian Holtzmann's book:


On a personal front, I think I'm already on the right track, and just need to keep going in the same direction. I've been overall doing better in terms of taking care of myself, though I still have work to do. I'm going to carry on making efforts at going to bed at a decent and mostly regular hour (work schedule permitting), eating as well as I can without getting punitive about it, and exercising. I've been slacking off on the latter because I dislike exercising indoors, and we've had so much snow that I've found it hard to go running. I need to get back out there, even if I walk and don't run, if nothing else. This year is also the year I plan to write my letter of intent to join the Quakers. I still have no idea how I'm going to do that. Darling Quakers and their "There's no wrong way to do it!" approach to this. It's very stressful. ;) I had planned on doing it last year, but I ended up not being able to go to Meeting for several months because of the classes I was taking, and it felt a little weird to apply for membership and then fall off the face of the planet for a quarter of the year or more. So this year it will be.

I have a long list of personal projects I want to pick up, too, but those are less resolutions and more "Wow, it would be so cool to do X!" kind of things. I think two very concrete resolutions I can make to keep myself balanced is to a) write one LJ entry per day, no matter how short or how boring I may think it is, and b) update my bullet journal every day, to help me keep on top of things. I'm still working on my bullet journal, to streamline it so that it's a mix of useful and happy things without becoming overwhelming (which is what happened in December), but I'm optimistic that it will become the reliable tool that it's meant to be if I work at it a little.

On a more social front, well, I need to get myself into gear. The good folks to the South of here look like they're about to have a fascist regime take over, so if that happens I am determined not to be a bystander, not to let the tank of oppression crush everyone under it without at the very least trying to do something. I've been trying to find LGBTQIA activist groups in Ottawa, but I must not be looking in the right places, because all the websites and information I've found have been defunct or obsolete or at the very least not updated in months. I don't suppose any of my local friends know where I could find an active group? In Montreal I always knew where to go and who to talk to if I wanted to get involved, but I will confess that in Ottawa I am all at sea when it comes to this, even after living here for two years. Basically, I think I've done the bystander thing long enough, time to get myself more actively involved.

In short, I'm trying to find a balance between making changes and continuing on with the changes that are already in progress, all without burning out. In an effort to keep posting here, I may pick one project to talk about per day (with some repeats as I progress--or fail to progress--on said projects).

:::ETA::: Hm. Not sure why that gif isn't working. All my tests indicate it should be. Oh, well. I'll see if I can link to it in the comments.
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As I mentioned before, I got inspired by [ profile] toughlovemuse to try out bullet journaling. I had tried it back in April or May, if memory serves, but I didn't stick with it for more than a few days at best. Having seen her beautiful notebook and nifty pens and washi tape, I decided to give it another go. It's only been a few days, but I'm having a lot more fun with it this time, now that I know that I can experiment with different layouts and fun things like that.

I'm going to try to use it to track new (good) habits and old (bad) habits, and see if I can't become more organised and productive in the future. I mean, I've been doing this dance for as long as I've lived on my own, so honestly it probably won't work. At least it'll be fun while I'm doing it. It's allowing me to indulge in some more artistic pursuits, even though I have basically no artistic talent. I've looked up a bunch of different ideas online, and am using the plethora of users and communities that have sprung up around this phenomenon for inspiration. I've got several pages done already, and managed to mess up my first weekly layout (my weeks start on Sunday, but I was copying a layount and accidentally started the first week on Monday), but at least it should be relatively easy to alter it later on. Here's hoping it sticks, but if it doesn't, it's not the end of the world.

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In other news, I'm heading back to work starting next week. I'll be doing a month's worth of Gradual Return to Work. By the time October rolls around, I'll be back on shift full-time. I'm a little wistful, but it's not like I can spend an indefinite amount of time on sick leave, especially since I'm mostly functional these days.

I also start the dog training on September 11th, so it looks like the fall will be a busy season for me. My parents are coming for a visit this weekend, so I'm going to try to bake a cake for my father's birthday. It'll be a bit early, but better that than nothing at all. It's his 75th birthday coming up, so we're planning a big party with his family the following weekend, but it's meant to be a surprise(ish), so having a small celebration here is a way to throw him off the scent.

On that note, I'm off to figure out what to have for dinner. I'm supposed to be making attempts at a normal meal schedule, for whatever that's worth.


Aug. 26th, 2016 03:33 pm
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I don't have a specific topic for this entry, just general catching up and making plans —most of which will never come to fruition, knowing me, but it's nice to dream. It's what my mother calls "building castles in Spain." I seem to recall that has a historical origin somewhere... hang on, I'm going to go look it up. Okay, I'm back (not that you can tell in textual form that I was gone), and the internet was mostly unhelpful, but it seems to stem from Charlemagne's abortive attempt at conquering Spain. So, there you go.

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Oh, and before I forget, I saw Ghostbusters last weekend with [ profile] toughlovemuse and [ profile] owldaughter, and it was amaaaaaaaaazeballs! I can't emphasize how much I enjoyed that movie. It did have some problems, but overall it was fun and engaging, and the women were all fantastic, and there was not one single fat joke in the whole movie! I was sort of bracing for impact on the latter, because of Melissa McCarthy. She's a fat woman in Hollywood, and the price of admission for that is to constantly have to make jokes at your own expense about your weight. I understand that that's how it works, but it doesn't mean I have to enjoy fat jokes. There were none, not even jokes about food apart from a running gag about wonton soup having a bad soup-to-wonton ratio. It was glorious. I have also joined the legions of fans who are super in love with Jillian Holtzmann. She has the most bad-ass fight sequence in the movie:

I mean, HOT DAMN.

She's weirdly not my favourite character, but she's definitely the character I'd want to hang out with/possibly take on a date. She's arguably the most brilliant/mad scientist of all the women, and she is entirely glorious.

If you haven't seen this movie, you should definitely go watch it (unless you are not into this sort of movie at all, in which case you probably won't like it).
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Clearly, it's not working for me. I used to post to LJ a million times a day, but that was before Twitter gave me an outlet for all those random thoughts that pop into my head that I feel compelled to share with the world. ;)

So nowadays I wait until I feel I have something of substance to say in order to post here, but let's face it, I rarely have anything of substance to say these days. It's all fleeting thoughts and superficial impressions, all the time!

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Rambling about routines and health and sleep and stuff )

I think later this week I'll make a more upbeat post with all the new projects I want to do in my copious amounts of spare time. Those are a lot more fun than all this whining about being tired and out of shape and not having enough time or energy to do things. So, an upbeat post to look forward to!

This has been a rambly, long-winded post. Thank you for bearing with me as I basically process everything in my head out loud. ;)

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The universe rewarded me for turning 36 with a wicked bout of vertigo in the middle of my night shift, which I was working alone. So I had to call my boss in disgrace for the second time in six months and crawl home and wait for death, but not before I ended up puking in the trash can at work because I couldn't make it to the bathroom. It was extra humiliating. /o\ I also had to cancel my first ever volunteer session at Shepherds of Good Hope, which also sucked.

So things are a little like my icon, but without the vodka, and it's not nearly as fun as it looks.

I spent today curled up with my laptop, posted some fanfiction and took a nap. I also did dishes, so that today wouldn't be a total write-off. I'm scheduled to have a Skype chat with my parents later on too, which will be nice. The world has (mostly) stopped spinning, and moving doesn't make me throw up anymore, so that's a win. :)

Now seems like as good a time as any to talk about my plans for the year. I've decided not to do "resolutions" in the traditional sense of the word. That being said, I do have a lot on my plate for the foreseeable future.

2015 behind the cut! )

Anyway, that concludes my lengthy rambling about what I have in mind for the year. I'd promise to post more, but that's probably a lie. I seem to go through phases when I post a lot, and others in which I post only sporadically or not at all, and I think I'll just stick to that. I'll post when I feel I have something of value to share, and that will have to suffice.

Happy New Year again, everyone!
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This is again, not the promised pet post. I may try to write that one on the plane. My first flight boards in about 20 minutes. I've spent the past couple of hours just sitting here at the airport in Moncton, not doing much of anything except futz around with Twitter. I should have spent it writing, or doing something useful with my time, but my brain just wouldn't cooperate.

It doesn't help that my neck and shoulder still hurt like the very devil, which is making even sitting rather uncomfortable. Luckily the Robaxacet is helping, making it uncomfortable rather than excruciating, and in just a moment I will break out the Aleve in order to get me through the next two flights and the rather long layover in Montreal.

In the meantime, I figure I'll start making a to-do list of everything I need to get done in the four and a half days I'll have at home before I go back to work.

  • Stop by the office early Sunday morning to scan and send in the form to claim my expenses.

  • Get a couple of new articles of summer clothing for work, mostly tops. I learned this week that my summer wardrobe has passed from being "gently used" to looking shabby enough that it won't pass muster for work. *sigh*

  • Drive back to Montreal

  • Call Réno Dépot about the fence installation. I am going to give them an earful about how rude their subcontractor was with me over the phone.

  • Chase down the guy who's supposed to install the floor, since he's been AWOL for about 10 days now just on giving me an estimate for the job. I am not impressed.

  • Check on the basement to see if it still smells of cat pee, and act accordingly.

  • Take the dog to the vet on Wednesday morning for his eye surgery.

  • Go to U-Haul and buy boxes so I can start getting my own stuff packed.

  • Start sorting through my things and getting rid of all the things I don't need.

  • Start packing up my things, probably starting with the books and miscellaneous stuff in the basement.

  • Find a place in Montreal/the West Island (or hell, even Ottawa) which takes or recycles old electronics. I have random gizmos that don't work anymore coming out my ears, but I feel bad just throwing them out, especially my old, defunct laptop.

  • Call/text back my real estate agent so we can review where things stand on the house.

  • Get one more paving slab for the back yard. [ profile] pdaughter was good enough to put the slabs down during my absence, but I'm apparently missing one, which isn't a big deal.

  • Do laundry. All the laundry. /o\

  • Make a new budget for the summer/fall

  • See my parents Wednesday evening

  • Walk the dog every day (except for Wednesday) so he won't go stir-crazy.

  • Go to [ profile] luvenditti's birthday party on Tuesday! (Yay outings!)

I'm honestly a little worried that I'm going to crash and burn really hard once I get back. I simply don't have time for that, so I'm not sure what to do to stave that off. I've been going non-stop for 13 days now, 11 of which were 12-hour night shifts and 2 of which were (are) travel days. If I get back early enough tonight, I'm hoping a good night's sleep will help.

Okay. Four minutes until boarding. Here I go!
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[ profile] ai731 has asked me to talk about my plan for living more sustainably when I move. There are still ten or so slots available for the tell me what to write about meme, if you're interested.

I apologise in advance for the fact that this entry is likely going to be more disjointed and a lot less comprehensive than previous entries. Mostly I'm writing it because I committed to writing these posts every day this month, and because I'm trying to distract myself from yesterday's really horrific trauma. Needless to say, the distractions aren't working all that well so far. However, I figure trying to write an LJ post is better than siting on my bed and crying, so that's what I'm going to do. Subsequently I'm going to go through with my original plan of cleaning up the basement.

Phnee's rather haphazard attempt at explaining what she means by living sustainably )
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Not necessarily in that order. Come to think of it, when all the craziness has died down I may well do a Sergio Leone rewatch. It's been a while since I enjoyed a good Spaghetti Western. :)

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I have been a terrible person to be around lately, both online and in person.

I'm going to try much, much harder to be better than I am. I kind of lost track of my goals in the last few weeks, especially once I started looking for another place to live, but even before then.

My resolution not to complain has been a total bust so far. I just can't seem to help myself. Resolution #1 is to try harder not to complain. I have it pretty good, especially when compared to most. No more complaining, self. This is the last post in which you get to do that.

I also have not been good at doing basic things to ensure good health. My eating habits are... well, they're okay but not great. I already decided to try the mason jar salad things, and in the interest of promoting better health, I'm going to try a few things in the coming weeks.

  • Walk 30 minutes a day. Preferably shortly after "breakfast," but otherwise whenever I can squeeze it in. Take the dog with me when I'm home so he gets some exercise too.

  • Stop drinking caffeinated beverages (coffee especially)

  • Cut back drastically on my sugar intake

  • Plan healthy meals for myself when I'm on my own

  • Take my vitamins/supplements every day

I am going to make a more concerted effort to clean and tidy both my living spaces. I've been doing maintenance rather than in-depth cleaning (like dishes, or surface cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom), and I need to do a lot more than that. I will have to find a way to keep myself accountable for this, but I haven't thought of a good way to do that yet. Related to this, I need to finish organising the books in the bedroom and do another sorting of my clothes to get rid of some of the things I don't wear or that's too old or that doesn't fit anymore. I have overall too much stuff that's taking up too much space in the house, so I'm going to try to cull unnecessary things in the coming months. I guess it could be considered spring cleaning/reorganisation. :)

I've been letting myself sleep in on the days I'm home, sometimes not getting up until 07:30 or nearly 08:00 when the rest of the family is up at 06:00 or 06:30. This needs to change. I'm going to set a (very quiet) alarm for 07:00, to make sure I'm not oversleeping, because these days there is no way I can drag myself out of bed before then without an alarm.

I am also going to work a lot harder to find additional sources of revenue.

No idea if any of this is going to work, but I'm damned well going to try. Self-improvement for the win.


Jan. 11th, 2014 12:05 pm
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Work has scheduled extra training for me on Wednesday, which means yet another night of coming home much later to Montreal than I wanted or planned to. Woe.

I will simply have to try to make use of the "extra" time I'll have on Tuesday now. Maybe I can get the car registered in Ontario, if I time everything correctly. I might even be able to get some writing done, depending on how things go.

I'm not overly thrilled, though, because the timing on this week was going to be tight enough as it was. Now that I'm losing an extra day, my schedule is going to be crammed to capacity. Oh well, it's not like I need sleep or down time.

I'll try for a more coherent post later. Right now, there needs to be coffee in my immediate future. The blood levels in my caffeine stream are about to become critical. ;)
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I am looking at the coming week, and it's making my head spin a little.

Work is making me stay late tomorrow for a 5pm mandatory meeting. I am unreasonably annoyed by this, because even if they are paying me overtime (double time for the first time in my life!), that time is mine and why couldn't they at least schedule it in the morning so as not to mess up my whole day? D:

That means that I won't be home until probably 9:30 or even 10pm, and that annoys me too. For one, I really like being home before Bean's bedtime so I can see him before he has to rush off to daycare the next morning. For another, the temperature is meant to go up tomorrow, and I wanted to get out there and shovel the snow off the back balcony before it freezes again. At 10pm I'm pretty sure it will be too late, though I intend to get out there and try, at the very least.

Tuesday morning I'm bringing in the car to be repaired. I don't know if I mentioned the minor fender-bender in which I was involved on December 4th, but the short version is that I'm getting the bumper replaced on my vehicle. Yay! Ish. The appointment is for just before 8am, so that means I have to be up early (well, for variable definitions of early: compared to waking up at 4am for work, this feels like sleeping in!) in order to get there on time.

The rest of Tuesday will be taken up with errands and grocery shopping and ingredient preparation for a cooking day on Wednesday, and in the evening I'm meeting up with the Capricornucopia boys to talk scripts and get this year's show on the road. That means another late-ish night, and likely another night of not being there for Bean's bedtime, which sucks but can't be helped. Capricornucopia is once a year, and that time of year is necessarily busier as a result. Besides, it's always so much fun when it all comes together that it's well worth it.

Wednesday is the big cooking day that [ profile] pdaughter and I have planned for the month. Last year we had a few very successful cooking days, using the menus from Once A Month Meals, formerly known as Once A Month Mom. The idea is to do enough freezer cooking to last an entire month. It's no longer free, alas, but we signed up for a month and are busily downloading as many of the menus and recipes as we can, and Wednesday will be our first trial run with us both living in the same house. Beforehand it was always a little complicated because we had to work out transportation and Bean-wrangling, among other things. Wednesday, though, Bean will be at daycare most of the day, so we'll be able to get a lot done without worrying that he's swinging from the chandeliers somewhere. ;) Or, more accurately, coming into the kitchen to try to "help," which more often than not includes shoving his hands between the produce I'm chopping and the extremely sharp knife I'm wielding. /o\

Then Thursday it'll be time to do my weekly cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom, do some laundry, then turn around and head back to Ottawa. Busy-busy-busy.
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I know, I know, this is still not the long post on willpower and extended will that I have been threatening to write for a few days now. I promise it will get written, possibly this weekend, time permitting.

Instead, I managed to squeeze enough time out of my day to work out my "un-schedule," or rather what a day typically looks like in the life of Phnee. I'm hoping this will help me manage my time better, now that I know what needs to be done on a regular basis. I've had to split my days according to categories, since everything changes drastically from one week to the next. There are seven different ways my days can go: regular day shifts, the first night shift, regular night shifts, first day off, off days that fall on weekdays, off days that fall on weekends, and the last day off.

I will put it all behind a cut, but I think having it written down will be more useful than trying to keep it all in my head. I found last week that making an unschedule for the days on which I was commuting was especially useful to help keep me on track. I was able to make much better time than I usually do.

Unschedule behind the cut )
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I'm not sure it's worth updating if I feel as though I have nothing to say, but then that's the kind of thinking that made me stop posting to LiveJournal completely, so maybe I will blather on witlessly for a while.

Tomorrow I shall make a quick Christmas recap post. For some reason, on the computer at work, the LiveJournal interface is absolute crap no matter which browser I use. I get weird overlapping white windows that prevent me from seeing drop-down menus (like for selecting a mood or a userpic) and the tag selection box, and whenever I try to add in pictures it doesn't show me the code at all. So I'm at once perplexed and annoyed and have no idea how to fix it. At least on my own computer these things don't happen. So tomorrow there will be a more picture-ful entry with details about Christmas.

Overall we had a great day yesterday. I was up first at 7:00 in order to take a shower, and [ profile] pdaughter got up at the same time. Bean was up 15 minutes later, so she was able to capture his reaction to the Christmas tree and all the presents on film. The morning was spent very pleasantly opening presents, and [ profile] pdaughter's father showed up around 9:30 or 10:00 to make the gathering complete. Unfortunately I had to leave for work by 1pm, but the morning made it well worth it. I'm just sad I wasn't able to stay longer to watch Bean play with his new toys.

Work, thankfully enough, has been pretty quiet. I've been finishing up the Soopar Seekrit Prodgikt, which, as some of you know, was the 4th Doctor's scarf, which I was making for [ profile] pdaughter for Christmas. I'm busily weaving in ends, and once that's done I need to attach the tassels. This has to be by far the longest project I've ever worked on, including the Baby Blanket of Doom of 2009. Thus far, because I am a slow knitter, I think I've put about 70 hours of work into this thing.

Boring planning stuff behind the cut )
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Two posts in a week! ;)

I'm logging on from work (I'm allowed to do that at my new job, within reason, which is a refreshing change), so I shall keep this relatively brief.

Part of my newfound productivity is a new resolution on my part to stop procrastinating. This is going to be a long-term process, as bad habits are hard to break and new habits are even harder to form. I've been listening to the iProcrastinate podcast by Professor Tim Pychyl (I hope I spelled that right), whose website can be found at I happen to find the website itself kind of klunky in its design, but thus far I love the podcast itself. It's just the right mix of theory (academic and otherwise) and practical applications thereof for me, and has already offered some very good insights into the phenomenon of procrastination.

The one thing that has stuck with me since I started listening a few days ago is the idea that the feelings of guilt that stem from procrastination are actually the result of living in a way that's inauthentic to one's true self. This hit really close to home, and hard enough that it made me sit up a bit in the car (where I was listening to the podcast) and think that, yeah, that sounds exactly right. Putting things off, especially important things (and isn't it always the important stuff on which one ends up procrastinating?) always ends up with me either in a mad rush, or crippled by anxiety (which in turn results in more procrastination), and that's not who I want to be. I also have a huge problem with perfectionism and all-or-nothing thinking (they go hand in glove) which in turn leads me to procrastinate ("If I can't do it perfectly/all at once, then I won't do it at all!")

I'm not waiting until the New Year to work on my procrastination. I figure I'll take Pychyl's advice and "just get started." I do have some projects that I will wait until January to start, if only because I know I won't have the time and attention for them right now. January is just around the corner, in any event, so it's not like I'm putting it off indefinitely.

One of the major components of ending procrastination, according to Pychyl, is to make what he calls an "implementation intention." It's essentially a concrete plan for oneself, framed either as an approach or avoidance goal (the former being preferable to the latter), the more specific the better. So if, say, I want to become more reliable about flossing my teeth, the process might look like this.

1- I want to floss my teeth regularly in order to have a sparkling white smile and because my mouth feels nice when I do it (Approach goal. An avoidance goal would be "I don't want to get gingivitis or have tooth decay." Avoidance goals are, apparently, psychologically harder to stick with).

2- Every night after I take my toothbrush out of the glass but before I brush my teeth, I will put down the toothbrush and floss my teeth first. (This gives me a concrete set of steps that will allow this to eventually become an unthinking habit, something to work into my nightly routine, and by not making it the last thing I do, it makes it easier for me to follow through on implementing my intention.)

So because there are lots of things about myself that I would like to change (most of them small, some of them big, all of them important in some way), I'm going to be spending the next couple of weeks before the New Year coming up with not only a comprehensive list, but also coming up with a series of implementation intentions and strategies for the coming months. Changes need to be small and gradual, but also consistent.

The short list of stuff I have right now is as follows, in no particular order of importance:

1- Health habits (walking, eventually running, getting a grip on my mental health, etc.)
2- Writing (writing regularly, honouring writing commitments--fanfic and original--, finishing my work, submitting work for publication)
3- Knitting (working on more projects and rediscovering my enjoyment therof)
4- Family (spending less/no time on the computer when we're all home together)
5- Mindfulness (this may well fall under health habits, but I also want to focus on not letting negative thinking influence me as much)
6- Cooking (cooking more, mastering the art better, cooking more from scratch)
7- Housekeeping (keeping the house tidier than I currently am)
8- Work (actively pursuing career options, being more assertive about my job)
9- Friends (making a point of keeping in touch, which I am notoriously bad at)
10- Blogging (posting once a day, getting my thoughts organised, etc.)

Part of my resolution to post every day in the New Year will be my commitment to all these changes. I want to be accountable for the changes I'm trying to make, and the only way to do that is to put myself out there and therefore honour my commitment. In fact, one of the first implementation intentions I'm going to make is one regarding blogging.

It's difficult for me to form habits because of my irregular schedule. I can't say "Every day at X time I shall do Y thing," because on some days I work from 5:30am to 5:30pm, on other days I work from 5:30pm to 5:30am, on other days I don't work at all, and some days are spent recovering from a night shift. So a daily routine is next to impossible. That being said, I think I can still find a way to form good habits and to get into a kind of routine, just one that isn't as conventional as it might be. I just have to figure out what works and what doesn't.
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Overslept, but managed to get to work just in the nick of time. After the gastro of death last week, today I have a sore throat. I think my body is trying to pay me back for not having anything more serious than a cold and couple of migraines for the past couple of years.

Had a lovely Christmas, anyway. The parental units loved their presents, and I was pretty spoiled myself this year. My father once again wrote me a card that made me cry. It's a tradition now.

Work has been crazy the past couple of days. It seems that bad guys don't take Christmas off. Still, it makes the shift go by pretty fast, so I can't complain.

I am in the midst of planning my life for the next year. It involves a large desk calendar, several new notebooks, and colour-coded pens. Muaha. Yes, I am indulging my office supply fetish, but it's all in a good cause.

With any luck, this time next year I will be a whole new and improved person. :)
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I've kind of spent the last year coasting along. I'm not especially pleased with myself for this.

So I'm working on a plan to be a more active participant in my own life next year. A little less, or maybe a whole lot less, passive when it comes to the important things in life: family, friends, and my home and professional life too.

I'm actually foreseeing a pretty major overhaul in a lot of ways. I hope I can make it work.

With the exception of last year, December/January is usually when the nesting/revamp my life bug hits me the hardest. It's partly to do with the New Year, but it also coincides with my birthday, which generally makes me want to re-evaluate things.

In only slightly-related news, the permanent positions at work are tentatively meant to open up on January 5th, which, coincidentally, is also my birthday. Sounds auspicious enough to me.
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Did my CBRN training this morning, and it wasn't nearly as challenging as I was led to believe. The instructor was a nice guy, but his course was a weird lesson in spoonerisms, malapropisms, and how to mispronounce every third word in the French language. It was kind of funny, actually.

The "gassing" part turned out to be a dud. We just stood there while they sprayed a teeny tiny bit of gas at us so we'd be able to recognize the smell, and then we had 15 seconds to don our equipment and be ready. Unexciting, let me tell you.

So now I'm back at work, and I have seven hours of my regular shift ahead of me. Eesh. I could really use a nap.

If it continues to be quiet at work *knocks on wood* I am going to take the time to plan out what I am going to do with my Weekend To Myself. :)


Oct. 14th, 2009 07:02 am
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I have not had enough sleep this week, but it is entirely my own fault. I should not be given access to DVDs unsupervised. :P

I came very close to buying Supernatural on DVD yesterday, but balked at the prices. The lowest price I came across was well over $50 per season, and the listed price is closer to $70, which I find pretty damned steep. So I am being patient (for variable definitions of "patient," anyway) and waiting for them to come one at a time through Zip. Also, I reminded myself that I'm not buying stuff other than groceries this month anyway. Yeah, I have a short attention span. ;)

I have just (sort of) discovered a really fun Canadian series called "Flashpoint," which is relatively unrealistic but fun. It's well-paced, well-written, and has a very, very Canadian feel to it, but is running on CBS as well as CTV, and I suspect that the high-ish level of violence is what got it onto American TV in the first place. I'm definitely enjoying it.

In other news (I use that expression a lot, don't I?), I don't know if it's something in the air, or what, but a lot of people on my flist are taking time to rethink what they're doing, try new projects, and generally do a psychic cleaning-of house, and my thoughts are turning in that direction as well. I have the beginnings of a Cunning Plan, which I'm hoping will let me get my act together in a more meaningful way. I've been adrift since early August, and it's time I pulled myself up by my bootstraps.

Oh, and I also finally remembered to update Midnight Crossroads, which I forgot to do on Monday. Oops.
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We're getting a new schedule in November. I've probably written about that before, not too long ago. I think the new schedule will be better for me, overall. I'll be working twelve-hour shifts, which means fewer days at the office, but longer hours. It's a trade-off. It means I'll never have the problem of having to work seven night shifts in a row, which is a HUGE bonus for me. Night shift does nothing good for me.

Near as I can figure, the pattern is as follows: three days on, two days off, two days on, two days off. I spend two weeks a month doing that pattern on day shift: 07:00 to 19:00, and two weeks on night shift: 19:00 to 07:00. It's going to take some serious adjustment, but I think I can do it. For one thing, I'm going to end up working only about half the days of the year, which is really awesome. I'm a bit worried about the two weeks' worth of night shift, but I'm told by people who've worked twelve-hour shifts before that it's way easier than seven nights in a row.

The other bonus is that every six weeks or so I'll have "earned" a day off, by virtue of having worked a few too many hours. So I'll end up with a four-day weekend roughly every month and a half, and that's without touching my vacation time at all. I've already got a pretty significant backlog of vacation time anyway, by virtue of having worked so much overtime in the past couple of years: I took all my vacations from my "banked" time rather than my annual vacation, and my bank is still pretty full.

Yet another advantage is that, unlike my current rotating schedule, which varies all the freaking time, I'll be able to time myself like a metronome. The schedule will remain fixed, with no variation at all. That means I might actually be able to get a routine going. I like routines: they make my life go much more smoothly.

For the moment, I'm stuck on the current schedule until October 30th. That means that in the meantime I have to do all the turn-of-the-season stuff while still working ridiculous shifts. I'm sure I can get most if not all of it done, but I do wish that they'd decided to start the new schedule in October.

I just got a pressure canner! I am very excited, although my enthusiasm was dampened by the *expletive deleted* extra shipping charge that got tacked on AT MY DOOR. Gnarr.

So now I have to get my act together and start canning like a mad canning thing. For one, all the tomatoes that were likely to ripen have ripened, and if I put it off much longer, then they will go bad. In fact, I should freeze 'em, so that they don't go off before I can can them. *goes to do just that* I'm not sure what to do with the rest of them. The poor Brandywines haven't ripened, and I'm not sure if I can mix the green Brandywines with the other green tomatoes in order to make chutney, but I don't see why not.

I want to start canning in larger quantities this year. I've been poking at the Bernardin book and Ball Blue Book of Canning, and with any luck I'll have a lot more homemade food this year. I want to try my hand at canning soups and stews and the like, which ought to make bringing lunches to work much easier. I hope.

Most of the plants in the garden have bolted at this point, but overall for a first attempt at a garden I'm quite pleased. I have to put everything to bed in the next few weeks, and I'm going to try to get my hands on some fertilizer to spread on all the beds for the duration of the winter. Next spring I'll put in some more, and with any luck the weather will be better and I'll have a gorgeous new crops. There's a lot of planning in my future, and, with any luck, with the new schedule at work I'll have time to implement it all.
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With one exception, I have declared October to be Buy Nothing Month. (The exception is the first Friday, when [ profile] fearsclave has generously agreed to take me shopping for a fishing rod and other equipment. Yay!)

So for the next couple of weeks I'm going to be doing some advance preparations for food and the like, so that I have enough to carry me through the month, as well as cat litter and the like. That's not a huge difference, since I try as a rule to have a month's worth of litter and food in the house anyway.

What ought to make a difference, however, is not buying books, a luxury to which I've become altogether too accustomed since I got this latest job. I have a reading list a mile long already, so this will force me to read the stuff I bought on a whim a few months ago and then never got around to reading, without succumbing to current whims.

I'm also going to not use my Communauto car except for one weekend, since I find I have begun relying on it for "frivolous" things that I could as easily do using public transport.

I'm thinking of turning 2010 into an exercise in frugality. After doing some careful math, and figuring out which luxuries I'm not willing to forgo right now (like my gym membership) and what obligations I have to meet no matter what (paying off my RRSP loan), I am going to try to live on 2/3 of my current salary. It would be tight, but I think I can do it. Some of the "savings" will go almost right away to a nifty toy from Lee Valley that I think will be very useful for the garden, as my house is too cold and doesn't get enough sun to start seeds with any success, but all the rest of it is going to go into a "house fund" for the near-ish future.

Originally this was a quick paragraph about the house plan, but then it turned into a bit of a rant against credit card companies. Sorry. )


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