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My landlady has, entirely coincidentally, I'm sure, decided to do some renovations in the unused portion of the house. The portion of the house that's directly under my bedroom. They started today at 08:30, right after my first night shift was over. I've had two and a half hours of sleep, and I am ready to commit murder.

The repairmen are alternating between hammering with extreme vigour and enthusiasm on what sounds like the wall adjoining my section of the house, and hanging out directly beneath my bedroom window and chatting/swearing at top volume. I don't know why they feel compelled to yell everything to each other when they're taking their breaks (they speak at normal volume otherwise), but here we are.

I was about to despair this morning (when I was still trying in vain to sleep through the racket), because the idea of multiple weeks of no sleep during my night shifts is akin to torture. I debated whether I should look into booking a cheap hotel room (which I can ill afford right now) during my night shifts, but of course that leaves the pets unattended, which is not ideal. I'd be paying for maybe five or six hours of sleep if I also wanted to feed the pets and walk the dog and keep most of my clothes at home.

Then I remembered that the timing on this might not be all bad. Tonight is my last night shift for the week, so it means this week there wouldn't be much sleep, but next week my night shifts start on Friday. If I get very lucky, they won't work on weekends, so it means that I'll get to sleep the whole of next weekend. If they end up working on the Monday, then I'll just miss a few hours of sleep during the day, which is not nearly as bad as missing three days' worth of sleep.

After that block of shifts is over, I'm actually on vacation! I will be away in another country for a good part of that time, too, so that means the landlady asshattery should be kept to a minimum! I'm very excited.

Travel will, of course, bring its own set of (very minor) problems. Mostly I'm anxious about bringing my electronics with me on the plane, in a way I've never worried before. I'm less worried about being permanently detained (my white middle-class privilege will likely protect me from the worst indignities), but now that border services are demanding passwords to all social media, I'm kind of worried that I'll either be turned back at the border (unlikely), or that they'll confiscate my phone and/or laptop. I usually travel with both, because I enjoy having the flexibility of having my favourite communications devices with me. Also, I'm always super paranoid that someone is going to break into my house and steal my computer when I'm gone. It might not make sense, but it feels safer to have my computer where I can see it. The thing is, I can't afford to replace either my phone or my laptop if they get confiscated at the border.

So, do I leave my stuff back home and not be able to communicate at all? Or do I take it with me and run the risk? If I do take my phone and laptop with me, the plan is to log out of/erase most of my social media apps, and just keep my visible activity to a minimum. I already have a Facebook account that I've made as boring and generic as possible, and I think I can get away with telling a border guard that it's the only social media site I use. After all, everyone is on Facebook, and it's not a stretch that a woman in her late thirties/early forties wouldn't have another social media account. I don't have many friends on my decoy FB, because all of my actual, true friends are generally not fans of Trump and are very vocal about it on FB as well as everywhere else, but if a border guard just happens to scroll through, it should pass muster. I hope.

Everything else I have on the computer shouldn't be an issue, I don't think. A completely "clean" computer would be suspicious, but one that paints me as a dabbler who mostly uses it for Facebook and Skype should get me through. Don't get me wrong, I am incensed at the violation of privacy, but I'm trying to choose the lesser of two evils for now. I'm going to support legislative change to roll back the interference in citizens' privacy, especially in the grey area of border crossings, but for now I'm stuck with the system we have, and I have to navigate it as best I can without losing too much in the process. 

Possibly I am overthinking this, but that's always been one of my flaws. :)
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Yesterday went by in a blur of sleeping, mostly. The lack of sleep for the better part of a week caught up to me, and I slept for a blissful ten and a half hours. Of course, I'd planned to be up early in order to do my shopping and prep for my monthly cooking day with [ profile] ai731 , but that was not meant to be. It was 17:00 by the time I awoke, so there was a bit of a mad scramble to get up and dressed and out the door in a reasonable amount of time.

I pulled off the shopping ad prep in pretty good time, overall, though I couldn't find any cilantro for the life of me. Everywhere I went, it was all mislabelled parsley. Sheesh. Still, I was able to get everything else done, and I even left on time this morning, which was a nice accomplishment by my standards. Usually when I have any kind of sleep issues/not enough sleep, it makes it really hard to drag myself out of bed in the morning, which then makes me late for everything.

Cooking Day was, as usual, a resounding success. [ profile] ai731 had a vet appointment in the afternoon, and we packed it in shortly before 16:00 so I could drive her there. Unfortunately that means she got stuck with a lot of the dishes. :/ Still, the good news is that her doggie is fine, which is the main thing, and I left with a bagful of noms for the rest of the month.  We chatted about fandom and politics, the good, the bad, and the ugly, as is our wont on cooking day. Really, it's one of my favourite days of the month for the conversation alone. :)

I got home without incident and unpacked the food into the freezer. Tonight I'm heading to bed as early as possible, and tomorrow will be spent cleaning the house until about 15:00, when I have signed up for a write-in with a local meet-up group (the same overall group that held the writing "workshop" the Saturday before last). The goal is to get a leg up on my Capricornucopia script this year, maybe not the night before the event. Ahem. I have to say that I'm not really feeling it this year. Last year barely any of my personal friends showed up—it was mostly my friends' friends, and this year is looking to be much the same. If it's gotten to the point where my friends have come to view this as an event they can easily skip, well, why am I doing it? I'm not doing this for my health—I run it so I can spend my birthday celebration with my friends.

I know it's a little unfair to expect any of my friends to come, but I do anyway, and it's been several years in a row that I've had five or fewer of them turn up. It's not that no one turns up, don't get me wrong, but the number of people coming for me and not one of the other organizers (we're four in total) has been dwindling steadily. I keep threatening to stop every year, and then every year I sort of let myself be talked back into it, but at this point I'm not sure it's worth my energy anymore. I could more easily stay home with Netflix and a slice of ice cream cake and not set myself up to be disappointed year in and year out.

It'll be sad to go out with a whimper rather than a bang, but them's the breaks, I guess.

I made it

May. 16th, 2014 09:05 pm
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*falls over*

I made a heroic attempt to shorten my planned amount of sleep to two hours, and failed miserably. I just could not physically drag myself out of bed. So I ended up sleeping the full four hours I'd originally given myself, but the net result was that I felt like I was in a mad rush the entire time I was in Ottawa.

I realised while I was there that, because I had my tires in the car, I wouldn't have enough room to fit 60 square feet of paving slabs in the trunk of my car. My Yaris might well be nicknamed the TARDIS, but even she can't hold four tires and 60 s.f. of concrete. If I had a pickup truck, it would be a different story. So I reluctantly abandoned my plan to pick up the paving slabs while I was still in Ottawa, ran the rest of my errands, and headed back toward L'Ile Perrot.

I arrived with half an hour to spare before my appointment to get my tires changed. This worked out in my favour, since they happily took me in early. I spoke with Otto from the Auto Service department—I know!—who was cheerful, polite and helpful the entire time. I was overdue for an oil change, so he offered to have that done at the same time, and I jumped at the chance. The fewer stops I have to make running errands, the happier I am.

I got a few more errands done while I was there. I bought a new hose, since our old one is full of kinks and has been limping along for years now, aided by duct tape. It's more duct tape than hose at this point, and the last time I used it I saw that it had sprung several new leaks in the interim. I had been planning on getting a nozzle for it anyway, but I was utterly fed up with trying to make the hose function properly, so I found one on sale today, along with a brand new nozzle, and am quite pleased with my newest acquisitions.

I stopped for a hot chocolate at a nearby coffee shop (I am still trying to be caffeine-free), and while I was there [ profile] pdaughter texted me to let me know that Réno Dépot had called about my online request for an estimate to build a fence. I must say, I was quite impressed. The guy was courteous and professional and gave me a ballpark quote right over the phone, with the caveat that someone would have to come out and see the lay of the land before a final estimate was done. He'll be sending it to me in writing via email over the weekend, and I'm supposed to go in on Monday to discuss specifics. Home Depot, on the other hand, has yet to get back to me after two requests for a quote (one online, one in person last week), and they insist that they'll only install a minimum of 70 feet of fence, whereas Réno didn't bat an eye when I said I only needed about 50 feet of fence. Clearly, Home Depot doesn't want my business.

After my call was done I returned to fetch the car, only to be met with semi-bad news. Apparently the poor GSVCO is in need of a new shaft and some TLC for the brakes. No big emergencies, but things I'll want to get seen to within a few weeks lest they become actual emergencies. *sigh* I kind of feel like I'm haemorrhaging money these days. Still, I got my tires and my oil changed, and the car is purring along beautifully in the interim.

I got home and unpacked the milk and tissues I'd bought (we were pretty much out of both), stacked the winter tires in the basement, and hopped in the shower. I was hoping to be done by the time [ profile] pdaughter and Bean came home, but that wasn't the case, alas. I was still abluting by the time they came in, but was done shortly thereafter. I'd aimed for a short shower, and managed one in about ten minutes. Not quite the 3-minute shower I'd been managing in January, but I've found that the new baking soda thing I've been doing with my hair instead of shampoo requires me to rinse more, lest I end up with baking soda in awkward places. I haven't been able to go completely free of anything but water, but I figure washing my hair once a week with baking soda instead of with shampoo every couple of days is still way better for the environment. My hair is still looking the same as it did when I was using regular shampoo, so overall I'm pretty pleased with this experiment.

We had a lovely dinner of homemade pizza, and as it was bucketing rain I gave up on the notion of going out to do yard work tonight. I'm hoping it will dry up a little bit tomorrow so I can get out there for a while in-between the vet visit and a trip to Réno for paving slabs. We're not having the garage sale after all, because it's simply too wet out there. We'd be up to our ears in mud, which is fine for yard work but not great for a garage sale. [ profile] pdaughter and her father will be trying to have the sale on Sunday, instead, if the weather holds, as we're meant to have a higher dance of rain on Monday.

Silly weather, interfering with my gardening plans.
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Had a great night with [ profile] sultrysong yesterday, even though we both ended up going to bed much later than intended. By the time I turned out my lights it was nearly 1:00, and I didn't manage to sleep past 9:00 this morning. So, yeah, eight hours of sleep, but that's going to translate to 4 hours of sleep per day when spread out over the course of last night and tonight. *sigh*

Still, it was worth every minute. We ordered pizza, had a beer (only one, in spite of what my icon might imply!), and since she's on a business trip we got to claim it as an expense. The only thing better than beer is free beer, am I right? We spent the entire time chatting and catching up on our lives, and had a grand time.

I am not looking forward to the next few days, though. I have an appointment to get my tires changed on Friday, which means I'll only get about three hours of sleep then, and then I have to drive back to Ottawa on Saturday evening for an overtime shift on Sunday. Don't get me wrong, the extra money will be great, but there's going to be very little sleep for me in the foreseeable future.

I haven't heard back from Home Depot yet about getting an estimate for the new fence, so if there's nothing by tomorrow I'm going to call them and hassle them a bit. I really want to get that fence up ASAP. I'm hoping to get the yard completely cleared this weekend. I don't know how long the tire change will take on Friday (I'm guessing about an hour and a half to two hours), which will put me at home around 17:00. If I play my cards right I'll still have some daylight hours after dinner, and there should also be some time on Saturday for that sort of work. Of course, we're having a garage sale on Saturday if the weather permits, so I'm going to have to juggle that at the same time. At least this year Bean is unlikely to need to be brought to the ER during the garage sale. :P

I'm quite sure I had more to say than this, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was. So I guess I'll leave this entry as it is. I can always come back and update again later, right?

A Full Day

May. 8th, 2014 09:30 pm
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Last night my brain decided that I should stay up and Worry About All The Things™. So I was up until at least after 2:30, which was the last time I remember looking at the clock before falling asleep. The good side to that was that I was awake at midnight when Bean woke up screaming bloody murder because he had to go to the bathroom. He's been getting up almost every night now to pee, and that has resulted in dry diapers in the morning. So we're well on our way to having him be completely diaper-free at this rate. It's very exciting!

Bean was also up promptly at 6:20, and since he came into our room to ask his mother if he could watch television, that was loud enough to wake me as well (mostly because he started whining and then screaming when she said no), although I had set my alarm for 6:30. So I got up then too, much to Bean's befuddlement. He's not used to my getting up at the same time as him and Mama.

We got Bean fed, dressed and out the door on time (three tantrums, four instances of whining and fussing, and two instances of running away and giggling instead of doing what he was told, all in the space of an hour and fifteen minutes), and I set about trying to be productive for the rest of the day.

My first stop was at the bank (though I did call to make an appointment to get my car tires changed, finally). I took the dog with me because he needed the exercise and because he was so excited when he saw me put on my running shoes to go to the bank that I didn't have the heart to tell him that I hadn't planned on taking him with me. So, happy dog was happy. I managed to straighten out the problem of the daycare check that the bank bounced, and was very pleased with the prompt, efficient service I received from the teller. They apologised (sort of), reversed all the charges and covered the fee the daycare will charge for a returned check, no muss, no fuss. If only all my problems were so easily solved.

I got home and cleaned the bathroom, and was about to start on the kitchen when [ profile] pdaughter came back from school to wait for the Avon ladies to show up for their 14:30 meeting. As an aside, [ profile] pdaughter is starting up her own Avon business again, so if anyone local wants the flyers for the current or future campaigns, by all means look us up! Avon has some really neat stuff, not just makeup and skin care products. You can look it up specifically on Facebook, where I encourage you to at least "like" her page, just in case. Father's Day is just around the corner, and there are all sorts of fun products and swag you can get for a very reasonable price!

Anyway, back to the exciting recounting of my day. :P I did a pretty thorough cleaning of the kitchen while we waited for the Avon ladies (they were well over an hour late due to traffic), including scrubbing down the cabinet under the kitchen sink, which had grown super scungy over the winter. We've been having trouble with ants for a few weeks, and I figured that cleaning things out down there certainly couldn't hurt. We have ant traps set up strategically, but we can't work out where they're coming from, cheeky little buggers. So right now we're mostly engaged in guerrilla warfare against the little formicidae foot soldiers. Ugh. If we knew where they were coming from we'd be able to put down corn starch and have done, but not dice. It's rather frustrating.

I headed out to do some last-minute grocery shopping before the Avon ladies arrived, but everyone was gone by the time I got home again. Despite getting caught in some pretty gnarly traffic I was still able to get dinner in the oven in a timely fashion. I don't think I've ever cleaned and chopped vegetables that fast in my whole life. I made chicken with roasted vegetables and made baked tomatoes as a side dish. Very paleo, I'm sure [ profile] fearsclave would approve. ;)

Predictably, Bean's first reaction was: "But me not like that!" He demanded to have macaroni, then demanded "leftover pizza," and was upset when he was not presented with either of those options. I hadn't bothered giving him one of the baked tomatoes, figuring it would be met with shrieks of horror, but when he saw the one I'd given [ profile] pdaughter he immediately insisted on having some, spurning the chicken, potatoes, carrots and green pepper already on his plate. After two small servings of tomato he then threw himself on the floor and wailed about being thirsty, and then whined and fussed and kicked at the nearest piece of furniture when he was instructed to eat a bit more before he'd be given more milk. It took some doing, but eventually we got him back into his chair, and after a bit more fussing he ate all his carrots, then tried the chicken and promptly finished that, and even managed a good number of his potatoes.

A pyrrhic victory, but one I'll take nonetheless.

Bean took a bath while I loaded the dishes into the dishwasher and put away the rest of dinner into Tupperware containers. We have enough for at least one other meal, which is nice. The food turned out delicious, if I do say so myself. The chicken was moist, the veggies crisp and savoury (though the carrots were a tad too crunchy for my liking—I'll try cutting them thinner the next time I make this dish).

Although he was wound tighter than a spring factory, Bean actually settled relatively quickly once he was properly in bed (there were a lot of false starts to that), and so we were actually able to start Game of Thrones at a decent hour, and now we're going crazy and watching CSI as well. Two TV shows in the same evening! Unheard of!

Tomorrow it's meant to rain, which will put a damper on my plans to do yard work. I may try to organise my paperwork instead, depending on the weather. I have been very bad about keeping my papers in any kind of semblance of order, and it's my newest May project, to get it all sorted out properly into my filing cabinet. That will definitely help when it comes time to sell the house/do my taxes/that sort of thing. If I have time I'm also going to head to Home Depot. I am determined to get the garden ship-shape this weekend and next weekend so that we can take advantage of it during the summer months.

And now, to finish CSI and pray that I'll actually be able to sleep tonight. Obviously when I mentioned almost wishing for insomnia the other day, I should have been more careful about what I wished for. :P
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I had dinner yesterday with [ profile] guruwench and her "hunny N" as she calls him. I'd forgotten to post last week about my breakfast with her and [ profile] le_maistre_e, and was subsequently thwarted for days by my lack of a functioning computer. Still, it was a lovely breakfast, and it served to remind me that I actually have friends who live in this city with whom I can socialise! It was very exciting.

So last night after work I hied myself over there, and proceeded to snorgle all their cats (except for Kira, who was not overly pleased at the new invasive human in her home). N made a delicious jambalaya, [ profile] guruwench made an equally delicious berry crumble for dessert, and we spent over four hours talking about cats and geeky things and work and cooking. N has promised me his recipe for jambalaya, and this is very exciting indeed.

After last night's dessert-y indulgence, I am back to the yummy salads I prepared for myself. I discovered this evening, much to my dismay, that my cunning plan of pre-chopping and pre-packing veggies for my snacks is not a great plan. My cucumbers went horrifically mushy. I think it's that I tried putting them all in sandwich bags ahead of time. Next week I'll pre-chop but keep them in Tupperware so they don't, um, disintegrate. :P So right now I'm uncomfortably hungry, because it's not quite dinnertime yet. If I eat my food too early, I'll be hungry later, and being hungry at 03:00 is way worse than being hungry at 21:00.

The plan is to look up some more creative salad recipes for next week. I'm not the type of person to get bored of eating the same thing over and over again, but I think a little variety will do me good, especially in the nutrition department. I want to try new and different and hopefully inexpensive things. Experiment a little. Or a lot. So that'll be on the menu for this weekend (both figuratively and literally!).

I didn't go walking either yesterday or today, partly to give my ankles a break. They have not been overly happy with me for the sudden burst in activity of late. Today's lack of a walk was also partly because of inertia and tiredness and procrastination. I did do those 10 minutes of yoga I've been threatening to do for days, though, so I feel pretty good about that. My conclusion so far is that I am in terrible shape. Even 10 minutes of very basic yoga poses made me work for it, though it was definitely doable. It was a little more difficult because I kept having to move out of position to see the video in order to figure out how I was supposed to be positioned. Practise should help with that, at least. I'm hoping to get to a proper 30-minute routine by the end of the month.

Unfortunately I had some errands to run today, so I wasn't able to do the sleep-until-I-can't-sleep-anymore thing that I try to do on the transition day between day shift and night shift. It's the only time I can really try to make up for the sleep deficit I constantly live with. On a good day when I'm working I can manage my full eight hours. Usually it's closer to six. When I work night shifts I average about five hours of sleep, but it tends to be very broken because my room is very bright and my landlords tend to be very loud when they're home. On my transition day I sleep about 10-11 hours, but that's because I don't sleep before my night shift, so it averages out to about 5 hours a night. I generally get 7-8 hours when I'm home in Montreal, but that's only because I don't get up at the same time as [ profile] pdaughter and Bean, who are usually up at 06:00, or whenever Bean decides it's "sunny time." Last week I started getting myself up earlier, but the earliest I managed was 06:20, which was still long after [ profile] pdaughter got up (though Bean slept until nearly 07:00 that morning!). So this week I am going to try harder to train myself to get up when it starts getting light out. Hopefully that won't backfire on me when I need to sleep during the day on my night shifts.

Honestly, these days I find myself almost wishing I suffered from insomnia, because at least then I'd get stuff done instead of sleeping. Almost. The thing is, I love sleep a lot. If I could get more of it, I would, but what I need to do is require less of it. All my life I've been the type of person who needs about 9 hours of sleep a night to feel properly rested and be a fully functional human being. These days, though, I need to be the type of person who not only gets by, but thrives on four hours of sleep per night. I've been resisting setting an alarm, because I'm paranoid that it'll go off and wake [ profile] pdaughter on the one day that Bean decides to sleep in, but without an alarm I seem to be physically unable to get myself out of bed. I don't suppose anyone has a trick they use to wake themselves without an alarm?

So that's the daily report on me. Riveting, n'est-ce-pas? Now I have to get back to work. Maybe next time I'll tell you all about the new TV shows I've been watching, if you're lucky. ;)
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I wasn't up all night, but it feels like it. I made poor life choices and decided I would stay up to watch Hannibal, which continues to delight me. However, at 21:30 my landlady walked through the door, so not only did I stay up past my bedtime but I didn't even get to reap the rewards of my poor life choices. I am bitter about this. Also tired.

I had a visually pretty intense dream right before awakening. Dream behind the cut. It gets a little gory, be warned. )

Aside from horrifically bloody dreams, yesterday was pretty good overall. I walked during my lunch break and had another delicious mason jar salad for lunch. I'm still working on the food/better nutrition thing. I thought I was doing okay yesterday, since last week I'd brought too much food to work with me. By the time I got home last night, though, I was very hungry and thus overdid it a little at dinner. So I'm going to have to tweak the amount of food I bring to work with me so I'll have something to eat later in the afternoon. Apparently all my willpower goes to hell in the evening/at the end of the day, which at least is consistent with studies on willpower. I just have to work on not needing to rely on willpower to get me through the last few hours of the day. More on that when I figure it out, I guess.

My coworker is back from his sick leave, but he's only back part-time. He'll be here during the week, four hours a day only, at least until the end of June. So I still get my nights and weekends to myself, which is pretty keen. It's a win for me for now, though my boss has made noises about moving someone over to my shift, which is not as awesome. I don't feel a particular affinity for either of the two guys he's thinking of putting with me, and I'd honestly rather be left to my own devices at work rather than have to learn to work with another partner. That being said, I'm paid to work here, so if that means learning to work with a new partner, so be it.

Since I'm alone this weekend I'll have to do my walking after work, which is fine. It just means I'll have to make sure I get out there and walk when I get home, rather than collapse in a puddle. See above: less willpower at the end of the day.

The yoga has also not happened yet, due to my poor life choices/going to bed too late. I have at least found a nice yoga-for-beginners routine that seems doable. Oh, and before I forget, I should think about the things I am grateful for today:

1- Bananas. No, seriously. Yummy, portable, not messy, and a great source of potassium. Also, it sounds funny when you say it a lot. Bananas!

2- I am grateful that I live in a place in which food is not only plentiful but generally inexpensive and nutritious and comes in a variety that many people can only dream of.

3- I got interrupted by work before I could get to #3, so I guess I'll say I am grateful that I have work to do that I find rewarding.

And that's it for now. Stay tuned for more riveting updates. Possibly with less blood next time.
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Sorry, been AFK for a few days. Since Sunday, at the very least. It's been a bit of a busy week, what with Easter and Bean having the Gastro That Would Not Go Away, though [ profile] pdaughter is the one who ended up dealing with the latter for the better part of the week, as I had to head back to Ottawa for work on Tuesday afternoon. I suppose that, aside from that, it hasn't been much busier than usual, though it felt that way.

Cut for complaining )

Food! And also nutrition! And general health stuff! )
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There has been very little sleep this weekend. I met up briefly for coffee with a new local friend today, which was nice for social purposes but terrible for my sleep. I took a nap in the car before we met up, right up until a snow removal tractor came along to clear the snow right next to my car even though the parking lot was humongous and my car was the only one there at that hour. After ten minutes of beeping and rumbling I gave it up as a bad job and went inside and ordered coffee.

The new friend is a fangirl, so we had a great time chatting about Supernatural and podfic and how fandom is generally batshit. We have tentative plans for more socialising in the not so distant future. I got home to find that no one had cleared the snow, so instead of sleeping I shovelled the driveway which I am not allowed to use anyway just in case one of my landlords comes home and needs it. I finally flopped into bed about an hour later and got about 3 hours of sleep. Coupled with the hour or so that I napped in the car, that makes four hours. No sleep yesterday, of course, because of Bean's party and work, but four hours is better than nothing at all.

I have a visit for a new room lined up for Wednesday evening when I get into town. It's not the place I have my eye on, but it might not be bad. I am not overly optimistic but I need to keep all my options open at this point. I hope that the person renting the place I really want will get back to me soon, and that it won't turn out to be too good to be true. Having a place that's within walking distance of work would be fantastic.

One of the systems at work is malfunctioning, so I should probably go deal with that before all Hell breaks loose.

See you on the flip side, flist!
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I got to go to my writer's grip meeting yesterday for the first time in months. I think the last time I managed to go to a meeting was September, because my work schedule is jacked and doesn't let me have nice things. There was a brief glitch as I forgot they changed venues, so I was comfortably ensconced at Chapters in Pointe Claire when I remembered I actually needed to be in Central Station downtown. Whoops. Luckily it's a short drive without traffic, so I didn't get there too late.

It was great to get to talk to actual people who weren't my coworkers or my girlfriend. Not that I don't love chatting with [ profile] pdaughter (let's be fair, I don't care if I talk to my coworkers or not), but she makes allowances for things and so I've mostly forgotten what normal human interaction is like. I keep forgetting myself and talking over people because I have so many things to say, you don't even know, and I'm a little worried that most of what comes out of my mouth these days is either inane or really inappropriate or both. /o\ Luckily no one seemed to think I'd grown an extra head yesterday, so I'm taking it as a win.

I also stopped by my old office to see my friend [ profile] bullonir and get the comic books he'd picked up for me. I have the entire run of Hawkeye to read now, which I'm really looking forward to. I've not been reading my comics of late, mostly because I don't have time to read at all. I can usually squeeze in about two pages of a novel before bed these days, on a good night. Otherwise, no reading. I plan on trying to change that in the near future, as I do very much enjoy comic books and would like to actually read the ones I have in my possession.

As a result, I only got home at about 1am. The cats kept me awake for another half hour, after which I managed to doze off on the sofa (which is where I sleep when I get home stupidly late, as I'm trying not to disturb anyone). At 3am, Bean started screaming and calling out, so I spent the next hour or so trying to get him to settle back to sleep. He's been under the weather, though at first it didn't appear that he wasn't feeling well. He complained that he'd lost Malik Mollum (his plush Ikea doll), so I found the renegade doll at the foot of the bed and put it back in Bean's arm. Then later he told me something was "weird" with his ear, and from what I could make out it sounded as though he'd slept on it funny rather than it being an ear infection, especially as he wasn't running a fever of any kind. Then after that he complained that his pyjama pants had come unzipped, and that he wanted to take them off and go to the bathroom, because his diaper was wet (it was). There ensued a very confused explanation that he couldn't put the diaper in the laundry hamper because it wasn't in his room anymore (not the case, it was actually right there, but I think he was still half asleep). By then it was 4am and [ profile] pdaughter woke up and took over, and I was able to go to bed again. Bean continued to fuss and call out until 5am, until [ profile] pdaughter ended up staying in his room with him, and even after that he continued to fuss, though a lot more quietly. I finally fell asleep again around 6:30 and awoke for the last time at 7:30.

The two of them left around noon to go visit Pake in Cornwall, leaving me to my own devices. So I've done laundry (well, I'm still doing laundry) and puttered, and tried unsuccessfully to nap. Apparently my body thinks that 2.5 hours of sleep is more than enough, especially since I an hour of sleep from Tuesday to Wednesday, too. Twelve hours of sleep in five days is plenty, according to my body. *grumbles*

Tonight is my monthly (sort of) Numenera game, and I'm looking forward to yet another day of adult interaction. Two in a row! It's madness, I tell you!
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I won't be online much today apart from this post. I may check in on Twitter a bit (my handle there is ratherastory if you're interested, though it's probably pretty boring), but overall today will be spent doing chores and running errands before a social outing in the evening. Looking forward to seeing all my friends tonight, some of whom I haven't seen in quite a while. <3

I have a list of things as long as my arm to do. There's shovelling to be done, the kitchen and bathroom to clean and tidy (though it won't be the in-depth scrubbing they got the last time I did it), the dog to walk, dry-cleaning to get done, and probably two dozen other things that I'm forgetting because I forgot to write them down. That's how I roll. :P

I got just shy of eight hours of sleep last night and feel pretty much no different from when I went to bed. Slightly less sleepy, but no less tired. This is very frustrating.

So I'm going to have more coffee, take my vitamins, and get on with my day. Later on I will try to remember to upload a picture of the Doctor Who scarf I knitted and post it here, so you can at least see what I was complaining about all this time. ;)

A lot of you are having a hard time lately. I just want you to know I'm thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way. *group hug*

Talk to you later, Twitter!
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I am having a morning that is filled with "Woe, I am failing at everything in life!"

This is probably due to the fact that I've had less than four hours of sleep. Combined with the bad sleep from yesterday and the almost no sleep from the night before, I'm guessing the cumulative effects are being hard on my psyche.

Yes, I know, cry moar, Phnee.

The project isn't finished. Still going to try to finish it in time. I'll probably end up working on it tonight after everyone is in bed, given the rate at which it's been going. I'm only going to get home around 8:00pm anyway, since I finish work at 6:00pm and have to drive back to Montreal. That'll give me just enough time to put away my things, put tags on the presents, and get back to work on the project.

I need a time-turner. Hermione was totally off-base with how she used hers. The proper use for a time-turner is to get infinite amounts of sleep. :P
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Work looks to be busy today, so this is a fly-by post.

I am very, very tired. Spent the night before last up with a sick Bean for about an hour, and slept very poorly the rest of the time. Ended up getting up at 6am to work on the Soopar Seekrit Prodgikt, then made breakfast, got dressed and went outside to shovel. Finished shovelling, came back in to pack and have lunch, then left for Ottawa for work in the sleet and snow and slush, which added an extra hour or so to my travel time. Good thing the neighbour bailed me out with his snowblower--the snow removal company came about five hours after I called to tell them I needed to leave at noon (they came around 4pm, I was told). I am not overly impressed, given that the girl I talked to gave me the impression she would be sending someone quite soon. I guess our definitions of "soon" differ considerably.

Got the rest of my shopping done (groceries and a couple of last-minute Christmas additions) in spite of holiday crowds and very cranky people. I went out of my way to be extra nice to the cashiers and other store employees because this must be the very worst time of the year for them, and I figured they could use at least one customer who wasn't being a tool, even though I was feeling quite out of sorts.

Got home, had a quick dinner, then realised I had forgotten the power cable to the laptop in Montreal, as previously stated. So I decided "fuck it" and went to bed at eight. Since I get up at 4am to go to work, that gets me eight hours of sleep. I slept badly again, though not as badly as the night before. Apparently the days when I used to be able to sleep well are gone, vanished practically overnight. I am sad about this, because I never get enough sleep as it is (due to the nature of my work), so the only thing saving me was the fact that when I did sleep, I got really good quality sleep. I figure now it's only a matter of time before this new facet of sleep deprivation catches up to me and I'll either get really really sick or I'll have some sort of horrible accident because my brain was too fogged to react in time. *sigh*

Yesterday's time-suck of a day meant almost no work on the Soopar Seekrit Prodgikt. I am behind as all hell, and if I have to gift it still on the needles I will cry.
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The million-dollar question is, do I go to bed now (because I'm tired), and risk messing up my sleep for the next week, or do I try to hold out until early-ish tonight, and spend the day dragging around anyway?

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Twelve-hour night shifts are always a pain, because there just isn't time to do anything else *and* get a full eight hours' sleep. Twelve hours at work, one and a half hours of public transit, eight hours' sleep, and that leaves... two and a half hours in the day.

Can we do the math? Yeah. That's enough time to ablute and have a bite to eat, and that's pretty much it. Maybe it's enough time to actually cook a whole meal.

So the question is always: do I sleep, or try to get things done? 99% of the time the sleep wins out, because my own stuff just never seems that important compared to being sleep-deprived. I know my priorities. But there are times when the urge to try and stick it out is really, really strong.

Right now, I'm going to bed. Maybe I'll awaken early enough to get something done.

:::Edited to correct faulty math. It was early!:::
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After coming home from the gym I sat down to do some knitting, and found myself nodding off over my needles. So I decided to have a nap... and didn't awaken until two o'clock this morning. So I set my alarm, went back to sleep, and am now awake and preparing to go to work.

Needless to say, I got nothing else done, and I am a bit annoyed about that. Still, I obviously needed the sleep.
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I am feeling the change in time, but not as keenly as my friends are, because my schedule is wacky anyway. This week I am "allowed" to get up after the sun is out, so it's not so bad. On days when I have to be up early, I'm up before the sun no matter what.

I am wearing a shirt that hasn't looked good on me since October, which pleases me. :D

All in all, in spite of being tired, I am in a good mood. Am going to the gym after work.

Oh, to the gang going to Hurley's on Wednesday: I will be there, but only starting at 18:30, as I'm working swing shift this week.

Back to work!
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I slept for nearly twelve hours. It was a little longer than I'd planned to sleep, but only a little. The plan was to get up at nine, and I ended up getting up at ten instead. Not too bad, all things considered. I think I needed the sleep more than I needed the up-and-about time.

Now I have about an hour in which to finish breakfast, shower, and go to work.

The house is clean, the cats are fed and mostly content (except that they never get food or pats or love, EVER), and the Beatles are playing in the background.

I have this vague feeling that it's probably pretty cold out. It was very cold yesterday, although I broke out my winter coat and thus was not caught unprepared. Yes, I *do* stay in my fall coat until the last possible second, why do you ask? ;)

Work ought to be interesting for the next little while. Swing shift this week, then back on night shift for another seven days starting Monday.
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Spent a long, long day at work yesterday (I did a day shift in the middle of the week, which is always kind of tough), then meandered around downtown, picked up some books, and went to join [ profile] foi_nefaste and [ profile] tcaptain with his fiancée at Hurley's. Two of [ profile] foi_nefaste's friends were there as well, though if they have LJs I am unaware of them. [ profile] tcaptain also had a colleague visiting from the U.S., but he beat a hasty retreat to his hotel early (I think we frightened him a bit).

Good times were had. Beer was drunk, games and books were discussed. I came home tipsy and happy, and showed [ profile] tcaptain and his girlfriend around the place, and scored myself a copy of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, which I will likely listen to this weekend at some point. I introduced them to the cats, who acted very friendly, and George made an utter spectacle of himself by trying to prove just how agile and graceful he was. He balanced very nicely on the stair railing for a while, then tried to do it again by jumping up at a different spot —and toppled right over the rail and down several steps, where he proceeded to sit and groom himself, looking very dignified. "I totally meant to do that." He's fine, don't worry. ;)

I got a really nice phone call from [ profile] bodhifox a little while after I'd turned in. Poor bodhi, I was a little sleepy and rather tipsy, so I don't know if I made any sense. My phone skills are only good at work. :) I have no idea what I said. Hopefully I didn't dream the whole thing, but since I recall his end of the conversation quite well (just not my answers) and don't remember anything that doesn't make sense by the cold light of day, then I think it was real.

Wednesday Nights At Hurley's seems like it's going to become a regular thing, which is nice. I won't be able to go every time, of course, due to work, but it'll be nice to drop in when I can.

I totally overslept this morning and missed the garbage pick-up. *sigh* Monday it is. I know well enough that I never make garbage pick-up in the morning unless I take out the garbage the night before. Why do I always fool myself into thinking I can wake up on time?

Okay, time to get ready. The Overtime Fairy is visiting for a couple of hours today.
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It's ohmygod thirty.

There's something infinitely frustrating about being awakened 15 minutes before the alarm goes off. Not the kind of one-eye-cracks-open awakened, but honest-to-goodness awakened. What do you do? You can't just roll over and go back to sleep, but that's 15 minutes of well-earned sleep that just got flushed!

My answer, of course, is to check LJ. But still, all in all, I'd have preferred the sleep.


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