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 I'm still here. Sorry for the radio silence. I had an AMAZING trip, and while I was there I was mostly too busy running around Paris and Edinburgh to actually write about what I was doing, and then I got back and was immediately super depressed about not being in Europe anymore and thus didn't update either.

I promise to try to do better in the future. I go back to work tomorrow, and my levels of "I don't wanna!" have reached the stratosphere by now. I'm also in the throes of trying to find a moving company and packing before the end of the month, and things are a tad stressful right now. I'm hoping to get everything pulled together with

Please let me know if I missed anything super crucial in your lives, LJ!

Oh, also, I am not leaving LJ, but in case it implodes after this latest bit of shady business, you can find me on Dreamwidth under the same name.

Also, for people who are on Twitter, you can find me there as @ratherastory. I tweet quite a lot, and it tends to be in the form of yelling about social justice issues, fandom stuff, and sometimes live tweeting shows or movies. Follow me at your peril! ;)

:::ETA::: Okay, cross-posting from DW appears to have weirdly hard-coded a different font into my post, and I can't fix it. Sorry!

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I won't be online much today apart from this post. I may check in on Twitter a bit (my handle there is ratherastory if you're interested, though it's probably pretty boring), but overall today will be spent doing chores and running errands before a social outing in the evening. Looking forward to seeing all my friends tonight, some of whom I haven't seen in quite a while. <3

I have a list of things as long as my arm to do. There's shovelling to be done, the kitchen and bathroom to clean and tidy (though it won't be the in-depth scrubbing they got the last time I did it), the dog to walk, dry-cleaning to get done, and probably two dozen other things that I'm forgetting because I forgot to write them down. That's how I roll. :P

I got just shy of eight hours of sleep last night and feel pretty much no different from when I went to bed. Slightly less sleepy, but no less tired. This is very frustrating.

So I'm going to have more coffee, take my vitamins, and get on with my day. Later on I will try to remember to upload a picture of the Doctor Who scarf I knitted and post it here, so you can at least see what I was complaining about all this time. ;)

A lot of you are having a hard time lately. I just want you to know I'm thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way. *group hug*

Talk to you later, Twitter!
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Reconnected recently with an old, very good friend from high school. He was my first boyfriend, for what it's worth, and now we're both out of the closet as gay. No idea what that says about either of us.

He's also working in a field adjacent to mine, so we're having fun exchanging war stories. It's been great seeing him again: we were almost insperable the last few years of high school, and I missed hanging out with him.

I'm trying to be less quiet on LJ, but I have no idea how that's going to work out. I seem to have lost a lot of my ability to just fill the "post" space with random stuff anymore. I blame Twitter for part of that: the little tidbits that can be summed up in one sentence usually go on there these days, and there seems to be little else worth mentioning.

I've lost touch with a bunch of people, and I've let things slide so long I'm frankly embarrassed to even try to reconnect, because what can I even say? In one case, the last time we spoke directly (nearly a year ago), the exchange ended up kind of unpleasant -the person in question took something I said in jest seriously and sent back a reply that was kind of nasty, so I just let it drop- so I'm not even sure they want to talk to me anymore. Paranoid? Probably. But just because you're paranoid doesn't mean there isn't an invisible demon about to eat your face.

This is one of those times when being able to know a person's thoughts would come in really handy.
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I decided to do some of my dishes today. They've been hanging around in my sink long enough, thank you very much. That's one less thing that I'll have to do tomorrow, and given the amount of housework I have to do, that's no small deal.

So tomorrow there will be laundry and de-cluttering. When I get back from Halifax, if I still have any money left I think I'll head out to IKEA to get some bookshelves and a TV stand, and take a look at the desks they have to see if any suit my needs.

Today I am attempting to be more zen about the whole work thing. It's not working very well, but I'm trying. I can't be responsible for other people's behaviour, even when it affects me in a negative way. So I will NOT use my supervisor as a piƱata, no matter how unfair his decision was. The coworker who rolled her eyes at me actually apologized afterward for staying so long on the phone, and given that she is usually super super good at her job and generally helps me when I ask, I'm chalking this up to an aberration, especially since her daughter is having a hard time.

Work is eating my brain. Even though there hasn't been that much overtime of late... oh, wait, scratch that, there was plenty of overtime last week. Anyway, it just feels as though I'm running on empty all the time. I keep trying to keep track of my life, trying to write things down, and even that doesn't help. I keep forgetting to do things, or else I get the weird impression that I've somehow done things even though I haven't. Keeping in touch with people is especially bad. I read an email and think of a reply, and somehow my brain translates that into my having typed a reply and hit "send," even though that's not the case.


As I suspected, I made myself unpopular with my declaration that I don't like Twitter. Oh well. Can't win all the popularity contests, I guess. (The above paragraph should explain why I will never ever be on Twitter. Can you imagine what that would do to my already-wrecked attention span? :P)

Anyway, for the record: "I hate Twitter" != "I hate my friends who use Twitter."

If you like Twitter, use it regularly, and want to upload it to LJ at the end of the day, then that's fine by me. I would rather have a post, but if that's all you can manage these days for whatever reason (life, family, connection problems, whatever), then I'll take it. I like keeping in touch with my friends. And, honestly, you very obviously don't need my blessing to carry on as you see fit with your technological communication devices. If I don't like something then I can suck it up and deal. ;)
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Have I mentioned that I loathe Twitter?

It's almost as bad as the "status" thing on Facebook, except that it might possibly be worse, as you're supposed to update it all the &$#% time!

I cannot imagine anything more hateful to me, than to constantly have to tell people whatever random thing I'm doing precisely at this moment.

Maybe I'm just grumpy.

I'd rather get one thoughtful post every few days from a friend, rather than have a bunch of unrelated sentences and fragments dumped on me at the end of the day.


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