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Not necessarily in that order. Come to think of it, when all the craziness has died down I may well do a Sergio Leone rewatch. It's been a while since I enjoyed a good Spaghetti Western. :)

Nattering about the week that just went by and the week to come )
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Angel. New member of the family:


It's dark blue and has a glass-top roof.
It smiles a lot.

Huge hug with frizzles,

I will post a proper update later.

For the record, my mother actually speaks German, and is not quoting a VW ad (though I do believe that the car in question might actually be a VW, if memory serves).

This is exciting news, because my parents haven't had a car since the last Brunellemobile died an ignominious death on the side of the road in 2008. Not only that, but I do believe this is the first car my father has ever bought that does not qualify as a clunker. He's always prided himself on getting "inexpensive" cars that ended up costing a fortune in repairs, much to my mother's despair. This time, though, I believe he actually went to a dealership and arranged for a used car that wouldn't fall apart, which is a good thing, given that my parents are getting on a bit.

So, very exciting news for them. :)
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My friends G and JF came over with their daughter Gabby for a few hours today, which was very nice. I hadn't seen them in well over a year, not since Gabby was a wee baby barely able to sit up on her own. She's 21 months now, walking on her own and chattering away in mostly incomprehensible toddler speak. She's cute as a button, and she and Bean played mostly nicely together. Bean is not yet at an age where he can truly understand the concept of "this child is much smaller and younger than you, so you have to be patient," so there were quite a few instances in which various parents had to intervene in order to ensure that harmony reigned. Or, you know, to ensure that there wasn't too much chaos. :P

Gabby was enamoured of the stroller Bean got for Christmas and spent a lot of the time pushing it around, as well as the bright pink Barbie Volkswagen Beetle that was also a Christmas present. There were a few scuffles over the MegaBloks, since Gabby was very enthusiastic about taking apart whatever it was Bean had just built, much to his dismay. The one time they played together very nicely was when Gabby got out her LeapFrog toy computer, and she and Bean had a good time pushing all the letter buttons and listening to the alphabet song.

Gabby & Tristan

Overall, it was a great visit, punctuated by the usual semi-chaos of having wee ones running around. Our stairs aren't especially childproof (read: not at all), so we had to do a fair bit of corralling to keep Gabby from launching herself down the stairs with gleeful abandon. I made coffee in the Tassimo, which I haven't done in ages. The machine and I continue to have a love-hate relationship. I successfully made one latte, and the next one took, like, three tries. The first time the machine wouldn't read the barcode. The second time, because I had a second appliance running, the power bar cut the electricity because it was convinced I would burn down the house. Luckily [ profile] pdaughter stepped in and saved me from the coffee machine, and I was able to get everyone the coffee they wanted.

G and JF brought danishes. I have had two, and they were squidgy and delicious and now I feel much too full. I did it to myself, but I regret nothing. Bean had half of one after declaring that he didn't want any, and subsequently pronounced it delicious.

The visit was a short one, as Gabby had to go home for her nap and [ profile] pdaughter had to start prepping for her cake decorating class tomorrow. As I type this she is busily making a cake in the kitchen. Bean very excitedly declared he was going to help, but he's been coughing horribly since last night, and after he coughed all over the counter [ profile] pdaughter decided that this was way too unsanitary. Bean proceeded to scream, howl and then sulk, because he wanted to HEEEEEEEELP!!!! and why couldn't we see that? No amount of explaining that we understood he wanted to help but that he was coughing too much seemed to have any effect. For a while it felt like we were in a Buster Keaton movie with extra sound effects. [ profile] pdaughter would take Bean off the chair he'd climbed on, he'd scream NO! and climb back up. Lather, rinse, repeat, until finally he gave up and went back to playing with his toys. Right now he has a pretty elaborate set-up involving his train tracks, his MegaBloks, and his Playmobil. I'm not entirely sure what's happening in his imaginary world, but it seems like it's pretty complex.

I have just been granted a sneak peek of the "zebra cake" that [ profile] pdaughter is baking. This is a trial run for Bean's birthday cake. It looks super cool, but we'll only be able to tell if it worked when the cake is cut open after baking, which means it will have to wait until after it's decorated. Pictures will likely be forthcoming on Facebook if you follow her there.

In other news, I just got the following very plaintive email from my mother, which I will share for your amusement.

Angel, it's been ages since we saw you for dins. Any chance for this Sunday - or such ? Must discuss our latest catastrophies with you - coffee machine exploded, telly roared shut, toaster jammed, computer crashed & daddy's toothbrush went bald. Help!

Love, Mim

It sounds like they've had quite the week. I'll have to call back and confirm dinner, so that I can get the details of all these disasters.
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I had the Parental Units over to dinner tonight, my first honest-to-goodness Grown-Up Dinner since I moved in here, and frankly the second Grown-Up Meal I've served since moving out of my parents' place six and a half years ago. Having a proper dining room table helps with that. The only other time I've had people over for a properly cooked meal was when [ profile] joane and [ profile] shenlo came by on New Year's Day 2007 and I fed them lunch.

I made a similar menu today, actually. At least, I made lemon-tarragon roasted cornish hen and wild rice with almonds and raisins, which is the same thing I made last time. This time I varied things a little bit in terms of the entrée, the side dish, and dessert. I made a squash soup the way I learned from [ profile] ai731 the last time I went to visit her and [ profile] the_exclamation at the Coalition stronghold: made directly inside the shell of the squash. Delicious. I also improvised a side dish of steamed green beans sautéed with garlic and pine nuts in olive oil, which added a touch of colour to the plate but didn't overwhelm what was otherwise meant to be a fairly subtle main course.

For dessert I made brownies for the first time in about ten years, and they turned out delicious and moist and squidgy. My parents like them with walnuts, so I obliged by putting them in this time. I also served sliced pear with the brownies, as a way to cleanse the palate somewhat.

Overall, as meal planning goes, this was an unmitigated success. Nothing was overcooked, and in spite of some anxiety on my part the timing on everything was perfect. The only thing that went "wrong" was that I had way too much food. It all got put away in Tupperware, and will serve as my lunches this week, so it's all good, really.

I also got a really nice white wine to go with the meal. It was a bit of an educated shot in the dark, but I ended up with a Willm Riesling (2007), which is an Alsatian wine. Nice and dry, it complemented the food beautifully. I'm putting it on my list of wines to look out for in the future. It's a wee bit pricy ($20 or so), but well worth it. I had three glasses and was a wee bit giddy for a while, though nothing to write home about.

My parents were in good form, although a bit tired, as they'd hosted a dinner party of their own for some people from my father's university last night. I think my mother enjoyed not having to cook for once, although she insisted on helping me clean up, which was actually really great. If she hadn't, I'd still be cleaning now instead of updating my LJ.

My father spent most of the time rummaging in my bookcases, exploring my library, which has expanded considerably since he last looked at it seriously. He's quite impressed with the Ikea bookcases, as they look a lot nicer than he expected. He found one of my books of limericks, and spent a long while giggling at some of the funnier ones, while my mother and I dealt with dishes and leftovers.

They left in very good spirits, which was all to the good. As a practice run for the other Grown-Up Dinner Parties I want to have in the future, it went really well. It has shown me that I can definitely pull this off, although I will have to plan further in advance if I want to have more than two or three people over at the same time.

I am now going to go fall over dead. I only got about four hours of sleep this morning, as I had to go food shopping and then prepare said food. I've been on my feet and running around since noon, after four hours of sleep and a twelve-hour shift behind me.

I'm going into work tomorrow for an evening shift, and will be doing swing shift most of the week (or variants thereof). No news yet on whether or not my weekend is toast.
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The floor person came and went, and the snag is going to be unsnagged on Thursday. Fingers crossed that it will all go off without a hitch. Messages have been left for the original floor people to come and finish the job once the snag is unsnagged. I am cautiously optimistic.

I went to IKEA and got myself a floor lamp, shelves for the bookcases, lightbulbs and a couple of cork boards to hold pots when they're too hot to set directly on the counter. Ran into massive amounts of traffic on Décarie. These days, there isn't a single solitary time between five am and one am when Décarie isn't congested. Between the extra traffic and all the construction, that autoroute is a nightmare. Hit traffic on the way back, too.

Popped by Alexis Nihon Plaza, where I utterly failed to find one of those round mirrors that you can affix to the wall of your bathroom on a kind of extensible... thingy. Yes, this is why they pay me the big bucks, because I has the words! Anyway, I've been looking for one and figured that there might be some at Canadian Tire. Turns out I was wrong. I have no idea where to search next. It looks kind of like this, but less swanky. I don't need built-in lights or anything.

Anyway, I did find a cover for my ironing board, a rack for my paper towels, and two Rubbermaid bins in which I plan to house both Hallowe'en and Christmas decorations yet to be acquired. I lived vicariously through [ profile] ai731 and [ profile] the_exclamation for many years, but now that they have moved away it's time for me to get my own decorations. I may do some exploring over the weekend, if BorderCrossing is amenable to that. IKEA already has all sorts of Christmas decorations in stock, and it took all my willpower not to start stocking up right now. I love Christmas decorations, not that you would know it to look at what little I have. This year, I may go a little nuts. :)

After Canadian Tire I stopped by the IGA to pick up a few things I'd forgotten in my mega-shopping trip this morning, and ended up running into [ profile] gats briefly. Very briefly, since he was in the middle of baking bread (he works there, lest you all think I'm insane) and I was running an hour late to meet up with the parental units for dinner.

I had dinner with the maternal unit only, as the paternal unit turned out to be at a conference. Still, I had a nice time with her, and she gave me a picture frame as a present, complete with two photos of me when I was a wee girlie. I have to find a home for it now.

Tomorrow morning I must be up bright and early. The cleaning service is showing up at 09:00, and I want to have a head start on the day. While the woman is doing the cleaning, I'm going to do the laundry I didn't have time to do today (it's the one thing on my list that didn't get done, *and* I got all sorts of extra things accomplished, like going to IKEA!), and try my hand at unpacking my books.

Once she's gone, then I will cook up a storm (the laundry should be all done by then), clean up after myself (new resolution!), and head out to Hurley's for Hump Day, even though I'm not working this week until Friday, I still think I'm allowed to go. ;)

All in all, I have had a super productive day, and am very pleased with myself.

Back home

Oct. 20th, 2008 04:03 pm
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So after a week that was exhausting, mostly mentally rather than physically, I am back in Montreal.

The hotel tried to check me out a day early yesterday, which was annoying but ultimately not the worst thing ever to happen to me, and I slept in until the truly decadent hour of 08:20 this morning.

The drive back from Québec was uneventful if slightly boring. At least this time I didn't make any accidental scenic detours.

This week is Get Stuff Done Week for Phnee. I have already made more than half-a-dozen phone calls, set up appointments, arranged scheduling, and generally been productive. Tomorrow I am going grocery shopping, and I may well try to swing by IKEA for some extra bookshelves to put in my bookcases. I am mystified by the notion that IKEA only provides 5 shelves per bookcase. Don't they realize that I mostly own paperbacks, which means a ton of wasted space for me if I don't have at least six shelves per unit? Sheesh. After that I have a new person coming in to look at the upstairs floor: apparently there's some sort of snag with the subfloor that may or may not require extra TLC. *sigh* After that, though, the floor saga should draw to a close, and the new parquet will get put down, and then I won't have to worry about it ever again. Hah.

Wednesday is the first day that the new cleaning service is coming by. I bit the bullet and realized that I have neither the time, the energy, nor the inclination to get all of my cleaning done, especially not with my schedule the way it is. Actually, mostly because of my schedule being the way it is. I wasn't a fantastic housekeeper before, but when I had a steady, reliable schedule I was usually able to keep on top of things when I put my mind to it. At the RCMP, that is most definitely not the case. Anyway, so someone named Tabitha is coming by at 9:00 for three hours. If I like her work, then she will come in every two weeks in order to do the large-scale cleaning.

Wednesday afternoon will be a Cooking Afternoon. I'm going to make a whole bunch of different things and freeze them for my lunches for the next little while. I'm aiming for three weeks' worth of lunches, which should be doable. A little advance planning, and I'll be set. Saturday will likely also include some large-scale cooking, because after this week my schedule goes crazy until mid-November. Right now I'm off until Thursday inclusively, then I have the weekend off, and then it's three weeks straight of work (weekends included) or thereabouts. I think. These things change quickly, don't you know. :P Anyway, having pre-prepared lunches will be a very good thing, although I may have to invest in yet more tupperware.

Thursday my father is coming to help me anchor the bookcases to the walls, and I'm going to try to enlist his help to finally hook up my washing machine, which I still haven't done. (Yes, yes, I know!) I may prevail upon him to take me appliance shopping for a chest freezer, as I've just ordered a bunch of organic meat, and I'm going to need a place to stow all my new lunches.

Slowly but surely the place is coming together. Painting is likely going to happen in November, and I've been prowling Craigslist for nice but inexpensive furniture. I'm still in the market for a desk, a dining room set, and a sofa for the living room. I also desperately need lamps for the living room, which has no independent lighting for the time being. My goal is to have the place completely company-ready by Christmas, which I think is feasible.

Now, if only I could figure out how the heating system works in this place. It's a new-fangled electronic thing, and while my place is warm, I would like to be able to have more control over the temperature than I do currently. :P

Yeah. On the whole? Life is good.
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My mother has officially forbidden me to ever shave my head again, although she admits it suits me.

I lost my bus pas sometime last night. No idea when or where, but I am peeved. Luckily it's not as huge a loss because I'll be out of town for all of next week, and I'll have several days off work when I get back, so it won't cost me a fortune in bus tickets. Also: receipts for the win! I can now claim bus tickets on my taxes, which is all to the good.

Unfortunately, it also meant that I was 10 minutes late to work. I'm very fortunate that they're lenient about that here. It also helps that I'm almost always invariably early to work, due to the wonky bus schedule near my home. It builds up in my favour: fifteen minutes early almost every day totally outweighs the occasional lapse.

Half the computer system is down at work. Boo. On the plus side, the internet still works, so yay!

Also, getting up this morning was just brutal. I have no idea why it was so hard to drag my unwilling self out of bed, but damn.

Okay. Duty calls.
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It's been a busy weekend.

After a slow start yesterday, my parents landed unexpectedly on my doorstep. I was Miss Popularity yesterday, with people calling all morning. So every time my parents tried to call the line was busy (I have no call waiting, because usually no one ever calls me, let alone two people at once).

My father got impatient with my mother's dithering and left to run errands. This allowed us to relax a bit. I showed her the SNL skit mocking Palin and Clinton, and she thought it was pretty hilarious.

I then attacked the garden with a vengeance. I got about three-quarters of it done, too, which is good. After that it was off to [ profile] talyesin's housewarming party, which I had to leave far too early because I had work today. I saw a bunch of people there that I don't usually see all that often (although I saw many of them at Tarasmas), and generally had a great time.

Today, work. 'Nuff said.

Remember, tune into Mix 96 tomorrow at 08:00 if you're a local! I'll be getting my head shaved! WHEE!
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Okay, so after a week of almost non-stop overtime, I am tired. Twelve hours Monday, sixteen hours on Wednesday, and another twelve hours on Thursday make for a very tired Phnee. I spent yesterday evening at a restaurant with my parents, which meant no cooking, but also no coming home and doing some tidying up.

Of course, who am I kidding? If I'd come home after work yesterday, I just would have gone directly to bed like I did on Tuesday, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

So here it is 10:00 on a Saturday, and I have a metric assload of things to do, a social engagement in the afternoon/evening, and I have to be in bed early because I have twelve more hours of overtime to do tomorrow.

My mother has threatened to come by this morning, which is both good and bad. Good in that she does really help when she comes by, bad in that it generally stresses me out, *and* the place is still kind of messy and I really hate it when the place doesn't look nice when she comes by.

So I have to get cracking now, as much as I don't want to. Bleh. Maybe I'll make some coffee.
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I forgot to thaw my frozen bananas overnight, so now I have the post in hot water. When they're ready, I'll be making banana bread for the picnic at Murray Hill park this afternoon.

Gretzky is sitting in a sunbeam in a spot of the garden that my mother cleared yesterday. She looks very contented. George is tearing around the garden like a mad thing. The garden is officially the Bestest Thing Evar.

I let Pan-Pan and Smugde outside yesterday too, but predictably that didn't go very well. Pan-Pan went right out, escorted by Gretzky, then realized that there was no ceiling, freaked out and hid under a big ivy plant until I came to rescue him. He came back in with me, and in a fit of anxiety at the contents of his entire bowl of kibble. No more excursions for him. Smudge looked dubiously at the open door, then cautiously edged out until he was *justpast* the threshold, and stopped. Then he freaked out and streaked back inside when I tried to close the door. We repeated this three times until I got fed up. He and Pan-Pan will just have to stay indoors.

My parents came by yesterday. My mother's jihad against the weeds in the garden was quite the success: she got fully 1/3 of the weeds beaten back. I am flummoxed, but pleased. I never expected her to do so well: on the whole my mother works at everything slowly. I guess she really missed gardening. One thing I need to make clear is that garden waste needs to be composted and not tossed into garbage bags, but one thing at a time, I guess.

My father was an ace. He helped me put the lock on the back shed (I was getting to it eventually, but it turned out to be a wee bit more complicated than I thought it would be, so having him there to consult with me worked out well), then drove me places so I could buy cat litter and exchange my too-large towel rack for a more appropriately-sized towel ring.

He also took me to Home Depot, where I finally got this annoying floor problem settled. Within the next two weeks I will no longer have to worry about it. Hah!

The only downside to having my parents here helping out is that they stress me out like woah! They both want my full attention at the same time and in completely separate places.

Paternal Unit: *holding something large and heavy* "Can you come open the front door for me?"

Maternal Unit: "Come look at the garden and tell me what you want done with $thing."

Me: "Okay, I have to open the door first."

Maternal Unit: "Hmph. Fine."

Paternal Unit: "Are you going to get the door or what?"

Me: "Gah! Coming! You two should have had twins!"

After they were gone (mercifully they had a commitment at 16:00, so after much stress and leaving-late, they were gone by 14:00), I barely had time to check LJ before BorderCrossing called, and we spent a very enjoyable evening together. I joined her downtown, we hit Chapters and a couple of used bookstores, where I picked up two more Elizabeth Peters novels in my quest to get the whole series on my greedy shelves.

Upon hearing that she had never heard of Slings & Arrows, I took this as a flimsy excuse to procure all three seasons and inflict it on her. We stopped for souvlaki and bought dessert at Dad's Bagels before heading to her place. We watched the premiere of Season 1, and I think she liked it, although she clearly had her mind on other things. Anyway, I have no complaints. We are going to watch more next Saturday, before Tarasmas.

*looks at clock*

Wow. I started this post well over two hours ago. The banana bread is in the oven, and I must go shower.

It occurs to me on a fairly regular basis these days that, busy as I am, I have very little to complain about in my life these days: I love my job, I love my apartment, I have a great girlfriend and fantastic friends. I have a very fulfilling life. Things that frustrate me are really minor in the grand scheme of things. I could very easily continue along these lines for a very long time and never be unhappy.


10 months

Sep. 19th, 2008 11:10 am
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I've been at this job for ten months to the day. I still haven't outlasted the length of time I was at Boomerang (*spits*), where I stayed for not quite eleven months, but I'm close. My record at a job is eighteen months, which was the National Bank of Canada. So by next May, if they haven't fired me, this will have been my longest job ever. It kind of feels like I've been here forever and also like I only got here a couple of weeks ago, at the same time.

In two months, it will be my one-year anniversary here, and I will get a raise to boot, which has never happened in all my other jobs. Have I mentioned how much this job rocks lately?

I am stupidly busy these days. The only thing that is keeping me remotely connected with the world is LJ. Thank goodness I challenged myself to write one post a day (minimum) for a year starting on the first of June. Otherwise I'd have no contact with people at all. Today I am at the beginning of a sixteen-hour shift, to which I am not really looking forward: it really takes it out of me, and this weekend is going to be so busy that I won't have time to sleep much more than six or seven hours a night (which is fine, but not really enough to rest properly).

On Saturday my parents have decreed that they are coming by. My father will be helping me set up my bookcases (which I must confess will be a welcome thing: on my own I haven't really had the inclination/energy to do anything about it yet), and my mother has declared jihad against the weeds in the garden. At this point I'm happy to let her do it: she hasn't had a garden to fuss over in years, and it always made her really happy to dig around in the dirt, so as far as I'm concerned she can knock herself out.

Saturday night I'm supposed to see BorderCrossing, although we haven't worked out details yet, and on Sunday there's a picnic for which I must bake banana bread (in my copious amounts of spare time). Then I go to bed, wake up at 04:45 Monday morning, and start another week blessed by the Overtime Fairy. No doubles next week: I just have two twelve-hour shifts on Thursday and Friday. Then another twelve-hour shift the following Monday, and a double on the Wednesday, and a an extra twelve-hour shift on the Sunday. Then five days of evening shifts, a day off, and then I leave for Québec City for eight days (six consecutive twelve-hour shifts! Yay. :P), and then I come back to a few well-deserved days off.

Did I mention ridiculously busy? Yeah.

I did manage to relax a bit yesterday. I posted to my PBeM, let the cats out into the garden (the fire escape is the Bestest Cat Toy Evar!!1!), and watched a couple of episodes of Season 2 of Heroes (eep!) and was in bed with the lights out just before 21:00. That didn't prevent me from nearly oversleeping this morning, in spite of the 04:45 Feline Freakout of Doom due to the new alarm clock.

Still, here I am, ready for work. I have a bunch of clerical stuff to do today, but I am at the fax station (my own choice: I find it easier here, and so I claimed the spot because I'm working sixteen hours today), and thus don't have the radio to handle. So in theory, unless I get seventeen thousand warrants to handle, which I might since it's Friday. You never know.
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After a really nice evening/night out, the Great Move has just gotten *that* much more difficult: my vacuum cleaner died. It feels to me as though something is stuck in the hose, but my vacuum doesn't appear to have a handy "reverse" switch to see if I can blow it back out the other way. I have to call a guy to come pick it up for service, and repairs take at least a week. So I have no vacuum during one of the times when I will need it most.


My mother is coming by this afternoon to help me, but I was hoping to have the place in better shape by then.

Just strike me down now.

Busy week

Jun. 19th, 2008 11:49 am
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My supervisor (well, technically not my supervisor, but one of the supervisors) just made me log out of my post so that Psycho!Blonde can log in there. I wanted to work admin today, and she came in late, which meant I was all logged in, well-ensconced and in my start-the-day routine. I am now in a surly mood, because I hate having my morning routine disrupted, especially because the supervisor thinks we don't "rotate" enough between positions. Hell, the damn positions are ALL interchangeable, except Admin, which has all the faxes and so forth. Couldn't this have waited until tomorrow?


Anyway, we've had a busy week. Eight raids over two days, including the arrest of Lacroix (of Norbourg fame) on additional charges of fraud. Let's hope this time he gets more than a slap on the wrist. I missed getting to see him brought in in handcuffs, which makes me a little sad. ;) Things are hopping along, in other words.

I bought myself an ivy plant to prettify my bedroom, and as a reward to myself for all the cleaning I've been doing. In the past two years or so I've become much more responsible about the care and feeding of my plant life, and so I have allowed myself the purchase of a new one to keep my three current ones company. I debated on whether to get a spider-plant, but given the fate of my last one (Gretzky loved it to death, literally), I opted against it. It is a pretty ivy plant, and I am glad to have gotten it.

I also took a nap at around 16:00, awoke at 19:00 long enough to feed the cats and give George his penultimate pill, puttered for less than an hour, and ended up going back to bed. I am feeling more rested this morning, in spite of an odd dream in which I went back to Paris with my father (I was on some sort of mission, but I can't remember much more than the fact that it was something cloak-and-dagger-esque) and that my father ended up getting in a fight with a gang of young Italian men in their twenties, who beat him up before I was able to get him out of danger. Not a restful dream, to be sure, but it wasn't quite a nightmare, either.

On the plus side, the fact that I remember that dream must mean I'm more rested than I was.

Okay. Off to face my day.


Mar. 4th, 2008 06:58 pm
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It's my mother's birthday today. She's a pisces, hence the fishy title. I called her up and sang her happy birthday, which was a hit.

Spent most of today sleeping, not surprisingly. Today is the go-live date for CIIDS, and everyone at work is freaking out but good. It'll be interesting to see how it works out tonight. There's a whole lot that can and likely will go wrong, but I'm still excited about how it's all going to work out.
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I've been too busy to post. I keep telling myself that I should write posts in here that aren't "here's what I did while I wasn't posting" entries, but I never seem to get around to writing those meaningful, insightful entries. I rather think that I don't have any to write. I've lost the knack of writing analytical text ever since I left university. Besides, I don't know that I'd want to inflict my essay-writing skills on my beleaguered flist, as I seem to recall that I bored myself silly with my own academic writing. I remembered wondering who would ever want to read such dry stuff as I was able to produce. It's not that it wasn't good —it was just really, really dry going.

Anyway, I've had a busy couple of weeks.
I saw an old friend of mine from high school last Saturday, although we didn't have much time to actually catch up as he had to go back to his office right after lunch (he's a lawyer). We did have a nice chat, and wandered through Atwater Market before he had to go, and it was really nice to see him again. Of all my friends in high school (of which there admittedly weren't many), he was the one with whom I got along the best. We're supposed to meet up again at some point in the near future, which ought to be nice. After that I got treated to a lovely private concert in the living room of some family friends, and spent the afternoon and better part of the evening making slightly awkward small talk with three roomfuls of people I didn't know and with whom I had nothing in common. Still, the concert was quite nice. The violinist was a young man, somewhere between nineteen and twenty-one, and he's quite promising. His playing was very adept, although it lacked depth and intonation, but with time I'm guessing he'll turn out quite well.

Sunday was spent hiding from the world recovering from that stupid migraine which started late on Saturday. Annoying in the extreme, as it was a gorgeous day out.

Monday was a writing jam with [ profile] owldaughter, in which I got more writing done in one morning than I had in the past four weeks combined. I'm finally getting back into my ongoing YA novel, and I'd like to have it finished by the end of the year. I might "cheat" and make finishing it my NaNoWriMo project for this year. Either that or I'll write another horror novel, since they appear to write themselves for me.

I forget what I did on Tuesday, but I do remember that I had to be out of the house stupidly early to do it. That's probably why I don't remember: I was still half-asleep. ;)

I met up with [ profile] ai731 on Wednesday morning, and she taught me the mysteries of canning. It's a really fun process, I assume more fun because there were two of us. We went through about three-quarters of the 20lb bag of apples I'd picked, and made apple sauce, apple butter (so very yummmy!) and an apple cake based on her grandmother's recipe, which was so very very delicious that I brought it to work with me so that I wouldn't be tempted to eat the entire thing by myself. I brought half to work, and [ profile] ai731 kept the other half, naturally. I had to abandon ship just before the end of the session, as I had to go to work, and I just received the last three jars of apple sauce last night. I am very pleased with how the whole thing turned out.

Thursday was spent driving my mother around so she could get some errands done without spending the whole day doing it. Since she doesn't drive, and generally gets around pretty slowly anyway, it's easier for her if I occasionally spend a morning driving her around, and I don't mind doing it in the slightest. I tend to lose my mind if I spend too much time with my parents, but a couple of times a week is enough for me to keep my sanity.

Friday's Ubisoft lunch got canceled for me due to the (not unexpected) passing of my great-aunt Margot at the age of 93. I have very fond memories of her, and of going to her apartment in the Linton for a New Year's Day luncheon every year until I was about eight or nine. After that she moved to a smaller place (I believe it was a residence for relatively independent retired folk who only needed minimal amounts of help to get through the day), and she became a little too frail to be able to put on the spread she really wanted to. None of her three daughters ever kept up with the tradition, and so I sort of lost track of her for a while. We still saw her at the larger family gatherings, but it wasn't really the same.

The funeral itself was interrupted when my cousin Ophelie (the youngest of all the cousins, and one of the two cousins near my age with whom I actually keep up and get along) suffered some kind of seizure or syncope in the middle of the service. She was sitting right next to my father, and the next thing we knew she had turned a horrid shade of green, her eyes rolled back in her head, and she slumped forward. Luckily my aunt (not Ophelie's mother, but another aunt) is a nurse and took over immediately. I was rather grateful not to have to step in and apply my limited first aid skills to the situation. Someone produced a cell phone (a blackberry, I think) and called 911. I spent most of the time keeping people from crowding around, and reassuring people that no, it wasn't taking as long as they thought for the ambulance to get there. I timed it, see, and it took nine minutes from the moment the call was placed to the time the paramedics got there. In times of crisis, people's perception of how quickly time elapses gets seriously distorted.

My mother spoke to my cousin yesterday, as well as my aunt. Ophelie is doing okay, as it turns out, but she's going to have to see a neurologist, as her symptoms were quite alarming (swelling in the throat, stiffening of the extremities, extremely elevated heartrate, etc.). My mother, in true keeping with her nature, has invited her to dinner next Sunday.

After the funeral I took my mother to Juliette & Chocolat for lunch. Egads, it should be illegal to make chocolate that good. I have rarely had anything quite that sinful. I must go back.

Yesterday I got shanghaied by my parents into helping them shop for appliances. God help me. The less said about that, the better. The day improved immeasurably by the time I got to [ profile] luvenditti's for dinner, and had a wonderful time with all my friends, chatting about movies and books and games and food and all the usual things we end up talking about at these events. I borrowed the movie "Clue" and watched it last night: it's a great deal of fun.

All right, the rest of my day beckons. More updates when I have something to say. ;)
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You never saw this entry, if anyone asks. ;)

I am thinking of heading out to Pointe Claire for the Harry Potter thing at Chapters. I've never attended one of these midnight launches, and I can't help but think that I would regret not going to at least one in my lifetime while I can.

I am sad that I don't have a child of the right age for this. Like [ profile] owldaughter, I would love to creep into their room at 10pm and wake them up with an excited whisper to tell them that we were going on an adventure. I hope that when I do have children, there will be new opportunities like these to share with them.

I forgot my camera at home. I hope that, should I run into anyone I know at Chapters, that they will have photography equipment with them.

I found out something about my mother today, which I sadly can't share because she swore me to secrecy. I say "sadly" because I find this supposed secret absolutely hilarious (it's a ridiculous little thing, something 99% of people would never bother to keep secret), and I can't think why she's kept it a secret to this day. I look forward to the day when she'll come clean about the whole thing and we can laugh about it in public. She was relieved at my reaction, though, so at least that was good news. Maybe that will encourage her to tell the other person directly involved. That being said, I've been laughing to myself all day, and am bursting with the frustration of not being able to tell anyone.

Note to friends: don't tell me secrets if you can help it. It's not that I'll tell anyone, but I'll go crazy if it's a secret without a deadline. Surprise parties and presents are fine. Indefinite "never-let-anyone-know" secrets will drive me insane. :)

I have an action-packed weekend ahead of me. Tomorrow is Firefly and cooking with [ profile] tcaptain, and Sunday is Mage with [ profile] conscioussoul and TT who I don't think has a LiveJournal (yet).

I got myself a few free weights today at Canadian Tire, with the idea of getting into the habit of doing a series of reps every morning before I get started with my day. Updates as events warrant, I guess.

I am officially tired of being at work. It feels like this day has gone on forever, but I still have nearly two hours left before I can go home.

Also: Facebook is like crack. Useless, time-consuming crack.
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Wow, this week has gone by really fast.

Spent all of Monday morning running around doing errands that needed doing (I am quite pleased, because I got a lot done), and got to work early. Thank goodness for the new metros in Laval, which have done great things by way of reducing the traffic around here a fair bit. Not that much, but enough that there have been no major traffic jams on the way to work this week for me.

Came home, collapsed into bed, and was up again four and a half hours later to go into work. I swapped shifts with someone so that I could go to [ profile] aislingtheach's thesis defense. It went beautifully, as we all knew it would, and with any luck she will write all about it when she gets the chance. We kidnapped her afterward and all went to dinner at Kumon, a Chinese restaurant on Côte-des-Neiges. We were seven in total: me, [ profile] conscioussoul, [ profile] ulvain, [ profile] aislingtheach and three others who don't (yet) have LiveJournals.

We repaired to someone's home after for coffee and general chatting (and I got my very first massage ever! Wow.), and after I'd driven [ profile] aislingtheach home it was 1am.

Staggered out of bed late yesterday morning and ran to [ profile] toughlovemuse's place for tea and a writing jam. The good news is that I have pretty much finished Crisse, des zombies! I have a quick concluding scene to write, but it shouldn't be more than 300 words or so. I'M DONE! W00T!

Okay, not quite done. After this I have to revise my draft, try and fix as many of the typos, spelling mistakes and clumsy sentences as possible, and fix as many of the inconsistencies as possible. Then I print out three copies, hand them out to the very nice people who said they'd be my front-line readers, and try not to worry about it after that.

Today I am off to visit the Maternal Unit, whom I've been neglecting, and tomorrow I will do more cleaning of this place, which I had no time for this week. I'm amazed the place isn't worse off than it is, actually.

Saturday is band practice, and then the overtime fairy gets to visit. I think I shall write about work in a separate post, as it's pretty long and this is something of a grocery-list post. Not now, however, as I have to go see my mother. :)

Happy trails, folks!
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There must be some way to organize myself in such a way that I can go to the gym the way I'd planned. I am definitely going to yoga today, but I ended up not going to do the first part of my workout yesterday, and while I thought I could do it before yoga today, looking at my watch now it doesn't look like I'll have time for that.

I feel very guilty for not going more often. I asked for this for Christmas, and I want to go. I just can't get myself out of bed at an hour in the mornings which would make that feasible and still get all the other stuff done that I need to do. In order to do everything I need to do in the morning and still go to the gym, I'd probably have to get up around 7am. Right now, if I'm lucky, I get up at eight. Usually it's closer to eight thirty, and I wander through the morning feeling as though I'm wading through molasses.

Then I tidy up, feed the cats, run my errands, and suddenly it's time to go to work.

I don't have time on the weekends. Sunday mornings are taken up with a meeting, Sunday afternoons are blocked off for gaming, Sunday evenings are reserved for my parents. Saturday morning and early afternoon is band practice, which essentially cuts my day in half, makes me have to write off my morning, and leaves me with part of Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening free. Saturday afternoons and evenings are my only time off in the week, the only time I ever get to see my friends, and I don't especially relish the idea of sacrificing that in order to go work out, as silly and selfish as that may sound.

So that leaves me with no time to myself at all, and even less time to go to the gym. My parents paid for it, it was a present, I want to go, and I don't want them to feel as though they paid all that money only to have me ignore it. That's not it at all, and I really don't need the extra guilt these days. It's not like I don't walk around with enough of it to begin with.

I don't know what to do about this anymore. I'd try to buddy up with someone as a way to force myself, but most of the people I know have lives and aren't going to the gym in the middle of the morning. They go when normal people go, in the evenings or whatever, when I can't go.

I need an extra few hours in the morning, or else some magical way of being able to cope with only five hours' sleep, which I can't do right now. Hell, I've tried lately, and my body just. won't. let. me. If I set my alarm for seven, I'll switch off the alarm clock and sleep until eight thirty. Eight thirty is my default wake-up time: even on days when I haven't set my alarm, that's when I'm up. If I were going to bed earlier, then waking up earlier wouldn't be a problem, but if that were the case I would also not be on this schedule to begin with.

Do the words "catch-22" ring any bells?

In conclusion? Argh!
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1- Capricornucopia was awesome. Proper update when I have connectivity at home.

2- My friends rock.

3- Made public a decision I made a few weeks ago. It went very well. So nice to have understanding and mature friends. :)

4- Sunday was nice, except for a horrid nightmare in which my mother threw me out of the house for some reason. Unsettled me for the whole day. It did strike me that, in my dream, I owned a vast quantity of brightly-coloured socks.

5- Settled a few more financial things today. More will be settled in the weeks/months to come. This is doing wonders for my peace of mind.

6- My friends rock.

7- Got a vermicomposter today, but no worms yet. They are sold separately, like batteries. They are also expensive little buggers. Details as events warrant.

8- I have a migraine. Have taken migraine candy, which is making the whole thing bearable. I am looking forward to my bed.

9- SNOW!!!!! Must dig car out of snowbank now, but it's worth it! EEEEEEE!!!!

10- My friends rock.

That is all. :)


Dec. 23rd, 2006 09:06 am
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I love my parents. It was very, very kind of them to lend me the car for two weeks. Really, it was, and I appreciated it. Here's the "but" you've been waiting for: my father told me he'd need the car today, at 9am sharp.

Fair enough. I mean, it's his car, right? Right. So I plan my day around this. I have [ profile] joane's birthday at 5:30pm, [ profile] karine's Christmas party after that, and I'm supposed to see [ profile] luvenditti in the late morning/early afternoon. I also have shopping to do: pharmacy stuff and Canadian Tire and maybe a few groceries, nothing huge, but still stuff that needs to get done.

So, that makes all my timing a bit tough, since [ profile] luvenditti is out in Laval and the other events are *directly* on the other side of town. But, I figure I can drop off the car at 9:00am, have some coffee, go with my father while he does his shopping (thus killing two birds with one stone), get to [ profile] luvenditti's for maybe noon or so, and go from there.

No dice. I wake up a bit later than I intended, which means I'll be about 15 minutes late to my parents'. Okay. I grab the phone, call them, and wake them up. Seems that, in spite of my mother's claims that she was going to throw her (single) guest out early last night, she didn't, and the guest stayed really late. Come by at 11:00am, my father tells me.


This not only pushes my day off by two hours, it makes it impossible to see [ profile] luvenditti. I would likely only get the car back at 1pm at the earliest, which puts me at her place at 1:30 or later. I'd have to leave her place by 3:30pm or so in order to get back home, shower, change, and be out of here by 5:00pm at the very latest in order to be at the restaurant on time.

So I reluctantly had to cancel with [ profile] luvenditti, and take a raincheck. I am going to do my dishes and stuff now, maybe grab a bite to eat (since I now can't have breakfast with my parents) and leave in about 40 minutes to do my non-perishable shopping before I go to see my parents.

Okay, off I go!

*runs around like a headless chicken*


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