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It's a statutory holiday here today, so that means I get to wear jeans to work! I have come to deeply loathe and resent having to wear "business casual" office clothing, so God help me if I ever end up having to work in a regular office setting again. Right now I only have to wear the hated clothes about five days a month, often less, when I'm working day shifts during the week, and the rest of the time I can wear comfy jeans, which is my favourite thing to do.

Not much has happened since I last posted. I have been procrastinating like crazy on unpacking the house and doing anything remotely productive when it comes to keeping my life together.

Instead I've been playing Stardew Valley, which is entirely the fault of [ profile] fearsclave , who, as usual, is a terrible influence. It's a horribly addictive little farming sim game, which is normally not at all my bag, but on top of the farming there is a significant emphasis on social relationships and community building in the game: the goal is not just to become good at farming, but to integrate a small community and become a respected member of society. The village, called Pelican Town, is also disturbingly realistic in some ways when it comes to depicting small town life, and the otherwise cute and lighthearted game has gotten dark on me a few times. There are characters with depression, suffering from isolation and alcoholism, people on the fringes of "civilised" society. Anyway, it's been weirdly compelling, and it has occupied a lot of my free time in the past three weeks. I finally reached some of the artificial goals the game sets this past weekend, so hopefully my fervor for it will die down a little now, and let me be productive in other ways.

I took Sergent to the vet last week for his shots, and also for our third ride on the "Does the Dog Have Cushing's Disease?" merry go round. I was worried because he's been having accidents in the house ever since I moved. I had attributed it to stress at first, but since it had continued for a month after (though with diminishing frequency), and he's been presenting with other symptoms (panting, less energy, whatnot), a lot of the signs pointed to something else going on. $1,000 later, and the good news is that he still doesn't have Cushings. The bad news is that I'm almost out of savings now. *sigh* I have a new vet, one who is much closer to home, which is much better news for both the pets, who hate being in the car for extended periods, and for my sanity, because my previous vet was an hour away by car, which meant that a vet visit before this meant basically writing off the entire day. It will be nice to be able to do other things on Vet Days now.

In more uplifting news, my new friends L. and J. managed to sell their house, and as of last week no longer live right next to the people who harassed them and made their existence a living misery for two years! I'm so excited and happy for them. They're still looking for a permanent place to live (they both suffer from severe mould allergies. which means they have to be very careful about finding a new home), but at least they now don't have to orchestrate their lives around making sure a vehicle is always parked around their home and that they're not alone for extended periods of time. They no longer have to wear their hoods up to keep their faces covered, or be afraid to leave their house during the day (they did most of their moving in the dead of night), or have their neighbours rev their truck engines at them half the night or point floodlights at their house at all hours, or leave threatening notes on their car windshield. In short, this is fantastic news for them. They sold their house to a heterosexual white couple who already have ties in the neighbourhood, so they're confident the new people won't also be the target of harassment, so it's good all around.

This past weekend ended up busier than any other time since I moved. I ran D&D on Saturday for the first time in over two months, and it went pretty well. I planned a non-combat session for my players: a solstice festival which would allow them to roleplay and just have some fun without worrying about getting killed or having larger moral decisions to make. It was a good way to get back into the swing of things, and give me a bit of breathing space to try to plan out the next arc of their story. In a way, Levels 1-5 were there to help them figure out who their characters are, but now I want to try to start pulling things together and introducing them to the larger world I've been creating. It would likely help me if I worked out more of the details of my world, I guess. :P I don't know if they'll make it all the way to Level 20, but I have plans for them if they do, that's for sure. I just have to figure out what I want to see happen in the interim, and how to make it as much fun for them as possible, too. I have a lot of their backstories to play with as well, which ought to be fun.

Sunday I went to Meeting, after missing two weeks due to work. Now that I'm a Member I'm finding it more difficult to arrange my life with so few free weekends. I'm the clerk of First Day School, which means I feel obligated to lead FDS at least once a month, which means I have only one Sunday a month to attend Meeting, and therefore that's usually the Sunday I will sacrifice if I have to make other plans (like go on a trip, or what have you), but it means I sometimes won't attend Meeting for several months, and I feel really bad about that. I have no good solution to this, unfortunately, short of finding a job that doesn't require me to work weekends, or winning the lottery so I don't have to work at all anymore. :P

Meeting was more stressful than usual, too, because we had an elderly Member become unresponsive during worship. I feel especially bad, because I noticed early on that he appeared to have fallen asleep during worship, and was drooling a little at the time, and I debated with myself if I should go check and see if he was okay and decided against it. This happened to him last year (the only two times I've ever seen him attend Meeting, for that matter), and I wondered if it might not be happening again, but I worried about overstepping my bounds, as I don't know him at all. If I end up in a similar situation again, I'm damned well not going to worry about being told to mind my own business, so long as it means I'm not possibly sacrificing someone's health and safety in the name of social delicacy. It was a poor decision on my part not to interrupt Meeting to check on him, and I regret it.

When worship was over, it became obvious that something was wrong, and people were oddly reluctant to call for medical help for the man. A few of his friends said they would just take him home, and so I stepped in then and put my foot down. He was slumped over in his chair and completely unresponsive, his skin was clammy, and his breathing was extremely rapid and shallow. "I'm calling an ambulance," I told them, and then got them to move chairs aside so the paramedics would have room to work, and employed my best crowd management techniques to get well-meaning but unhelpful people and the looky-loos out of the way. An ambulance arrived within about three minutes, which was great, along with a policeman, who was helpful in getting people to move back and also to have someone to act as a point of contact with the gentleman's family, whom we were having trouble contacting during the emergency.

The funny thing is, because I was the one who essentially took charge of the emergency, everyone at Meeting decided I must know everything there was to know about the gentleman who'd collapsed. People kept asking me what his medical conditions were, if I'd contacted his children, all sorts of things, when the truth is that I didn't even know the guy's name. I'd never met him properly: I just knew from last summer, when he'd also collapsed at Meeting, that there was a history of this happening. Anyway, in light of this latest event, I approached the Meeting clerk and told her we should suggest that everyone volunteer to give us emergency contact information, for cases such as these. We got lucky that a few of the Members in attendance that day not only knew the man, but had phone numbers for his children in their cell phone contacts, but those Members could just as easily not have been there that day, and then the children would not have found out for hours or perhaps even days that their father was in the hospital.

Everything turned out okay, as far as I know: the gentleman was already awake and more responsive by the time the ambulance took him to the hospital, so I'm sure he will be fine. Still, it could have gone much better, and I have learned quite a few lessons from what I did wrong yesterday.

Back to better news: I'm slated to go to a fandom convention next week, which I'm really looking forward to. It has changed names, from Wincon to Confabulation, but it's basically still the same con. I'm looking forward to seeing all the friends I made there last time once more, just to hang out and geek out about fannish stuff. It's a convention run by fans, for fans, with no celebrity guests, which keeps the prices mercifully low, and lets us have panels and round tables to discuss all of our beloved things in depth, which is one of my favourite things to do! So I'm pretty psyched about it, even though it's coming at a time when I no longer have the kind of money I thought I'd have before going, due to unexpectedly having to move and two very hefty vet bills in a three-month period. Still, I can swing it, only because I'd been carefully putting money aside for this convention since last year. I just wish this year had been less expensive.

And that's it! Things are starting to happen in my life again, so with any luck I will be around more and posting.


May. 4th, 2017 06:35 pm
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 I ended up not coming back to my post, and now it's Thursday.

I will not, alas, be staying up for Critical Role tonight, because it's 18:30 and I can barely keep my eyes open. Better to go to bed early and watch tomorrow, when I'm fresh. Otherwise I'll just end up nodding off during the show and missing all the important stuff anyway. I'm pretty excited, because Vox Machina are all at Level 17 and above now, which means their story is ramping up toward the End Game of Level 20, and I can't wait to see what Matt has in store for them!

I've been lured into a new video game called Stardew Valley by [ profile] fearsclave , who is responsible for so many of my bad habits that I have truly lost count. It's a fun little game, although I'm finding certain aspects a little frustrating. I spent a couple of days obsessing about it, and then I had to work, which generally put the kibosh on most of my extra-curricular activities anyway. I may go back to it tonight, or maybe tomorrow morning, depending on how soon I decide to be boring and go to bed.

Otherwise, life proceeds as usual. I have done no unpacking since the weekend, when my parents visited, and I should probably get on that. Living out of half-opened boxes ain't all it's cracked up to be, but I'm also a terrible procrastinator, and apparently I'm willing to put up with a lot of inconvenience to avoid unpacking properly.

I promised myself I'd be doing more in May, and yet this week I have been a mix of mysteriously extra tired and also pretty busy, video games aside. I'm still not settled into anything remotely like a routine here, inasmuch as I am able to have routines in my life at all these days. There's a lot of upheaval at work again: more people leaving, a couple of new people coming in, but more going than coming, and so now I'm probably going to have to go back to training newbies, which I really don't enjoy. Bleh.

I also am kind of dipping my toe into paying closer attention to hockey. Yeah, I don't understand it either, but there you go. My home team are out of the playoffs ("No, Habs, no!") but my not-quite-home team, the Senators, are still in it for now, so I'm rooting for them. Many, if not most of my online friends are Penguins fans, and although I can't quite bring myself to root for an American team, Sidney Crosby is at least Canadian and is, I must say, pretty magical on the ice. So it's fun to watch my Pens friends get all excited about their boys.

Okay. My brain has officially turned to mush tonight. Time to give it a rest. :)
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The children didn't turn up until very late today for First Day School, so I got to sit in Meeting for almost half an hour instead of trying to wrangle them all. It also turned out to be only one out of the sibling set of three, the cooperative eight-year-old, so it worked out in my favour, since I only had to entertain her for about twenty minutes. We made gluten-free Rice Krispy squares, which turned out reasonably well (somehow mine always turn out super fluffy instead of dense the way I'm accustomed to them being when other people make them).

It worked out well for me, since I slept pretty badly last night and was not really in any kind of shape to chase after the older boy today. I spent all night waking up from nightmares induced by playing way too much 7 Days to Die with my friend V. I'm doing much better in the game now, although I'm still not very good at it. Yesterday we played up until just past the "Blood Moon," when the zombies in the game all swarm and go berserk and try extra hard to kill you, and we made a mistake trying to secure our temporary shelter. We thought we were safe, and suddenly we were being overrun from almost all sides and it was all extremely stressful. So my subconscious took hold of that and ran with it all freaking night long. Thanks, brain. :P

Otherwise, Meeting went well. Today was potluck day, and I met several new people. Two were visiting from a Meeting near Philadelphia (lots and lots of Old Quaker Families™ there), and the others were new attenders, so I tried to be as welcoming and not-overwhelming as possible with them. They seem really nice, and so I hope they decide to come back. My Clearness Committee was there, too (minus one member), to meet up and finalize their report for next Sunday's Meeting for Worship for Business.

For those of you unfamiliar with Quaker process, I applied to officially become a Member of the Meeting last month (I submitted a letter to the Meeting which was read out loud at Meeting for Business by the Clerk), and they decided that I should then take the next step, which was to meet with a Clearness Committee, which in my case consists of three people. There's no set number of people, but it's usually 3-4, I think, unless the Meeting is too small to accommodate that number. A Clearness Committee is there to help an aspiring Member discern whether their Leading is truly to become a Member, or whether they need to wait and learn some more, or maybe even reconsider.

Leadings and discernment are another big part of the Quaker process: everything is done with great deliberation, which I must confess appeals to me a lot. It will not surprise most of you when I say that I myself am not a person who makes decisions easily: I tend to weigh as many sides of a question as possible before coming to a conclusion, and the more important a decision, the longer it will take me. That's not to say that I can make small decisions quickly—just ask anyone who's ever gone out to a restaurant with me. :P

I met with my Clearness Committee last Wednesday, while I was in the midst of Landlady Woes™. We arranged to meet at someone else's house, since one of the members of my committee is allergic to dogs. We spent nearly two hours talking, during which they asked me lots of questions about my spiritual path, and why I was drawn to the Quaker community to begin with. It was very intense, and all three women on my committee are very passionate about this, which made for a great conversation. One of them, amusingly enough, kept coming to my "defence," as the other two kept getting excitable and interrupting me. She kept telling them to let me finish my sentences, which was almost as distracting as the interruptions themselves. Eventually I had to—nicely—tell her that it was okay, that I could advocate for myself if I really needed it, and we ended up having a laugh over it. All in all, I thought it went very well, and I'm curious to see what they've put in their report.

And that concludes this week's adventures.
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The insomnia appears to have resolved. I think. I went to bed late because I ended up watching Critical Role, but I slept soundly for seven hours, and then had a two-hour nap before work without any issues (other than I got really cold, for some reason). So, yay for that! Insomnia sucks.

Today was kind of a not-much-happened day. I got my hair cut (no pictures, sorry) and am quite pleased with the result. I sort of knew my hair had soft curls, but the kind of minimal styling I've always done to it usually let to it hanging straight. No longer! So now my hair curls, which feels super weird. I got used to thinking of myself as someone with straight hair. I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't have the kind of curly hair that people with actual curls complain about, with frizzing and hairbrush issues. Still, it's definitely not straight. Which, I suppose, is fitting, since I'm not straight either. ;)

That aside, I went home and played a video game that I am basically terrible at, called 7 Days to Die.
In which Phnee goes on at length about gaming and zombies )

After the video game came a nap, and then work, which has been very work-like the whole evening and into the night. It finally started winding down about an hour and a half ago, when I was able to head out to grab something to eat (the nap resulted in a poorly-planned meal, alas, but I think I needed the sleep more). 

So there you have my wild adventures of the day.
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Off work for a bit longer )
What have I been doing in the interim? Well, for a week or so I stayed in, napped a lot, and did a lot of gaming. I've slowly been crawling out of my shell to venture outdoors again, and visiting the vegetable garden a bit more, and mostly trying to reset my brain back to normal parameters.

The veggie garden is doing beautifully.Veggie garden update, picture-heavy )

The rest of my time has been spent playing computer games.
Gaming stuff behind the cut )
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After literally years of hemming and hawing, last weekend I decided to create a Steam account. There was a sale on Borderlands and Borderlands II, and a Twitter friend was excited about having people to play with. I figured $5 for a game was perfectly acceptable, given my current financial woes, and signed up. There followed a very frustrating hour of trying to get Steam to load, trying to get Steam to accept my money, waiting for Steam to update, and then waiting for my slow-as-molassed-uphill-in-January internet connection to actually load Borderlands II (14 hours total for 5GB or so. Ridiculous.). After that, there were updates to load. You get the idea.

There ensued a week of business bordering on insanity, and I didn't actually get to try the game until Saturday. My friend V. was very patient in the interim, then hopped online to play with me.

In which Phnee is really bad at FPS )

So that's the story of Phnee Tries to Play First Person Shooters. Possibly not as hilarious as it seemed to me when I started writing it. ;)
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So [ profile] toughlovemuse introduced me to video games last night. She showed me a game called, I think, "Dragon Quest," and let me play it for a while. I think she was a little amused by many of my reactions.

1- Let me start out by saying that it was a great deal of fun to play. I am glad I don't own a gaming console or a computer powerful enough to play games, because you'd never see me again.

2- The game went counter to most of my upbringing. [ profile] toughlovemuse kept telling me to run places, and it made me twitch, because, well, running indoors is bad. So I kept trying to walk places, except that walking is more unwieldy than running thanks to the gaming console.

3- Apparently being a hero in this game entitles you to rummage through other people's stuff and break their things if necessary. You are encouraged to go into people's houses and public places, and just go through their stuff and take whatever you want. [ profile] toughlovemuse laughed very hard at me when I cringed and didn't want to do that. After all, the game NPCs are very understanding about the fact that you're the hero and can do whatever you want.

4- NPCs have extraordinarily short attention spans in this game. Mind you, since I've only played a few hours of WoW apart from this (I refuse to count the one time I tried playing Resident Evil and couldn't get my character to do anything except walk into a wall and get eaten by a zombie), I have no idea how much I should expect out of any given NPC anyway.

In conclusion, though, it was fun, and I'm looking forward to trying to get to the end of the story at some point. Or at the very least get to the end of my current quest. I've already died twice, once because I hit the wrong button. :P

Okay, now I'm *really* going to get breakfast, and then I have to get some writing done. I have 45,000 words to get written, or thereabouts, in the next two weeks. Wish me luck!


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