Jan. 18th, 2017

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 Creepy song lyrics aside, it really does appear to be getting colder out there. Alas. I was hoping for a thaw so that I could break apart the ice on my stairs and driveway today, to no avail. Maybe tomorrow the weather will cooperate with me.

Today ended up being a curl-up-and-do-nothing day. I'm going to try to get to bed early, and do a frenzied cleaning tomorrow before I go see my (hopefully!) new friends at their house tomorrow. I'll have to figure out what to call them here, if we do end up becoming friends. If we don't, well, I guess the point will be moot. I have to prep the house for the potluck, do some grocery shopping, and somewhere in there I have to prepare sandwiches for the Quaker wedding I won't be attending on Saturday. (I was asked, so I agreed, and now there are logistical issues I hadn't taken into account)

Otherwise, there's not much going on today. I'm going to practice some more Romanian (I am learning about fruit!), then probably call it a day. If I can muster the energy I'll read a bit before bed, otherwise I'll continue with my newly commenced rematch of Star Trek: Deep Space 9.


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