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 I got absolutely nothing of value done today. I don't know why I'm in such a contrary mood lately, but I think it might be attributable to the fact that I had no choice but to pack and move house in the last couple of months, and now I'm in a "you can't make me!" phase as a reaction to that. Is it productive or reasonable? NOPE. But there you go.

In short, there's not much to report on. I decided to treat myself to several trade paperbacks of The Walking Dead, so that's my light reading sorted for the next couple of days, I hope. There are also a bunch of new TV shows that I want to try, as well as some that I'm not caught up on. I haven't yet watched Critical Role from last night, and I probably have a few episodes each of Criminal Minds, Elementary, and Blindspot left to watch.

Speaking of Criminal Minds, a few weeks ago I decided to give Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders a shot, and dear God, it is BAD. Not even Gary Sinise can save that Americano-centric, xenophobic piece of garbage. If any of you were planning on watching, do yourselves a favour and avoid it like the plague. I am reasonably tolerant of rah-rah-MURICA stuff when it comes to police procedurals, but this takes it to several new levels of shit sandwich, and it was way too much for me to stomach.

Oh, and on the topic of trash fires, allow me to extend my condolences to my US friends on the passing of the AHCA, in which apparently being a woman is a pre-existing condition and precludes you from getting medical insurance of any kind. I exaggerate only very slightly, which is the sad thing. I can only hope it will be heavily amended in the senate, and that in 2018 all the Republicans who voted for it will be booted out of office. If any Democrats had voted for it, I'd say boot them too, but none of them did, so. I've done most of my yelling about this on Twitter, so that's all I'll say about it here.

Back to TV! 'Cause that's way more interesting... or something. Anyway, yes, lots of new TV shows coming up: Sense8 Season 2 just landed on Netflix, and I'm pretty excited, although an Indian friend of mine has indicated that it is handling the Indian politics aspect of the show in a very worrying way. I've been trying to do my own research as a result, just so I don't come at it with a completely uncritical eye. I am pretty happy about the queer representation, but the fact that many Indian people are indicating that it appears to be supportive of far-right religious extremist politics in India means that the queer representation should not give it a pass.

 Less politically worrying (thus far) is American Gods. I loooooved the book by Neil Gaiman when I read it, and so I really hope that the show will be just as good. The casting appears fantastic, anyway. The same goes for The Dark Tower series (Idris Elba, y;all!). Both of those have either just started or are scheduled to start soon, I'll have to check the dates to be sure. Of course, there's also The Handmaid's Tale, another book I loved (even though it made me want to slit my wrists), but I may need to watch that with a lot of alcohol, given the current political climate.

My summer popcorn shows are coming back, too! Killjoys is coming back for Season 3, and Wynonna Earp, which I just discovered a few weeks ago, is getting a Season 2! They're from the same Canadian showrunner, the one who brought us Lost Girl, and they both do well as low(ish) budget genre TV, with good overall representation and quirky, fun writing. I am looking forward to seeing the stories unfold!

And now, work calls. I'll be working night shifts all weekend. Whee.
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 I feel like I do this every year. TV shows get renewed, I make a mental note to start watching again, and then... I don't. Then, months later, I remember they exist, and have to go hunt them down in order to catch up. So yesterday and today, in an attempt to distract myself from my landlady's latest assholery (she's getting too petty for me to call it "shenanigans" anymore), as well as because the gastro has made it all but impossible to do much else besides lie around with my laptop, I decided to marathon the latest season of Elementary.

Spoilers follow, for those of you who are not caught up to Episode 11 of the current season.

Spoilers for Season 5 of Elementary )

I still have three episodes left before I'm caught up, and then only four episodes are left to air before the end of the season. I'm at once wistful that I won't get more, but at the same time I like shorter seasons of television, because it forces writers to be tighter with their plotting and cuts out "filler" episodes. Not that filler is as much of a concern in an episodic procedural like Elementary. Anyway, I've meandered enough in this post. Time to procure dinner, and maybe watch some more episodes.
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The trouble with having a memory that doesn't work well is that after two days I don't remember anything I did at all. :P

 The U.S. continues to travel down the path of political madness. Now Trump has invented a terror attack in Sweden, which made the entire world scratch its head and go "Buh?" There was also yet another rumour of riots in Paris spreading all throughout France (not perpetrated by the President, at least) which as far as I can tell were fabricated by a single website for reasons which escape me. Surely there are enough terrible things happening in the world without inventing more? Of course, the invented ones were all fabricated in order to spread more islamophobia, so I guess that answers my question.

On the house front, I've finally started getting some answers to my queries. Padmapper queries don't get many responses, unfortunately, but I've looked on other sites, and they are quicker to get back to me. I had an appointment to see a house yesterday morning, so with the kind permission of my coworkers I skipped an hour of work (basically I took my lunch super early in the morning) and went to see it. It was in way better shape than the house I saw on Thursday, I will give it that, but the layout was... kind of weird. For one, it had a bathroom practically in the kitchen: a toilet, sink, and shower stall. Now, I've seen powder rooms off of kitchens before, but the weird part is that the master bedroom was on the other side of that wall, with NO door leading to the bathroom. Like, why not have it as an ensuite instead of forcing whoever is in the master bedroom to parade through the living room and then the kitchen in order to go pee or shower? It was just so odd. The basement was unfinished but had lots of room and a decent washer and dryer, and the previous tenants had left behind a ton of stuff: a large black leather sofa, a complete dining room set (one of those tall round tables and four high chairs), a full drum kit in the basement (!!!) and various pots and pans and other stuff. The guy showing me the house was almost as useless as the previous guy from Thursday (what is it with these guys?), but he told me they'd left for a job in a different country. The sticking points for me were: 1) that the staircase to the second floor was incredibly narrow, and I couldn't for the life of me work out how you were meant to get any furniture up there, 2) the house was very cold and I could feel cold air seeping through the walls in the basement, which meant that heating the place would be an expensive nightmare, and 3) the house was also for sale. If the owner managed to sell the house, the new owners could easily tell me to vacate because they wanted to move in, and then I'd have to go through the hassle of finding a new house and paying for another move all over again. No, thank you. There was another family who came to look at the house while I was there, and they noted out a lot faster than I did, so I think my decision not to pursue it was the right one. It was interesting to see what was on the market, but it wasn't for me.

As I was leaving this property, I got a call from a private landlord about another house. I got a weird vibe off her almost right away, because she emailed, texted AND called, all within the space of about an hour. Which, um, is a bit intense. I picked up the call while I was in a Tim Horton's getting coffee for me and my coworkers, and she immediately asked me to tell her about myself. Slightly nonplussed, I replied that I was single, worked rotating shifts, and liked long walks on the beach, which luckily made her laugh. I really need to curb my tendency toward sarcasm, but it's tough to teach an old dog new tricks, I guess. Anyway, I got lucky that she didn't decide I was too much of a smartass, and we made an appointment for 7:30 yesterday evening.

It turned out that that house was WAY nicer than I was expecting. It's huge, though, which might prove to be a bit too much house for me by myself. If I ever end up having kids that will be a different story, of course. Still, for now, it's a lot of house. The layout was more conventional, although the kitchen was kind of close to the front entrance for my liking. That's a detail, though, and not a deal breaker. Each part of the house was in different conditions: some rooms had been recently renovated, some less recently, and a few of the bedrooms were in a state that suggested no one had done anything to them since the house was built. They were all in good condition, however, so it was just a question of how new the floors were and what colour paint was on the walls. There was some very gnarly wallpaper in the master bedroom, which, if I moved in, I'd want to have removed. Again, details. There was a finished basement, and a good-sized washer and dryer, not to mention an actual sink for laundry, which I've never had and have always wanted. That's a big plus. The yard was quite large, but it was covered in snow, and by then it was mostly too dark to see anyway, but the landlady told me that it was all paving stones underneath (that's both a plus and a negative, since it means I wouldn't have to mow the lawn, but it would also mean no grass for the dog at all).

In short, I'm not wild about the place, but it will make for a good backup plan. I have another showing tonight, which I don't think will amount to anything. I replied to an ad showing the picture of a house, but when the management company emailed me the guy said it was the top floor of a triplex. I'm honestly more curious than anything. How is this ordinary looking house actually a triplex? How does it work? So what I want to do is go see for myself, and if the building is a different one from the one pictured, I'll know that this property management company engages in false advertising, and I'll avoid them in the future.

Work has been quiet overall, so there's not much to report there. On our down time my coworker and I have been watching The Walking Dead, which has been growing ever more horrifying. We just started Season 7 yesterday (so no spoilers, those of you who are all caught up!), and it's been both fun and awful to see the arrival of Spoilers for The Walking Dead ) 
On my own time, I kind of got bored with The Clone Wars (sorry), and tried Z Nation (moar zombies!) for the second time. The first time I watched the pilot I noped out because there was a terrible, but terrible CGI zombie baby. Anyway, I decided to give it another chance, and I have been enormously entertained now that I've stuck it out. It's a zombie show  that takes itself seriously, but not too seriously, which makes it a lot of fun. Watching it in parallel with TWD has been pretty wild. TWD is all dark and gritty and holy shit grim, while Z Nation has its dark and sad moments but has fully embraced being an utterly, utterly ridiculous show. It's got genetically modified zombies, plant zombies, a guy who can mind-control zombies, a half-zombie talking head, and a whole Mexican biker gang whose entire aesthetic is based in a cringeworthy way off of the Day of the Dead. Anyway, the show has committed wholeheartedly to being totally over-the-top, and while that makes it kind of schlocky, it also makes for some pretty high-value entertainment. I'm just starting the last season that aired now, and I'm interested to see what new ridiculousness they're going to come up with. :)

Next up on my to-watch list is Elementary, which I haven't watched since last season. I actually don't remember a lot of what happened, so I may have to find the older episodes and refresh my memory. I remember the conspiracy with Sherlock's father, but I don't remember the end result. Stupid faulty memory.

Okay. Time to get on with my day. Talk to you later, LJ!
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I was saying that to someone else today. All I want to do lately is eat and sleep, which means it must be February (not as bad as November, but still not great). I'm seriously thinking that hibernation has some really great perks. Ahem. I've been slacking for weeks on the exercise front, mostly because I can't run properly in the snow and ice, and all other forms of exercise that are available to me are super boring (as far as I'm concerned: I'm sure plenty of people love using cardio machines, or whatever). I'm trying not to be too hard on myself about my supposed shortcomings here, but it's kind of difficult to let go of a lifetime of vicious self-criticism. ;)

I spent the morning at L.'s house again, although the neighbours stayed quiet. They're not as active in the mornings, apparently. So I hung out while she shovelled her driveway and then got some work done, until other friends of hers arrived at noon to take up the baton, as it were. I don't know how she gets anything done, with people coming and going all day long. Lord knows, I'd never be able to get any of my work accomplished, if I worked from home and was in the same position. 

It's a work night, so I should head to bed early. Goodness only knows if the will happen. I've been pretty iffy about getting to bed at a decent hour lately. Late January/early February has been hell on all my good habits. The only up side is that I've been catching up on a bunch of TV shows that I enjoyed but let fall by the wayside. I caught up on Criminal Minds, and while I am sad that Hotchner is no longer part of the show (although I agree that an abusive actor should not be allowed to stay on set), I am pretty keen on the new guy and his gooey soft marshmallow spot for his gorgeous dog. Today it was the turn of Orphan Black, which I've not finished yet, and I still have Penny Dreadful and Elementary lined up. I've also been re-watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, as I think I mentioned, and it's still holding up quite well, with some extra progressive views combined with some depressingly heteronormative thinking, which makes for a bit of whiplash to anyone watching in the present day. I have so many questions about Trill society and culture now, omg.


Got interrupted twice writing this, and now I don't remember what I was saying. My mother called the first time, because she was worried about my father. He left for Vietnam on Sunday and still hasn't checked in, which is unlike him. He usually emails as soon as he gets to his hotel when he travels. Anyway, I talked her down for a bit and got her onto other topics, and then ten minutes after I'd hung up with her my father actually got hold of me via Skype. Turns out he can't connect to his university's server (or something, he wasn't entirely clear with me about what had gone wrong), but otherwise his tablet is working fine, hence his being able to use Skype. So I was able to let my mother know that he's fine, which is a relief for all concerned.

And after all that telephone call excitement, it's time for bed, if I want to call it an early night, the way I'd intended, so off I go. You'll just have to wait for another time for my brilliant musings on television. ;)
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November has arrived again, with its customary dip in my energy levels. I'm experimenting with being off Facebook and Twitter again, after a successful one-month hiatus in May. This time I'm not enjoying it as much. I took a break in May because those platforms were making me a little crazy, but right now I'm finding that I feel more isolated from my friends and community than anything else. Maybe November isn't a good time of year for introspection. At least in May it's sunny and the days are longer.

Apart from that, my news is mostly good. I got the promotion I applied for, despite the fact that I thought I was by far the least likely of the candidates to get it. Apparently I got a bit lucky. There were four of us applying for two positions. The girl I thought was most qualified got one of the positions. Two guys also applied from outside our section, but one of them withdrew without my knowing, and the other one, by all accounts, had a bad day when he interviewed. He'd applied before and been passed over in favour of a more qualified applicant, and it seems that he came to this new interview with something of a surly attitude as a result. My boss told me that it had showed that I'd come prepared, and that I had done really well, so no one on the interview panel doubted for a moment that I should get one of the two open positions.

So, in short, promotion! YAY! Also, in related good news, fully 75% of the supervisor positions in my section are now staffed by women. Go us! The three of us also get along like a house on fire, so it's going to be so much fun to work with them. I'm excited. :)

I'm also going to be spending the next four weeks training to perform a completely new set of functions at work, unrelated to my new supervisory role. Well, sort of related, but I would have had to learn them anyway, regardless of the outcome of the promotion process. That means four week of an almost bourgeois schedule of working 06:00 to 14:00, Monday to Friday. It will be very interesting to see if I can deal with working five days in a row with only the weekend in between for four weeks. I've been working shifts for eight years now, it feels weird to be going back to a "regular" work day, however briefly.

By the way, we are horrifically short-staffed at my office, and we will likely soon be opening up new jobs (again). If you or anyone you know is a Canadian citizen with a high school education or higher, good computer skills, and a more than basic grasp of French (you need to be functional but not fluent), and you want to come work for some great bosses (myself included, now!), drop me a line! I will send you the application information the moment the jobs open again. :)

I've also been nominated to become the Clerk for the First Day School of the local Quaker Meeting. It sounds more glamorous than it is. ;) Basically it just means I'd be responsible for herding the cats in order to keep FDS running smoothly. First Day School is the kids' program at Meeting, a bit like Sunday School, only a lot less formal. There's singing and crafts and occasionally lessons about what it means to be a Quaker/Friend. Honestly, I'm still learning myself how to be a Quaker, so I feel ill-equipped to be the Clerk, but most of the FDS Committee have been there for years, and they're all burnt out. So I've agreed to take the helm, and two of them will be mentoring me until I get the hang of it.

Technically I'm still an Attender at the Meeting, not an official member. I've started doing some reading to become more informed, and the more I learn the less I feel I know. I think that's sort of normal, at least at first. I don't want to ask to become a Member before I feel like I know what I'm doing. The Religious Society of Friends has had a long and rich written tradition, letters and essays and diaries, and there is a lot of history to go through. I basically know absolutely nothing of the complexity and nuance of thinking that evolved over the centuries to bring the Quakers to where they are today. So, that's one of my current projects right now.

The adoption project has slowed to a crawl while we sort out paperwork. I need to get a police check done to prove that I have no criminal record (yes, you may all laugh now) and no history of abuse toward children or anyone or anything else (go on, laugh harder). Also, even though I've been stable and not medicated for nine years, they want my former psychiatrist to sign off on my mental health. So I've been jumping through hoops trying to get him to answer his damned phone. He's moved to a private practice, and I've already left messages several times. His secretary assures me he'll call back "when he gets the chance," but it's been three weeks, so I'm a little irked. I realise I'm not a current or paying client, but sheesh. Once all those papers are in order, I'll find out whether or not I've been accepted as a potential candidate. If I'm accepted, things will proceed as they are right now. If not, I am toying with a Plan B, which I will explore more in depth if needs be. I'm not thinking about it too much right now, as it involves a pretty drastic life change, which won't happen at all if I end up on the waiting list for kids.

In the interim, I've been spending my free time returning to the gym, playing video games on the computer, and watching probably way too much TV for my own good, even though I've become even pickier about what shows I like to watch. The trouble is that, even if I'm picky, there's still a lot of enjoyable programs available, especially once you have both cable and Netflix. Yes, I caved and got cable, because my DSL internet provider, despite promising speeds of "up to" 30 Mbps, never delivered anything above 300 Kbps, and it was rather frustrating to pay for a service I wasn't getting. So I coughed up extra money for much better internet, and got a land line and cable TV out of the deal, too, which really isn't half bad.

The rest of tonight's plans involve sacking out on the sofa with the cats, the dog at my feet, and the latest episode of Sleepy Hollow (or maybe Elementary, I haven't decided yet). Then it will be bedtime. In fact, it will be past bedtime, as I am now old and boring and am usually in bed by 21:00 these days. Kids, lawn, etc.

How's everyone else in LJ land doing? Let me know!
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Sleep has decided that it is not for me. Between the literal pain in my neck and some other factors, I am looking at another three hours of waiting until Bean and [ profile] pdaughter get up for the day. So I'm using the time to catch up on Orphan Black, which is getting better with each passing episode. I can't express how much I love this show, and Tatiana Maslany is phenomenal. She basically carries this whole show, and plays anywhere from three to five characters per episode, which just makes my head spin. She always manages to make me forget that it's always her playing these people, because she makes them so different from each other, hair and makeup aside. Granted, she has great writing to work with, but still, even great writing needs a great actress to make it come to life, and this show delivers on both.

The vet decided it would be awesome to send me a card with some of George's fur taped inside it and his paw prints in ink alongside their condolences. I wasn't expecting to see that when I opened the envelope (honestly, I was expecting a reminder for Sergent's surgery), and I almost burst into tears. It might be a nice gesture if your cat died peacefully, but really all it did was stir up the horrific trauma of watching him get his head bashed in by a car and then bleeding to death in my arms. Thanks, vet. That was so thoughtful. >_< Also, it means they must have taken the prints off his corpse. Who even does that? It's gruesome. Christ.

This morning the guys are supposed to show up to build the fence. I really hope they get it done today in spite of what appears to be a suspicious lack of garden gate included with the delivery of the materials in my absence. It sounds like before they start they're going to expect me to saw off several branches of my lilac tree, which is going to be interesting given how much my neck and shoulder hurt. :P Once they're set up and busy building, my plan is to go to Réno Dépot and give them an earful about how rude their subcontractor was with me. This whole situation has been a bit of a shambles ever since I left for Moncton, and I am very displeased with the level of service I received. While I'm there I guess I'll pick up the remaining paving slab I need for the yard. Also, does anyone have any tips on splitting a paving slab diagonally? I have a weirdly shaped empty spot in my arrangement of paving slabs, and if I split one right down the middle it would likely fit almost perfectly, but I have no idea how to do that.  I should pick up a couple of bags of soil and some grass seed for the area around the slabs, too, to make it look a little better.

If they get here early enough I'm also going to take part of the afternoon to take myself clothes shopping (blech). It's a necessary evil, I suppose. My summer wardrobe is no longer appropriate for work at all. It's shabby and worn and most of it has holes in it now. *sigh* If not, I guess the clothes will have to wait until Wednesday, since everything will be closed on Tuesday.

I also have to chase down the guy for the basement floor, because I damned well need to get this house sold and he's been ignoring my calls for two weeks. As it is, my real estate agent tells me that the market dips right after St. Jean Baptiste, so that ship has sailed. At this point I'm wondering if I'm going to need to resign myself to the notion of losing my damned shirt on this house and continuing to haemorrhage money for the foreseeable future. All I can do is hope that I can make it through the next eleven and a half months without going bankrupt or ruining my credit permanently, or both. Although going bankrupt would ruin my credit permanently, I suppose. I don't know, I'm tired and my brain is fried. :P

I am feeling guilty about not using the time I'm awake to get some creative writing done, but honestly I don't have the focus for it right now. The best I can manage is this really disjointed LJ entry. So, uh, lucky you guys, you get to read my 3am ramblings! Isn't that exciting?

That's it for now, I suppose. I can't think of anything else to say.


I just remembered I need to go to U-Haul and buy boxes today so I can start packing, too. Tomorrow it'll be closed, and I want to pack then anyway as well as Wednesday, so the longer I wait the less time I'll have for that this week.

Also, laundry. I am in desperate need of a shower, so once everyone is awake I'll take a shower and then do all the laundry. If I can get everything on my list for today done, it will free up the next couple of days for the things that can't be moved around, like birthday parties and vet appointments and dinner with my parents on Wednesday.

So, yeah. Busy busy busy.
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It's likely not a secret that I watch too much TV. I tend to keep shows I like on in the background while I do other things, because that's one of the few times that I do get to watch TV. I'm lucky enough that I can watch TV at work on my night shifts, too, which helps to pass the time (that and the internet!). The net result is that I actually end up getting a lot of screen time in, even though I have next to no spare time outside of work. So I watch when I'm cooking or cleaning or getting ready for work before my night shifts, and while it means I often have to pause and rewind when I figure I've missed an important visual cue, it mostly works out.

I've been watching Hannibal, as I think I've mentioned before, and I think it's far and away my favourite show on the air right now. Once I set aside my objections to a roomful of brilliant FBI agents not noticing the cannibalistic serial killer under their noses (who'd invite them to dinner and make cannibal jokes the whole time), it became highly enjoyable. It's breathtakingly beautiful, and the creator has made serious efforts to include women and people of colour in major roles, where they didn't exist at all in the books (which I have yet to read, I'm ashamed to say). I particularly appreciate the promise that the series will never include sexual violence perpetrated against women. While I do love watching Criminal Minds, the unrelenting rape/violence against women gets pretty depressing after a while. I also love how unabashed the series is about making a huge part of the story about a very bizarre love affair between the two male leads. A platonic love affair, but a love affair nonetheless, directly acknowledged by the characters. Basically, canonical murder husbands, folks. ;)

My other recent discovery is Shameless, which is everything its title promises, except that it's incredibly well written and utterly heartbreaking. It's difficult to find, unfortunately, as it's a Showtime original production, but I've found a website that streams it for free, which is great. The site is glitchy but nothing too terrible, and I've been able to keep up with a number of shows that way. Anyway, Shameless is phenomenal, but it's incredibly hard to watch, in a similar way to how Breaking Bad was hard to watch, because the show makes you care a lot about the characters and then has them make stupid, terrible, awful choices. And the rest of the time you're watching all the other characters dealing with the fallout from these stupid, terrible, awful choices and your heart breaks for them because sometimes there really is nothing else to be done but put your head down and weather the storm until it passes. I'm at the mid-point of the second season, and I am told that it only gets worse and more heartbreaking from here.

That's the thing about good television, like any good storytelling medium. There comes a point when it's not just a story. For as long as I've been a reader, the fictional characters I read about feel just as real to me as the people in my life. For the time the story lasts, I care as deeply for them as I care for my friends, and I want them to be happy. I want them to make the right choices, and I want them to prosper. The writer in me knows that there can't be a story without some kind of conflict, without wrong choices being made, without there being some sort of suffering on the part of these people and creatures I love, but it hurts nonetheless to watch them go through it. And the really good ones stay with me for a very long time.

All the people I know who are readers or who consume stories in any fashion are the same way. We all remember those books and movies and stories that moved us so deeply that they changed the way we interact with the world. We all remember those characters we loved, the ones we wanted to be like, the ones we wanted to befriend, the ones we wanted to love in real life, the ones who, if they were real, we would have followed right into the depths of Moria.

I keep forgetting to do the daily gratitude thing, but this seems like a good opportunity for it:

1- I am grateful for all the stories that have come to occupy my life, that have served to make it richer, to make me a more complete person.

2- I am grateful for all the storytellers out there: writers, artists, performance artists, composers, film makers, and all the others. Without them, my life would be the poorer.

3- I am grateful to live in an age where technology makes all these stories accessible to me in new and exciting ways, like podcasts and podfic, ebooks and fanfiction archives, livestreaming sites and downloading, as well as more "old-fashioned" media like books and DVDs and CDs and MP3's. (Not to mention all the technology that has evolved over the past century, which I won't bother listing here)

It's an exciting age for stories that we live in.
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Today got sacrificed on the altar of the Migraine Fairy. I awoke with a headache around 8:00 after a night of more or less restful sleep, and gave it up as a bad job shortly before 11:00 and took a very long nap. Luckily that got rid of it, but it also meant my day was essentially shot. Alas.

So now I'm back at work, and I'm waiting for it to be over. I've been lucky to have a relatively quiet time of it at work. It's all been routine stuff that I know how to deal with, which is great for my stress levels.


No sooner had I written that than the heavens opened up and poured work over my head. Whoops. Anyway, I'm back, nearly an hour after starting this post. I should know better than to taunt the work gods like that.

Anyway, I am once again in the unenviable position of having not much to report. Things are okay at work, if busy. I really hate Daylight Savings Time. I had to get up at what felt like 2:50 on Sunday morning to get to work on time, which is just fucking brutal. I don't understand the couple of people I know who manage that every working day. 3:00 is an evil time that should not be used for waking up. It's the middle of the freaking night, and all I want to do at that hour is sleep. I could go on a long rant about how DST has very few proven benefits, actually disrupts farming activity, and is generally only well-received by retailers and people who want to go outside after regular business hours, but I will spare you. The short version is that DST makes my life a lot harder than it needs to be for about two weeks out of the year while my body adjust to the new time.

Grumpy cat is grumpy, what can I say?

I'm rewatching Criminal Minds, slowly. I'd forgotten just how intense the first few seasons are. While I think the show did even better once Mandy Patinkin left (I love the guy, but he chewed the scenery constantly and overshadowed everyone else with his grandstanding), the kinds of stories they told early on were a lot more diverse than what they're doing now, or so it seems. There were not just serial killers but also arsonists and bombers and terrorists and cults. It feels like the last few seasons have been more about making the serial killers more inventive and horrific, rather than broadening the BAU's scope in the type of crimes they deal with. It's disappointing, in a way. I'd much rather they profile more arsonists and bombers than finding newer and more creative ways of torturing and killing women. :/

I have finished watching True Detective, all eight episodes, and mostly I'm confused. I think I need to rewatch them in order when I'm not as tired and unfocused, so that I can at least work out what the hell is happening in individual episodes. I wonder if I should read The King In Yellow and see if that will help me figure things out a little. It's not like I have the time or the concentration for either of those things, but hey, a girl can dream. Mostly my takeaway from this show is that it is super, super beautiful. Much like Hannibal, for that matter, but at least I understand what's going on in that show.

I will confess that I'm watching Hannibal for two reasons: 1) It's really, really beautiful. 2) The fandom stuff on Tumblr makes me laugh until I cry. Seriously, for such an utterly fucked-up show, the fandom is hilarious. Completely irreverent and whimsical, and they come up with the wackiest stuff about the show. They are a delightful bunch and I always look forward to seeing what they come up with for each new episode.

And I guess that's it for now. I can't promise that future updates will be any more riveting, alas.
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I've been rewatching Criminal Minds lately. I have it running in the background when I'm doing stuff, and it always seems to be re-running on TV on at least one channel, much like Law and Order back in the day.

I've been watching this show from the moment it premiered, and I still really enjoy it. I'd forgotten how much it was essentially "The Mandy Patinkin Show" before he left, and as much as I love him as an actor, I can't help but feel that the show matured and improved considerably after his departure. Patinkin simply takes up too much space with his personality, and everyone else was left to drown in his wake. With his departure and the addition of Joe Mantegna as David Rossi, it felt like the rest of the cast had more room to breathe and more room to grow, and as such became a much stronger whole.

I am not entirely sure why I like this show so much. It's been nearly nine years, and there's no denying that the show is formulaic. It's also very dependent on people doing horrifying things to women about 90% of the time. They've fridged at least one recurring female character in the process of trying to further the white lead man's angst. They once got rid of their two female leads in the same season, and only reinstated one of the actresses after considerable fan backlash, and quickly brought in another woman to replace the one who wasn't coming back. (Though it should be noted that the ratio of men to women in the show is still 2 to 1).

While the cast are cute as buttons and there's enough character development to satisfy my need for such (unlike, say, all the CSIs out there), there's no one thing that says to me "Ah-hah! This is the reason you watch the show!" In fact, from everything I've said, this is the kind of show that should have me rolling my eyes and clicking to a different channel.

And yet, here I am, nine seasons in, still watching avidly. It's not at the level of obsession I've had for Supernatural, and I have no inclination whatsoever to be part of the fandom. I'm not interested in writing fanfic, gen or otherwise, and I certainly have no strong feelings about any of the characters' love lives, whether with each other or with other characters. I'm happy when they find love, sad when their love interests leave or are killed. I spent many years hoping that they'd eventually let Aaron Hotchner have nice things and not wallow in angst. Reid breaks my heart on a consistent basis. I've had a crush on Garcia from the start, and it's likely never going to fade. I miss Emily Prentiss and her extraordinary education and ability to get by in a bajillion languages.

I guess that's my answer right there. I come back for the characters, who are just complex enough that I want to watch them do their thing, week in and week out.
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Let's pretend I have something to talk about.


Well, I did try to watch the premiere of Hannibal yesterday, but I couldn't focus long enough for it to make any sense to me. My mind kept wandering when the commercials would come on, and then I wouldn't realise that the show had resumed, so I think I missed at least a third of the story that way. Whoops.

The show is super pretty, though, I will give it that. Disturbing, but pretty. Maybe some day I'll be able to watch it properly without being super confused about what's going on. Mostly what I got out of it is that Spoilers! ) Maybe if I'd been less tired I might have been able to focus a little better, but that clearly isn't going to happen.

I got a bit more sleep today, but as usual with my night shifts I ended up waking up approximately every two hours, which means it wasn't all that restful. Alas.

Apart from the fact that I clearly watch too much TV, I have nothing to say. Oh well. Maybe next week stuff will happen and I won't be as boring and/or depressing about things.
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I like to keep TV shows running in the background when I'm by myself and doing things like washing dishes and cleaning and whatnot. It keeps me entertained and allows me to keep up with what's going on culture-wise, especially on Twitter. I watch more TV than I have time for, if truth be told, which is why I am perennially behind on most shows, but I figure it's not a race.

I've been keeping up with Supernatural, although the gilt has faded on that show considerably. I'm more than a little sad about this, because SPN was my first true fandom, and seeing the show go out with a whimper rather than a bang is making my heart twinge. They really should have ended it after Season 5, no matter how heartbreaking it would have been spoiler behind the cut ). It would have spawned reams of fix-it fic, and post-canon fic, and then likely the fandom would have dwindled and become, well, a little less crazy. Right now the show is suffering from some very poor writing and what feels like a new show-runner who is ignoring the previous show-runner's two seasons entirely. It's making for, well, mediocre TV.

One show that's bringing me joy these days is Person of Interest, now in its third season, which is well-written enough that I don't feel compelled to write any kind of fic about it. I'm getting all the character development, plotty intrigue, and near-future sci-fi that I could possibly want out of the show, and the writing is very good and very consistent which means I don't have to work out canon problems for myself in fictional format. I'm almost disappointed, because I really do enjoy writing fanfiction. I just don't feel the need to for this show.

Sleepy Hollow became a favourite in its first season. It's fun, quirky, a little twisted and utterly delightful. It's not meant to be taken entirely seriously, and as such I can sit back and enjoy it without thinking too hard about how Ichabod Crane should actually be curled in a foetal position under a table somewhere muttering to himself with his hands clapped over his ears, rather than swanning about the countryside in his old-timey garb solving murders and complaining about the modern state of the nation. Honestly, I could watch the "Ichabod and Abby bicker for forty minutes while nothing else happens" show very happily. The rest is all gravy. What I also adore about this show is that fully 75% of the four main cast on this show are a) not men, and b) not white. Two black women, one black man, and one white guy. A+ on diversity, Sleepy Hollow! This just proves what we all knew: that a woman of colour can carry a show on her own, and that we should have MOAR of this sort of thing on TV.

I started watching Black Sails, but have yet to make it past the second episode. The title sequence is beautiful, but it's somehow failing to truly capture my interest. Also, I am a little over the gratuitous female nudity and "Oooh, look, lesbians! Aren't we edgy?" school of television. Yes, yes, you're very risqué, we're all oh so very impressed. Actually, no, fuck off. :P

I am already a few episodes behind on True Detective, not because I'm not enjoying it, but because I need to concentrate really really hard to catch everything that's going on. It's not a show I can just have on in the background while I putter, because there is so much going on from a visual standpoint. I actually showed my mother the title sequence, and she was quite impressed by the quality of the visuals. If my mother gives it a thumb's up, then you know there's quality work there (my mother, for those who don't know, is a brilliant artist, and has about fifty years' worth of art history expertise under her belt). I will confess that I am not familiar with The King in Yellow, so doubtless a lot of the show's subtleties are being lost on me. So far I've been incredibly impressed with the quality of the acting (though I would kill for a show like this in which the leads aren't necessarily two white guys), the spectacular visuals, and I am very intrigued to see where the plot is going. The show does suffer from the same sort of internalised misogyny that a lot of shows about Angsty and Troubled White Detectives Chasing Serial Killers have, so a fair bit of nudity (gratuitous and otherwise) and some sex that felt a little bit slotted in for the purposes of thrills alone, but right now I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and roll with it.

I've also been watching the new series The Musketeers, though I haven't seen the latest episode. So far it's been a fun romp, and everyone complaining that there couldn't be a "black" Musketeer has obviously never seen a picture of Alexandre Dumas himself. Sheesh. I constantly wonder at the English-speaking world's fascination with this book. How many English screen adaptations are there of this now, I wonder? I can think of at least 6 off the top of my head, and Wikipedia tells me there are at least 26 direct adaptations (not counting animations, or movies about their descendants, or movies in which they are replaced by anthropomorphic animal representations of themselves). Compare this with a handful of French titles. I wonder what it is about this that seems to resonate so much more with the English-speaking world than the French. I don't have a good answer, but I do wonder.

My guilty pleasure for the past while has also been Teen Wolf. Do yourselves a favour and don't watch it. It's actually not very good. The first half of the first season is boring. Then they do interesting new(ish) werewolf mythology stuff for the latter half of the first season, and the second season was a lot of fun. Then the first half of the third season was face-palmingly awful, and now they're limping back into "okay" territory. The show is hugely problematic in how it treats women and POC, though, and just... yeah. The revolving door of interchangeable female characters who get killed off-screen is starting to get old, and I don't even know why I'm still watching, except that it's sort of like a very pretty train wreck. /o\ Kind of like how, back in the day, I couldn't stop watching 24. OMG, I just re-read my entries for my 24 tag, and they are hilarious! Why was I watching that? Oh, self, your life choices are terrible sometimes.

Lost Girl and Orphan Black were both very pleasant surprises. Yay Canadian TV! Especially Orphan Black, which has a really interesting plot. I am intrigued to see where they take it next season.

I will confess to being something of a fiend for police procedurals. They all sort of seem to slot into that lovely niche in my brain that loves to watch other people solve puzzles, especially if those puzzles are other people. So into that category goes Criminal Minds, CSI (though I wish they would put that show out of its misery by now), Elementary (yes, I know it's meant to be Sherlock Holmes, but let's face it, it's a very clever procedural with the same names as in the stories), and more recently Rizzoli & Isles, which is cute so far (I've only seen a few episodes).

There are others, but I think that'll do for now. Otherwise this entry is going to get even more embarrassingly long. :P


Feb. 15th, 2014 09:45 am
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For the record, coffee does NOT do to me what is has done to the cat in the icon. I often wish it did, because I feel like I'd be a lot more productive.

First off, in baking news, [ profile] pdaughter made Valentine's cupcakes for her French class. We also got cupcakes. Look at this image and tell me you are not jealous. Yes, the chocolate heart is made by hand too, because she's just that awesome.


More Valentine's Day stuff under the cut )
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... when you essentially have nothing to say. I'd love to be one of those bloggers who can write long and intelligent essays on whatever subject pops into their minds, but I'm not, so there seems little point in wishing it were otherwise.

The problem is that I don't lead an exciting enough life to warrant updating every day. Since the last time I updated, for instance, all I did was work (and even if that was interesting, which it's not, I can't talk about it anyway), then sleep, then get up and shower and pack my bags.

Exciting, am I right?

It's easier on days when I'm home. On those days other things happen, Bean does funny stuff (I really need to start noting these things, so I can have them for posterity), we go out and run errands and go to birthday parties and generally lead a more adventurous existence.

I don't know. For people still reading this (and I know there's a handful), is there anything in particular you'd like me to talk about? Maybe I just need prompting, a little bit like fanfiction. Anyone? Bueller?

Anyway, it's time for me to finish packing in order to head back to Montreal. I shall conclude with another fannish sentiment: I am developing a wholly inappropriate crush on Peter Capaldi. I hope that his Doctor Who commitments won't keep him away from The Musketeers, which is proving highly enjoyable so far. Is it me, or are English-speakers WAY more obsessed with Dumas' story than the French? It's perplexing.
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Long week was long, and now I get to start my work week.

I am paying for going to sleep late multiple nights in a row. Monday was due to work, Tuesday was cooking day prep followed by Capricornucopia prep, Wednesday was cooking day, and yesterday I forced myself to post the promised entry about said cooking day after getting a very late start to Ottawa.

Now I am so tired I keep threatening to fall asleep over my keyboard, and it's just past 19:30. Four more days of work, then I get to go home and do some more running around. Capricornucopia prep is the big thing next week. Then Capricornucopia itself on Saturday, watching Bean solo on Sunday morning while [ profile] pdaughter goes to class, then driving back to Ottawa in the afternoon to start another work week. Somewhere in there I'll need to do some housecleaning and laundry, though no cooking, thank God. ;)

I don't know. The more productive I try to be, the more it seems like I'm not doing enough. At least when I was procrastinating I had an excuse for why shit wasn't getting done. Now that I'm trying, and trying hard, I'm still failing.

In other news, I went to the dentist this morning after being a bad, bad dental patient and not going for two and a half years. I paid the price for it, though, as the dentist uttered the words "root canal" at me. It's not a done deal, we're going to try to repair the offending tooth with a plain old filling first, since I'm not in any actual pain (yet). Apparently, since I have a very good regime of personal oral hygiene, it means that the bacteria in my mouth are extra super-duper powerful, to cause this much damage in so little time. Um, yay? IDK, maybe when the apocalypse comes I can rule the earth with my pet ultra-powerful bacteria or something. :P

The verdict is that I need to step up the oral hygiene. Floss twice a day, use mouthwash twice a day, brush after every meal/snack when at all possible. Otherwise I'm looking at a mouthful of tooth decay. After 30 years of having dentists tell me what awesome teeth I had, this is a hell of a blow to the ego. Going to the dentist used to be a bit of a boost to my morale, but mutant bacteria have done away with that. Alas.

So the next few months are going to be filled with visits to the dentist's office. Huzzah. At least I got the snafu with my insurance sorted out. When I gave my card to the receptionist with my information, it didn't work when she tried to run it through the system. Turns out, when I got my permanent position at work, my insurance policy was cancelled and then replaced with another. Unbeknownst to me, I was actually uninsured for three months (even though my employment was never interrupted and I paid the damned insurance premiums the entire time!), but that ended mid-December. Anyway, I was able to get my new policy numbers fairly easily, which was a relief, but I am unimpressed at my job and their really annoying red tape and ridiculous guidelines that seem designed to screw over employees.

On the work front, I've been given a pretty big project at work which should take up a fair bit of my time and brain processing power (what little there is of it). I'm basically tasked, along with another operator, to entirely re-vamp the office's standard operating procedures. We'll be updating them and making them all accessible electronically. Right now they're a jumbled mess of paper, outdated and often badly written. It'll be a nice challenge for me, and it's always a good way to learn the ins and outs of the work itself, far more so than simply taking notes and trying to remember it all on my own. I've always learned better by applying my knowledge.

So that was my incredibly exciting day. Work and dental work. I have a couple of fandom-related emails to send out, and I'm going to try to stay awake long enough to finish the latest episode of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which I've been watching from the beginning (though I'm not enjoying it nearly as much as I want to).
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Woke up with a migraine due to some seriously fucked-up nightmares. At least this time the nightmares were back to my usual fare: I was kidnapped by some serial killer-type guy, along with my husband (don't ask), and kept at the top of a ridiculously tall high-rise. The serial killer guy (or whatever) decided he needed to move us, and tried to hustle us into the elevator, only I managed to escape and thought I'd be able to go down the emergency fire stairs. Of course, they turned out to be like the stairs in ALL of my dreams: scary fucked-up and straight out of Escher and STEEP, HOLY SHIT. I couldn't even start to go down them because I had to climb up over a ledge of some kind first and then I was too afraid to go careening down to the ground if I missed my footing. Vertigo. Bleh.

There were other, non-nightmare dreams. In one of them I dreamed that some stupid schmuck who was fixing the lights at the office accidentally-on-purpose dropped a really heavy light fixture right near me and it glanced off my head. If it had been a direct hit it would have caved in my skull (who thinks the headache was bleeding into my dream? Let's see a show of hands!), and I got really really mad at him. Douchebag. There was yelling.

Anyway, all this to say that I awoke and had to take a lot of painkillers. I'm okay now, though, which is odd.

In other news, SUPERNATURAL MARATHON THIS WEEKEND! Featuring me, [ profile] guruwench, [ profile] le_maistre_e and [ profile] silly_imp. It is going to be awesome!

[ profile] lassiterfics just summed up my relationship with the show perfectly:

"SPN is like that guy everyone tells me to stay away from because he's a total douchetard and I used to be like, "Yeah, I know, did you hear what he did to some girl?" BUT THEN, last month I was drunk at a party and kind of bereft because Merlin just dumped me, and then SPN was like, "Hey cutie, I've got some folklore and incest back at my place, you wanna come over?" and I was like, "Sure why not," 'cos SPN's kind of cute and I guess I could do with a one-night stand. But then SPN whipped out his apocalypse shit, and now suddenly I'm skipping classes and blowing off my friends to snort subtext and smoke religious mythos with him. AND HERE I AM, a broken woman. Sigh."
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While I'm obsessing about Supernatural (yes, still obsessing, no, I don't see that changing anytime soon), here's another video.

Anyone on my flist who's into ghost hunting ought to get a kick out of it. I hope. :)

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Supernatural has been renewed for a 6th season! WHEEE!

Yes, I know. Shut up and let me bask, okay? ;)

Also, thanks to [ profile] ash48 I now present this celebratory vid by [ profile] deirdre_c: 2 Legit 2 Quit.

I know, I know. But it's really funny!
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Dear 24,

Against my better judgment, I have started watching you again. Why do I do this? I don't know. I feel a bit like an abused wife.

"I know you didn't mean it —you were just drunk on your TV ratings!"

"Maybe this time it'll be different. I know you can change!"

At least so far this season no one has torn out someone else's jugular with their teeth. Small mercies.

See, this year I saw Katee Sackhoff was part of the lineup, and I thought "HOORAY! A strong female character at last!" Because, you know, 24, how disappointing you've been on that score. You keep introducing female characters who ought to be strong and awesome, and every single time you ruin them by having them be under some guy's thumb, one way or another.

I don't understand why I thought that you'd do something different with Katee Sackhoff's character. Maybe I was lulled into a false sense of security by her four years as Starbuck (who, sure, got ruined by the writers, but started out for the first two seasons being pretty freakin' awesome).

As it turns out, dear 24, you're not even four episodes in and you've wrecked the character's chances with me.

You know, 24, it's not even the fact that you can't pull a strong female character out of your ass that disappoints me. Having a show with an almost completely male bent to it isn't something I object to. I mean, look how obsessed I am with Supernatural, and that show kills off 99% of its women! Sure, I don't like that part of it all that much, but I love the show anyway. I just wish you'd learn and grow as a show, which you don't, not really. You've become practically a parody of yourself, which is sad.

Although having Jack Bauer say "I hate this place," while at CTU this season was a nice touch. I'll give you that. I would hate it too, in his shoes. ;)

I don't know why I'm disappointed, frankly. You'd think I would know better by now.

No love,

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It's snowing out. Again.

I have been sitting on my sofa all day with George curled up next to me. Every so often he rolls over and demands that I rub his belly.

I'm re-watching "Supernatural," because I am just that obsessed. It's still making me giggle and cringe and worry about the characters. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of shows that have been able to do that for me a second time around ("The Pretender" is one of them, for the record).

In short: snowy day, purring cats, good TV.

Yeah, life is rough.

S.A.D. stuff behind the cut. The short version is: Phnee is taking St. John's Wort and things are better. )

So, yeah. Doing better. It's not exactly unicorns pissing rainbows and butterflies, but it's better.

Maybe later on I'll get around to posting the usual memes I do around this time of year, start making plans, which is what I always do around my birthday.

Good times.

Happy trails, all!
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Spoilers for both Lost and Supernatural behind the cut! You've been warned! )

Sorry I haven't been around, folks. I have nothing to post except existential angst, and no one wants to read that.


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