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Warning: contains harm to an animal done by another animal )

In other news, everyone is dying this year. Brian Bedford, Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Prince, Mohamed Ali, Gene Wilder, Florence Henderson, Anton Yelchin, John Glenn, Alan Thicke, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and now George Michael. I'm sure I've forgotten a bunch. Not to mention Carrie Fisher's massive heart attack, from which no one is sure she'll recover. Though if anyone can give 2016 the finger, it's our General.

Someone on Twitter summed up this year nicely:
Uncheerful thoughts about 2017 )On the plus side, so far Christmas has been kind to me. I've put up a tree, which the cats, weirdly, are ignoring entirely. Clearly, Christmas ornaments just aren't as interesting as live mice. It was a bit of an adventure, as first of all the place I went to no longer had any small trees, so I am now boasting an eight-foot tree, which I had to cut down a bit because my ceilings are not high enough to accommodate eight feet of tree plus a stand. I have a special stand that I bought years ago at Canadian Tire, which balances your tree by itself so that perpetually single people like me can put up a tree on their own. It still works well after all these years, and after being left outside for two years in the rain and the snow (because I'm a careless person, sometimes).

Second, I had trouble with the tree lights. I bought a second strand (because eight foot tree), and wound it first around the tree. I was talking to my mother on the phone, and accidentally unplugged the power supply while I was trying to light the strand. Oops. Then when I got her back on the line I dropped the phone again, so we decided to call it there rather than invite further problems.

That's when I discovered that my first strand had a neutral prong that was bigger than the hot prong (which is how most are made these days), while the new strand had equal sized prongs, which made them incompatible. No worries, I thought, I would simply switch them around and plus the new strand into the old strand instead of vice versa. No dice. The old strand only had half the lights working. Since these are LED strands, I don't think it's a question of one light being burnt out (the way they used to: I have memories of exasperatedly switching out one bulb after the other to determine which was the defective one, and sometimes it was two bulbs and then you were screwed), so I had to go out and get more strands. I got two to be on the safe side, so now I have a very lit tree. No complaints, tbh. I didn't even have to use the extension cord I got.


Aug. 26th, 2016 03:33 pm
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I don't have a specific topic for this entry, just general catching up and making plans —most of which will never come to fruition, knowing me, but it's nice to dream. It's what my mother calls "building castles in Spain." I seem to recall that has a historical origin somewhere... hang on, I'm going to go look it up. Okay, I'm back (not that you can tell in textual form that I was gone), and the internet was mostly unhelpful, but it seems to stem from Charlemagne's abortive attempt at conquering Spain. So, there you go.

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Oh, and before I forget, I saw Ghostbusters last weekend with [ profile] toughlovemuse and [ profile] owldaughter, and it was amaaaaaaaaazeballs! I can't emphasize how much I enjoyed that movie. It did have some problems, but overall it was fun and engaging, and the women were all fantastic, and there was not one single fat joke in the whole movie! I was sort of bracing for impact on the latter, because of Melissa McCarthy. She's a fat woman in Hollywood, and the price of admission for that is to constantly have to make jokes at your own expense about your weight. I understand that that's how it works, but it doesn't mean I have to enjoy fat jokes. There were none, not even jokes about food apart from a running gag about wonton soup having a bad soup-to-wonton ratio. It was glorious. I have also joined the legions of fans who are super in love with Jillian Holtzmann. She has the most bad-ass fight sequence in the movie:

I mean, HOT DAMN.

She's weirdly not my favourite character, but she's definitely the character I'd want to hang out with/possibly take on a date. She's arguably the most brilliant/mad scientist of all the women, and she is entirely glorious.

If you haven't seen this movie, you should definitely go watch it (unless you are not into this sort of movie at all, in which case you probably won't like it).
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It's June! That means I'm going to write every day based on a topic of your choice. Not all the dates have been picked up yet, so don't let [ profile] sorceror have all the fun! ;)

Today [ profile] sorceror asked me to talk about classic film, since it's Marilyn Monroe's birthday. Before I get into it, I have to point out that I am in no way, shape or form an expert on film in any way. In fact, I don't even qualify as an amateur enthusiast. I just like watching movies, and some of those include classic film.

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Feb. 15th, 2014 09:45 am
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For the record, coffee does NOT do to me what is has done to the cat in the icon. I often wish it did, because I feel like I'd be a lot more productive.

First off, in baking news, [ profile] pdaughter made Valentine's cupcakes for her French class. We also got cupcakes. Look at this image and tell me you are not jealous. Yes, the chocolate heart is made by hand too, because she's just that awesome.


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Mar. 8th, 2009 06:44 am
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Went to see Watchmen with a bunch of people last night. Time for LJ-user sightings! There was [ profile] jteethy, [ profile] karine, [ profile] adamofeden, [ profile] luvenditti, [ profile] toughlovemuse, [ profile] chibipunkdemon and Phil-who-hasn't-got-an-LJ. It was really nice seeing all my friends, many of whom I hadn't seen since Capricornucopia on January 10th. Eesh. Where does the time go?

The movie was fun, but suffered from inadequate writing, I think. It also ended about four times. Possibly five. It was very pretty, though some of the effects were... odd. I haven't read the graphic novel, but I understand that the movie modernized a bunch of things, and then lovingly re-created others the same way, which was jarring for me: some of the gizmos looked wildly out of place. The same went for the costumes.

Mild plot spoilers behind the cut )

The movie was also horrifically violent. I think I may have damaged poor Phil's hearing permanently with my squeaks of horror. There's only so many instances of bones splintering through skin and the like that I can take. I mean, come on! It's not necessary to go into that much gory detail. I get it, already! Gah.

In short, it was entertaining, but had I known what it was I would have waited to see it on video.

Also, between the movie and moving the clocks forward, I only got three hours of sleep last night. I am now Cranky!Cat.
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I had a dream that all my hair had grown back. It was shoulder-length again, and looking better than it ever has in real life, and I was wondering if the fact that it had grown back so quickly meant that I should try shaving it again. Luckily for me, it was not in fact real, and my hair is still short. I'm going to get it trimmed and organized tomorrow, and that will be that.

I have rented Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which I have yet to see. I gave it a miss in theaters, having been a little disappointed by the movies in general. Still, I figure it's something I ought to see, and if I enjoy it enough I may go back to watch #6 when it comes on the big screen.

I have been fantasizing about the lobster I plan to eat in Halifax. I haven't had lobster in a little under a year, since the last time I went, and it's calling to me with siren song. ;)

In other random news, one of my snap peas has already started to germinate. Umm, oops? I figure if worse comes to worst I'll buy the large pots ASAP and just grow the poor beans and peas indoors until I can put them outside. If they don't make it because they don't like being inside, well, then I'll know that I really can't start them this early. Heh. In my wildest, most optimistic dreams I didn't think a four-day germination period was going to happen.

On a final note, I still don't feel like going to work. Shocking, I know. Time to hop into a shower and get going.
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Yesterday was not a good day, food-wise. The beef cubes for my stew didn't thaw properly, for starters. Then when I was browning the beef I recalled that the last time I had done this I had made a mental note not to use the smaller pan, because it's not big enough for all the meat and onions. Guess which pan I was using yesterday? Yeah.

Then I burnt the bottom of my chili. Normally I do it in the crock pot, but the crock pot already had stew in it. I didn't scrape the bottom, and at first taste the burnt taste doesn't appear to have permeated it, but one can never be sure. I did add extra jalapenos (I can't find the little squiggle on this keyboard, blast it), and that may have burnt off all my taste buds. Oh well.

Anyway, I salvaged all the food from disaster, did a load of laundry, and managed to watch three movies while I was procrastinating (for the curious: "Night of the Living Dead," "The Princess Bride," and "The Magnificent Seven"). Not too shabby. ;)

The lovely [ profile] luvenditti stopped by for a quick visit in the evening, too, and the feline forces of entropy threw themselves at her shamelessly. My cats are whores.

I went to bed too late again, because my body refuses to go to sleep these days, and now I am tired.
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[ profile] iconsbycurtana is at it again. I love Madeleine L'Engle with much love, and so I snagged it. I appear to have misplaced my copy of Many Waters, and it turns out there's a fifth book in the series (featuring Meg's daughter, I believe), which means I may have to pick them up. Unfortunately, they have once again changed the look of the books, which means my shelves won't match. Again.

Have I mentioned how much I hate it when publishing houses change the look of their books? Especially when they do it mid-series (not the case this time, but still). There is a special place in hell, too, for the publishing houses that not only change the look of their books, but also change the size by a few millimetres (sometimes up to half a centimetre), because then the books no longer fit on the same shelf, damn them!

*pant pant*

So yes. Special hell.

In random news, I appear to have done something weird to my finger. The middle joint is stiff, and feels tight when I try to bend it too far. It doesn't hurt or anything, but it's uncomfortable.

The weekend was lovely, if far too short. Slept a bit on Saturday, got to see [ profile] ashforestwalker briefly, and watched Persepolis with BorderCrossing. It's a really interesting film, about a girl growing up in Iran during the war, and the effect it had on her and her family. Interesting graphics, all hand-drawn animation ([ profile] shenlo, [ profile] rowen26 and [ profile] karine, you might find it interesting, technique-wise), and a profoundly moving storyline. It's autobiographical, but the animation (based on the graphic novel) gives it a dreamlike quality which is quite mesmerizing.

In the evening I went to see [ profile] owldaughter's concert, and sat with [ profile] pasley and Devon, [ profile] ashforestwalker and Liam, and had a very nice time indeed. The LCO has gained a lot in quality of sound with their new conductor, so all in all it was quite enjoyable.

On Sunday there was some mad scrambling to get out the door in time for Meeting, and I ended up being too late to attend, which sucked. I got some other stuff done, but not all my errands got run, and thus the morning was hectic and felt a bit wasted.

I was supposed to spend the afternoon cooking with [ profile] luvenditti and [ profile] toughlovemuse, but the latter was felled by a migraine right before, and had to cancel at the last minute, much to everyone's disappointment (including hers, I'm thinking). So [ profile] luvenditti and I made soup, and cabbage rolls, and spaghetti sauce, and meatballs, and sausages, and homemade pasta.

I am SO psyched about the homemade pasta! I have my own pasta maker now (courtesy of one of my coworkers, who very generously gave me his old one when he got a new electronic one), and I can hardly wait to start making my own! The recipe for pasta we used was not a difficult one, so it should be pretty easy to remember.

I got to bed really late, and as a result I am a bit twitchy this morning.

It also turns out that the Alouettes lost. Boo.


Aug. 9th, 2008 10:47 am
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So I went to see the new Batman movie by myself last night. I end up seeing most of the movies I want to see by myself, because most of my friends have seen them by the time I have enough time to go. I don't mind: it's like taking myself on a date, and I don't have to worry too much about what happens before and after the movie.

Incidentally, Christian Bale appears to have made the colossal mistake of agreeing to be in the fourth Terminator film. After the third film, why did anyone think a fourth was a good idea?

Cut in case of mild spoilers )


Jul. 12th, 2008 11:51 am
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[ profile] tcaptain and his lovely girlfriend took me to see WALL*E yesterday, which I hadn't planned on seeing. I was dubious about my ability to empathize with a waste-disposal robot.

I forgot, apparently, that Pixar always reduces me to a weepy mess (Ratatouille notwithstanding, because it's not technically a sad movie). WALL*E was no exception. I think I alarmed poor [ profile] tcaptain and Jess, because they've never been to a movie with me before, and thus were not expecting the waterworks. :D I am the perfect audience for movies: no matter how crappy the movie, I will always cry during the sad bits, and WALL*E had me tearing up even at the not-sad-but-sappy bits. It's a charming movie, although the social commentary is very, very ham-handed.

Next time I will bring a box of Kleenex. I really ought to pick up the Pixar movies I've loved over time. I know I enjoy re-watching them when they play on TV, so it wouldn't be wasted. WALL*E is definitely going on my list.
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"Food for five years, a thousand gallons of gas, air filtration, water filtration, geiger counter, bomb shelter... Underground goddamned monsters!
--Burt Gummer, Tremors

Recent events have prompted me to think that perhaps I need to start channelling Burt Gummer more.

That is all.
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Thank God I didn't have anything major planned today. After a visit to the optometrist Saturday morning, and [ profile] forthright's Incarnate game in the afternoon, I toddled back across town to have dinner with [ profile] tcaptain and his lovely girlfriend.

The plan was to have dinner (fondue, which was yummy) and then go see the festival of lights (I think that's the name). Instead, there was much merriment at dinner, which lasted quite a while. Jess was nursing a very sore knee, however, and we eventually convinced her that it would be a bad idea to walk on it for several hours, and so we ended up staying in with a whole lot of booze. We watched Blades of Glory, which was terrible but hilarious, and then there was more talking, and we finally got around to putting The Crow into the DVD player. In spite of its being a really good movie, by the time we were halfway through all of us were falling asleep, so we called it quits.

Thankfully, they let me crash on their sofa. We were all three sheets to the wind, I had missed the metro and all the buses, and no one was in any state to get me home. Not to mention that I didn't have enough money for a cab.

I was up reasonably early this morning with only a mild hangover. Hangovers for me tend to manifest in the form of heart palpitations and queasiness, and this time has proved no exception. That reminds me: I should really go find some water to drink. Anyway, [ profile] tcaptain got up around the same time, and we had a nice quiet morning chatting about work, the evils of corporate thinking, and music (especially once Jess got up). When I left it was 11:30.

This afternoon will be dedicated to recovering from yesterday, methinks. Good times, but I'm no longer able to get away with this kind of shit the way I used to.
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I've been too busy to post. I keep telling myself that I should write posts in here that aren't "here's what I did while I wasn't posting" entries, but I never seem to get around to writing those meaningful, insightful entries. I rather think that I don't have any to write. I've lost the knack of writing analytical text ever since I left university. Besides, I don't know that I'd want to inflict my essay-writing skills on my beleaguered flist, as I seem to recall that I bored myself silly with my own academic writing. I remembered wondering who would ever want to read such dry stuff as I was able to produce. It's not that it wasn't good —it was just really, really dry going.

Anyway, I've had a busy couple of weeks.
I saw an old friend of mine from high school last Saturday, although we didn't have much time to actually catch up as he had to go back to his office right after lunch (he's a lawyer). We did have a nice chat, and wandered through Atwater Market before he had to go, and it was really nice to see him again. Of all my friends in high school (of which there admittedly weren't many), he was the one with whom I got along the best. We're supposed to meet up again at some point in the near future, which ought to be nice. After that I got treated to a lovely private concert in the living room of some family friends, and spent the afternoon and better part of the evening making slightly awkward small talk with three roomfuls of people I didn't know and with whom I had nothing in common. Still, the concert was quite nice. The violinist was a young man, somewhere between nineteen and twenty-one, and he's quite promising. His playing was very adept, although it lacked depth and intonation, but with time I'm guessing he'll turn out quite well.

Sunday was spent hiding from the world recovering from that stupid migraine which started late on Saturday. Annoying in the extreme, as it was a gorgeous day out.

Monday was a writing jam with [ profile] owldaughter, in which I got more writing done in one morning than I had in the past four weeks combined. I'm finally getting back into my ongoing YA novel, and I'd like to have it finished by the end of the year. I might "cheat" and make finishing it my NaNoWriMo project for this year. Either that or I'll write another horror novel, since they appear to write themselves for me.

I forget what I did on Tuesday, but I do remember that I had to be out of the house stupidly early to do it. That's probably why I don't remember: I was still half-asleep. ;)

I met up with [ profile] ai731 on Wednesday morning, and she taught me the mysteries of canning. It's a really fun process, I assume more fun because there were two of us. We went through about three-quarters of the 20lb bag of apples I'd picked, and made apple sauce, apple butter (so very yummmy!) and an apple cake based on her grandmother's recipe, which was so very very delicious that I brought it to work with me so that I wouldn't be tempted to eat the entire thing by myself. I brought half to work, and [ profile] ai731 kept the other half, naturally. I had to abandon ship just before the end of the session, as I had to go to work, and I just received the last three jars of apple sauce last night. I am very pleased with how the whole thing turned out.

Thursday was spent driving my mother around so she could get some errands done without spending the whole day doing it. Since she doesn't drive, and generally gets around pretty slowly anyway, it's easier for her if I occasionally spend a morning driving her around, and I don't mind doing it in the slightest. I tend to lose my mind if I spend too much time with my parents, but a couple of times a week is enough for me to keep my sanity.

Friday's Ubisoft lunch got canceled for me due to the (not unexpected) passing of my great-aunt Margot at the age of 93. I have very fond memories of her, and of going to her apartment in the Linton for a New Year's Day luncheon every year until I was about eight or nine. After that she moved to a smaller place (I believe it was a residence for relatively independent retired folk who only needed minimal amounts of help to get through the day), and she became a little too frail to be able to put on the spread she really wanted to. None of her three daughters ever kept up with the tradition, and so I sort of lost track of her for a while. We still saw her at the larger family gatherings, but it wasn't really the same.

The funeral itself was interrupted when my cousin Ophelie (the youngest of all the cousins, and one of the two cousins near my age with whom I actually keep up and get along) suffered some kind of seizure or syncope in the middle of the service. She was sitting right next to my father, and the next thing we knew she had turned a horrid shade of green, her eyes rolled back in her head, and she slumped forward. Luckily my aunt (not Ophelie's mother, but another aunt) is a nurse and took over immediately. I was rather grateful not to have to step in and apply my limited first aid skills to the situation. Someone produced a cell phone (a blackberry, I think) and called 911. I spent most of the time keeping people from crowding around, and reassuring people that no, it wasn't taking as long as they thought for the ambulance to get there. I timed it, see, and it took nine minutes from the moment the call was placed to the time the paramedics got there. In times of crisis, people's perception of how quickly time elapses gets seriously distorted.

My mother spoke to my cousin yesterday, as well as my aunt. Ophelie is doing okay, as it turns out, but she's going to have to see a neurologist, as her symptoms were quite alarming (swelling in the throat, stiffening of the extremities, extremely elevated heartrate, etc.). My mother, in true keeping with her nature, has invited her to dinner next Sunday.

After the funeral I took my mother to Juliette & Chocolat for lunch. Egads, it should be illegal to make chocolate that good. I have rarely had anything quite that sinful. I must go back.

Yesterday I got shanghaied by my parents into helping them shop for appliances. God help me. The less said about that, the better. The day improved immeasurably by the time I got to [ profile] luvenditti's for dinner, and had a wonderful time with all my friends, chatting about movies and books and games and food and all the usual things we end up talking about at these events. I borrowed the movie "Clue" and watched it last night: it's a great deal of fun.

All right, the rest of my day beckons. More updates when I have something to say. ;)
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I replied "I don't know" to a question from a coworker on Wednesday, and he joked that I had probably just broken the space-time continuum. (Well, I gave him points for trying. It came out as "the vacuum in time and space" which amused me greatly. Technically, I think there is a vacuum, so it's not incorrect —it just wasn't what he meant).

Speaking of quantum mechanics, my disorientation with regards to the date and time continues thanks to the wacky schedule.

Yesterday was spent quietly. I spent the better part of the morning catching up on Skywatch, and then headed out. I wandered around outside for a couple of hours, which was lovely as the day was gorgeous and warm. It's bordering on uncomfortable for me, but not so bad that I can't enjoy the weather these days. I expect this to change any day now. I wilt in the heat.

I renewed my iRewards card and treated myself to some new books. I finally stopped hemming and hawing about trying Laurie R. King's other series (the ones not about Mary Russel and Sherlock Holmes), and and bought "A Grave Talent," after hesitating for years. I began reading it over a waffle with fruit and crème anglaise at Chez Cora. I accidentally dipped the corner of the book in the whipped cream, but I rescued it quickly and it seems to have come out none the worse for wear. I am a klutz. The banana-and-strawberry smoothie was delicious as well.

I finished the novel this morning. It's quite good. It's her first novel, if I'm not mistaken, and as such lacks the finesse and the character development of the Mary Russel novels, which are lovely, subtle pieces of fiction. However, the story and characters were very compelling, and the writing was quite good, more than good enough for me to overlook the slight problems with the plot in places. I can definitely spot where her style has matured since this first novel attempt, and I think I'll pick up more Kate Martinelli books in future. [ profile] owldaughter, if you want to borrow it, you're welcome to it.

There's a new Charles Todd out, but it's in hardcover. Argh, gnash. I shall just have to wait.

Since the last movie I saw was James Bond, back in December as I recall, I treated myself to a double-bill yesterday.

I started with "Spiderman 3," which was... not bad. I'm trying to be non-spoilery, but read at your own risk )

Then, because I have no self-control whatsoever, I went to the premiere of "Pirates of the Caribbean." It was much better than the second one, but still not as good as the first. It was also nearly three hours long. Gah. Someone needs to edit these things better. What child is going to be able to sit through three hours of movie in a cinema?

Definitely spoilers behind here )

So all in all it was a fun, vaguely geeky afternoon and evening for me. No instant classics in the making, but fun nonetheless.

It had been a while since I did that: just wander around and do stuff on my own. It was a refreshing change.
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Is a fucking awesome movie.

That is all I will say, though I could go on at length. The world needs more movies like this.
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"And let me tell you, it could have used a lot more 'Gore' and a whole lot less 'Verbinsky,' which I think is Russian for 'really bad dialogue.'"

Ninja review of Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

"It's like the Neverending Story, only with no luck dragon."

I laughed so hard I almost cried. Many thanks to [ profile] toughlovemuse, who got it from someone else but I forget who.
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Yesterday was pretty gruesome at work. Here's a tip: if you have more than two people in the same office who think they're the centre of the universe, things will NOT run smoothly. The less said about my day at the office, the better. I've already ranted to some very nice and forbearing people about it, so I'll leave it at that.

Went dancing after being away from my club for about a week. Well, I was there on Tuesday, but I skipped last Friday. Had fun. I always do. Very few people, as there was an event somewhere else in town keeping people busy. Did not see the Mahones, as their appearance date is supposedly in August now.

Got to the rehearsal space at 10am (that's early for me on a Saturday) and nailed the intro to "Enter Sandman." [ profile] karine and [ profile] owldaughter showed up at 11am, and we practiced both the intro to "Enter Sandman" (I showed off my l33t n3w sk1llz) and then beat "J'Veux Pas Vieillir" into bloody submission. Booyah!

I then went through a whole lot of Excedrin Migraine to get rid of the foot-long white-hot needle someone decided to stab into my right eye. I really think it's the smell of hopps that's doing it. I can't think of anything else that might be provoking this.

I decided to reward myself for being awesome by going to see "Pirates of the Caribbean 2," which was a lot of fun, but not nearly as good as the first one. Also, Mild spoiler ) Anyway, I had fun.

Spent some time at Indigo ogling the books, and managed not to get a parking ticket while I was at the movies. This is the problem with parking downtown and going to see a movie. Movies last over two hours, unless they're made by Pixar. Parking meters have a time limit of two hours. So if I'm going to see a movie, my meter will run out about half an hour to an hour before the end of the movie. Meh. However, the parking gods were merciful this time around and I was spared. I am pleased.

The staff at Indigo were completely useless. I asked a likely-looking boy for recommendations for a new mystery writer. Unfortunately, he was going on break and foisted me off onto his complete nitwit of a co-worker. She wandered vaguely around the mystery section and rattled off names at random to me. Every time I pressed her for more details, she would confess to not having read anything by the author she'd just recommended. She eventually sheepishly admitted to not reading mysteries at all, but was recommending stuff based on what she'd heard from other people.

Now, okay. I can understand not being a fan of mystery novels. However, if that's the case, why didn't she say so to begin with? If I'd known, I wouldn't have wasted my time with her. Sheesh. This girl was also none too bright anyway.

Spent the evening with the Parental Units. It was surreal: my father turned on the television (which happens once in a blue moon with him anyway) and discovered "Godzilla vs Mothra: the battle for Earth" playing. He decided to watch. Soon enough, we were all mesmerized by the mind-blowing badness of it all including the singing Japanese pixie twins and the piss-poor special effects of doom. I can't even begin to reproduce my parents' commentary. Even if I could, you probably wouldn't believe me. My mother thought that Mothra was "such a lover! Look, he's just like a teddy bear!" and yet was rooting for Godzilla to win, because he had "such a nice smile."

My father liked the singing Japanese pixie twins (who were, disturbingly enough, kept in a cage by one of the heroes). We were all somewhat perplexed by Mothra at the beginning, but after he spun a giant artificial cocoon the movie... umm, I hesitate to say that it began to make more sense, but at least the creature looked like a moth after that.

It was bizarre, but fun.

The rest of the Satursay-night lineup was pure crap. Why oh why is television so crappy lately?

Okay, bed now.
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Band practice went well yesterday. No massive high like last week, when we kicked the butt of the intro to "Enter Sandman," but we got a lot of work done anyway. Re-visited songs we hadn't played in well over a month, and they went pretty well, all things told. [ profile] ai731's new guitar sounds very very sweet on certain songs, and definitely gives a new feel to the music.

We are teh awesome.

I want to get myself some new drumsticks. The ones I have are okay, but after trying some of [ profile] gmarc's, I have been converted. :)

Canada Day went by in a blur, between [ profile] miseri's housewarming and [ profile] owldaughter's concert. The housewarming was quite a success: food and good people, and much shouting about well-loved topics (books, movies, gaming, politics, and weird pet antics). The concert went really well, though the crown prince got sick halfway through, which sucked both for him and HRH, and we got seated behind the Loud And Bouncy Family Of Doom, which made it very difficult to enjoy the music in full.

I discovered last year at [ profile] luvenditti's birthday that I can no longer watch fireworks directly anymore. I keep having to look down every thirty seconds, or my eyes start streaming. I think it's definitely time to have my eyes checked for strain and to see if I need a new prescription.

I also had a very nice time with [ profile] grrscary yesterday. Just about all our friends know each other, but she and I managed never to have a conversation in three years or so that we've been navigating the same social circle. I'm not sure how that happened, but we fixed it yesterday. We went to "Cha Noir" on Wellington, which is a nice little tea place I wish I'd known about when I lived two blocks away, then skedaddled downtown to watch Superman Returns. I think I loved the score of the movie more than anything else. I kept singing "Su-per-man!" in my head whenever the trumpets sounded. I love the new Superman. I am not going into squeeing fangirl mode over it the way I have over some movies, but I enjoyed it tremendously. They did a very good job with it.

We went for coffee again after and spent the next three and a half hours talking, mostly about gaming. 'Twas a very good time. I'm only sorry we didn't do this earlier.

Today, food shopping.
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Rainy days make me think of Mary Poppins. It rains throughout the film, except in that one scene when they travel into the chalk drawing on the sidewalk. Mary Poppins is the kind of film I would watch when it was raining outside, or when I was sick, or both. We didn't own it, so I have no idea how I managed to watch it so often. I think it's just such a popular movie that it played on television a good deal when I was younger.

I watched Mary Poppins when I was just starting to suspect that things didn't work quite the same way in stories as they did in real life. Watching the children snap their fingers and have their rooms clean themselves, or float up to the ceiling because they were laughing too hard, or having a robin land on Mary's finger and sing (the robin is dreadfully fake, but I couldn't see that at the time)… well, it made me wish I could do that too. It didn't make me believe in the magic, but it made me want it desperately.

In spite of my constant disappointment that I couldn't fly or travel into pictures, I loved Mary Poppins. I grew up in a world that was at once very similar to hers and yet very different. My world was real, and it had parents and rules and the laws of physics to control it, but in my world just as in hers children were allowed to be children, and I understood and appreciated the message. My parents didn't mind when I came home covered in mud and cuts and scrapes, and they didn't expect me to be quiet all day long. Home was not meant to be run with bank-like clockwork precision. That the children's father wanted this was clearly wrong, and the film was as much about his learning that lesson as it was about making the world what you wanted of it.

Mary Poppins had no time at all to waste consulting the laws of reality. If she needed her umbrella to fly, then it would fly. If she needed a chalk drawing to come to life, then it did. If she wanted a bag of holding, then a bag of holding she got. Her world was very simple: whatever she wanted, she got, simply by wanting it.

I suppose Mary Poppins might well be my very first encounter with the "Get up and kill" philosophy embraced by t!.
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Went to see The Da Vinci Code with [ profile] sandman7 because my work gave me two free passes. Otherwise I'd probably have given the whole thing a pass. I love going tp the movies with him: it's a hoot.

The movie is, well, not very exciting. It's reasonably faithful to the book, except that they made the lead female into an absolute idiot who can't figure out anything for herself. That annoyed me, especially since the story is theoretically about reclaiming the sacred feminine, blah blah blah.

Also, the fact that all the characters seem to be able to pontificate for hours on end while being pursued by people intent on either murdering or incarcerating them just blows my mind. Seriously, if you're being pursued by a murderous albino monk, is the uppermost thing in your mind going to be Da Vinci's use of symbology in his paintings to depict the sacred feminine? I know that if it were me, I'd be a gibbering wreck of fear, thinking pretty much only of how not to die.

Finished "Supersize Me" before the DVD player shat itself and died. That is a terrifying movie: everything you ever thought about McDonald's is not only true, it's worse than you thought.


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