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I've had four hours of sleep. Waiting for [ profile] ashforestwalker to come by and take a look at the place: he may be doing some painting for me sometime in December. Yay painting!

Then BorderCrossing is coming by to spend some time with me this afternoon, and after that we're going to [ profile] owldaughter's concert.

All of these things are good things. Do I feel like doing any of it? NO! Why? Because I've had four hours of sleep. I will regret not doing them, so I am simply going to bite the bullet knowing that I will have a good time once the ball gets rolling.

What I really ought to do is run out and get cream so I can make coffee. Yeah. I'll go do that.
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It's grey out, and kind of cold and rainy. There's something to be said for sitting indoors with homemade spaghetti sauce (the spaghetti isn't homemade... yet), tea, and bright yellow curtains. The cats are all asleep or lounging about, and my new table is gleaming in the dining room (I just gave it a good polish). The Beatles are on in the background.

This morning I got up early and made breakfast for me and BorderCrossing. She was pleasantly surprised to get up and find hot chocolate and steaming sour cream biscuits awaiting. As much as all my relationships (or most of them) have been highly broken, she appears to have never had a relationship with someone who wanted to take care of her, so I'm having fun feeding her and offering a nice place to crash. I also made bacon and coffee for myself, since she doesn't like either of those things.

I've been good about keeping on top of the dishes, too, for the most part. [ profile] toughlovemuse was telling me the other day that "a new broom sweeps clean," but I hope it's not just enthusiasm about the new place that is prompting me to be a better housekeeper. Having people over regularly, having my girlfriend over, and generally being in a better headspace ought to count for something, right? I just hope I can keep this up.

The best thing about nesting is having people with whom to share the nest. :)

Today is a good day. There is still sadness, but that can't prevent me from appreciating what I do have, and I think that's important.
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Note to self: you are NOT a bad person for having to get on with the rest of your life. Sheesh. In the grand scheme of things, you are one person, and only peripheral to what's going on. Stop feeling guilty.

Okay, moving along.

I dreamed about my dining room table last night. I think it's a sign. I'm choosing to interpret it as a sign. I have to go to the bank and check my finances, but I think it's totally doable. Must check first.

Also, I need to rake the leaves in the garden. I think I've run out of room in my compost bins. Ack!

Off to make breakfast.
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I haven't found the mysterious Micheline Poirier. I'm a little frustrated, but once all my active leads didn't pan out, I didn't hold out much hope.

I saw my parents yesterday and had dinner with them. I actually had tea with my mother beforehand, and we had a productive if short conversation concerning our catastrophic phone conversation last Friday. To my great surprise, she brought it up first. I was expecting to have to be the bad guy, since that's usually how these things work: my mother conveniently "forgets" all our arguments as a rule, but this time she obviously realized that she'd hit on something that she couldn't make go away by wishing.

She apologized.

Yeah, I was pretty surprised too. Anyway, she apologized, listened to what I had to say, and promised to try harder in the future. I'm paraphrasing here. I think we probably would have gotten a lot further in the conversation, except that we were interrupted by my father coming home early from work with the flu, and thus my mother understandably stopped the conversation in order to fuss over him.

I had a great lunch today with [ profile] toughlovemuse, [ profile] fearsclave and his lovely wife, whom I hadn't seen in a dog's age. We went to a really nice sandwich place, had a decadent carrot cake for dessert, and toddled next door after lunch to a thrift shop where I fell in LOVE with a beautiful antique table. Eight chairs and two leaves to extend the table appropriately. It's gorgeous. Unfortunately, it's also really expensive. Less expensive than anything I can get new, obviously, but still a pretty decent chunk of money. So I am sleeping on it. If I still want it on Friday I will go back, and if it's still there I will buy it.

I stopped by Canadian Tire on my way back, and got some stuff for the bathroom, some silicon tape to fix the leaking spigot that connects to the washing machine, and a new cat tree to replace the one that the cats finally destroyed after six years. The new cat tree is a bit weird: I didn't realize when I purchased it that it was much taller than the average cat tree, and actually braces against the ceiling in order to prevent it from falling over. It's a big hit with George so far, but Gretzky and Pan-Pan seem dubious about their own ability to climb it.

I also can haz a Swiss Army Knife. It has twelve parts to it, and I am very pleased. I lost mine years ago, and have been meaning to replace it ever since. MacGyver would be so proud. :)

In other news, I appear to still be on my night shift schedule body-clock-wise, and I have been extremely tired and borderline sleepy since about 14:00 today. Bleah. I am going to go to bed early-ish, but not too early so that I can maintain my day schedule this week. Of course, I'm going on night shift again next week, and then going back on day shift the week after that, so I expect I will be a little bit all over the place in terms of my sleep patterns by then. Yeesh.

See you on the flip side!
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I got all my boxes unpacked today except one, which contains all my yarn. I count that as a success. My books are not sorted or properly put away, nor are my CDs, but I'm definitely one step closer, which is all to the good.

I rolled up all the money for my Shave to Save fundraiser, and meticulously copied out all the names of people who will be getting tax receipts for their donations. Tomorrow there will be a trip to the bank to deposit the money, and then another trip to the Québec Breast Cancer Foundation to give them a nice fat cheque.

I'm also going to the breakfast tomorrow hosted by Mix 96 at whatever that shopping mall is called in Pointe Claire (Fairview?), which starts stupidly early, but will force me to get an early start to my day, which is good. I have a TON of stuff to do tomorrow, including picking up and carving some jack-o'-lanterns

I did a load of laundry, and discovered that the cold water tap leaks. Gah. I tightened it as much as I could, and it still leaks. I'm going to pop over to Home Depot tomorrow (in my myriad amounts of spare time) and ask what I can do to fix this short of calling a plumber. I am all for letting the professionals do their thing, but I'm feeling a wee bit strapped for cash of late*, what with one thing and another.

I set up my second lamp, installed my mirror in the bathroom (which, strangely for Ikea, did not come with screws and such to attach it to the wall, which was most annoying) and made spaghetti sauce, which is currently simmering on the stove. I took out all the boxes but two to the shed, and will be bringing the other two shortly. I moved my table into the dining room, even though I haven't quite decided exactly where it's going to live until such time as I get a proper dining room set (see above: strapped for cash).

I also have to put away my clean clothes, as [ profile] toughlovemuse and [ profile] chibipunkdemon are coming to dinner. I rather hope the spaghetti sauce will be ready by the time they get here, but [ profile] toughlovemuse has expressed an interest in heading to the Green Stop for dinner, which is also good, not expensive, and nearby.

I am really enjoying my days off at home. I'm getting stuff done and relaxing at the same time. Good stuff. :)

*I hasten to add that I am not hurting for money in any way. I just... don't want to spend any more than I already have on things that aren't, say, food or utilities.
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Artistic!Moi behind the cut, aka a Random Meme )

So today I have washed the bathroom, done a major load of groceries (though they're not unpacked yet) and bought a chest freezer. I looked seriously at the upright models, but they were way outside of my budget. Freezer is getting delivered next Thursday, at my request. They're getting in a new shipment today, and I was told that I could have it as soon as tomorrow, but they couldn't give me an exact time, and I have stuff to do tomorrow outside the home that means I might not be home to take delivery. So.

I bought a ton of groceries, mostly non-perishable, in an effort to re-stock my seriously depleted pantry. I had almost run out of every single kind of canned tomato there is, as well as all the beans I use to make chili, and I was perilously close to not having any pasta except elbow macaroni and linguine. Damn. I just realized that I forgot two things. This is what happens when I don't make a list. Buggery and damnation. I shall have to head out again this afternoon.

Anyway, I re-stocked my soup supplies a bit, and am still on the lookout for Scotch Broth, which for some reason I can't seem to find anywhere. I am feeling marginally better about the whole food situation now. My pantry was feeling terribly empty, and as a result I was worried that I might end up buying pre-made stuff, which is something I'd like to avoid as much as possible. At least now I'll be able to make my own stuff in advance and freeze it. I bought some extra Tupperware too, just in case. Huh. Spell-check insists that I capitalize "Tupperware" even though I was trying to go for the generic name. Anyway, tomorrow there will be soup, soup, chili, and macaroni and cheese, and something involving beets, because I just picked up a HUGE bag of beets for a song. I keep forgetting that I like beets, so it was nice to be reminded of the fact by a sale.

Anyone know of any good recipes for beets that I can make in bulk?

Now I have to bring back the car, unpack the groceries, and toss in a couple of loads of laundry. The laundry may have to wait until the floor people have been and gone.

This afternoon, IKEA. I may pick up a floor lamp while I'm at it, which will officially make today Very Expensive.

This whole moving into a new home and trying to live like a responsible grown-up costs more money than I originally thought it would. Yeesh.
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I am crazy-busy these days. My bookcases still aren't built, and I haven't gone to the upstairs apartment to clear out the rest of my stuff. There isn't that much left, which is why I've been putting it off. I still haven't hooked up my washing machine either. Since I do my laundry upstairs, you'd think I'd be able to take my stuff down at the same time, but you'd be underestimating my laziness. ;)

I had brunch with BorderCrossing and her friend today, which was lots of fun. I bicycled there, since it was on Notre-Dame and thus not super far. It was nice to get back in the saddle, although in retrospect it was a mistake to wear my windbreaker: I was way too warm and had to take it off. If I can muster the energy on Monday, I'm going to try to start biking to work again. The weather is really perfect for it.

BorderCrossing took me to a nearby park afterward, and we played frisbee. Frisbee is apparently the only game she likes, so I'm happy to play it with her. It's a bit weird, dating someone who really doesn't like games (she even used the word "hate" at one point!), but she's not averse to my continuing my own gaming lifestyle, so I guess it's okay overall.

I still suck as much at frisbee as I remembered, but it was still fun, and by the end I was mostly able to get it to go roughly in the right direction (instead of at right angles to said direction, which is my specialty). I took a very undignified tumble at one point when I twisted at an odd angle trying to pick the frisbee out of the air. Embarrassing, but not painful and no permanent damage was done.

I am currently doing laundry, and have tricked myself into bringing down my worm bin and set it on the outside balcony. My worms have all mysteriously disappeared, although the earth inside is looking pretty moist and healthy. I am mystified. Perhaps they died of starvation, although I thought they could survive for a decent amount of time on the nutrients in the soil. *shrug* I've dumped some extra food in there in the form of banana peels and eggshells from last week's banana bread, and with any luck the whole thing will revive.

My other goal for today is to get the kitchen cleaned up. I haven't been home much this week, and when I have been home dishes have been the last thing on my mind. I have no dishwasher soap yet (I should really remedy that) so I'm still washing things by hand. Maybe I'll go to the dépanneur and see if there's soap there: that would certainly reduce my workload, supposing I can figure out how to use the dishwasher.

After all this I have to shower and get ready for dinner and then Tarasmas. I am taking BorderCrossing and giving her an initiation by fire to my friends. ;) I am confident that she'll be fine, though. Anyone who can't take my friends probably shouldn't be dating me.

Okay, to work.
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Had a lovely time at [ profile] sandman7 and [ profile] pdaughter's birthday party yesterday. Caught up with a ton of people I hadn't seen in way too long, had M&Ms and chips and dip in industrial quantities, and generally had a great time.

[ profile] toughlovemuse got me the bestest present! An autographed copy of Lynn Flewelling's newest book, Shadows Return! She got it specially signed, and told Lynn that it was for the person who had introduced her to the novels. Lynn's response? "I'm always happy to sign for my crack dealers." I love her with much love. :)

The unpacking has unfortunately stalled now that I've gone back to work. With any luck I'll get more of it done this week in the mornings when I'm not at work. I also need to screw up all my courage and hook up my washing machine, because I'm going to run out of clean clothes soon. I also have to check my bank account (to make sure I have enough money in there for both food *and* rent until my next paycheque after last week's spending extravaganza: been a while since I've actually had a legitimate reason to worry about my bank balance, and I'm not enjoying the déjà vu, let me tell you), and get some food in my new fridge so that I'm not just cooling off empty space.

I have a ton of paperwork to catch up on at work. I don't feel like doing it in the slightest, let me tell you. :P

Okay, back to work.


Sep. 4th, 2008 06:27 pm
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I am wire-free, baby!

After a couple of hiccups, I have managed to install a wireless router in my home. I have a network, and a password, and everything is happy!

I also got myself a Panasonic phone with two handsets, so that now I can answer the phone anywhere in the apartment instead of making a mad dash for the phone. It's very exciting. The phones are charging now, but by tomorrow I will be fully part of the communicating world.

Today was spent running around some more. I'm beginning to wonder if this is some sort of karmic revenge for all the time I spent shut in my apartment for the past eight months or so. I have spent more time out running errands in the past week than I have in the last six months combined, I think.

The appliances are arriving tomorrow, which is cause for much rejoicing. They are coming between 07:00 and 17:00 ("Sometimes it runs later than that!" the girl behind the desk told me blithely), so I am stuck at home all day. That will give me time, I hope, to do a lot of installation work. I have a new padlock to put on the shed door in the garden. I have some towel racks to hang, and all my new Billy bookcases and my new CD rack to set up.

Oh, and maybe I should unpack some more. Yeah. :P

I can't win

Sep. 3rd, 2008 01:25 am
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The cats continue to be insane.

Pan-Pan started yowling horribly from the basement. Given that the last time I moved he got so freaked out that he managed to wedge himself irretrievably behind the washing machine, I thought he'd gotten stuck. No such thing. He was fine. I was perplexed. No amount of patting or snuggling could get him to shut the hell up.

I thought he might be lonely. I tried to coax him up the stairs. Nope. The stairs were the enemy all of a sudden. I tried to carry him up, and he freaked out and took a chunk of flesh out of my finger.

It took me a few minutes to figure out what was different than the last time he'd been upstairs: I had turned on the air conditioner in order to be cooler while packing tonight.


"OHMYGOD! The air conditioner is trying to KILL MEEEEEE!"

He stayed downstairs until he was desperate for the litter box, and now he's cowering behind the toilet. I think I will take pity on him now and switch the thing off.

I have unpacked 14 boxes. Now, to bed.
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If time goes by this fast now, what will it be like in twenty years? Please tell me it stops accelerating, at the very least.

The unpacking is... yeah. Not going so great. (Bwah! I typoed that as "packing." What does that tell you?) I figure once I hit a rhythm and stop having to go out every day in search of things, it'll go better. I still have four days if I include today.

The cats have for the most part accustomed themselves to the idea of living in a new space. Pan-Pan is the only one having trouble: he keeps wandering around looking lost and asking "Mrrp?" every 30 seconds or so. He's also become even clingier than before, and even more incapable of sitting still when cuddling. Did I mention how vocal he's become? "Mrrp?" "Mrrp?" "Mrrp?" "Mrrp?" "Mrrp?" "Mrrp?"


My father and I moved the stove yesterday. [ profile] ashforestwalker and [ profile] talyesin helped us get it out of [ profile] toughlovemuse's garage and stuck it in the van, making it all look deceptively easy. My father and I are not nearly as large and burly, however, and we had a dickens of a time getting it home. For one, there were cars parked all over the place in front of the house, so we had to carry it along the sidewalk for about 100 yards first, which was Not Fun. Then we got stuck on the front steps to my place. Thank goodness a very kind neighbour saw our predicament and came to help us. I managed to lacerate my fingers on the stove bottom, don't ask how. No blood, but what feels like dozens of paper cuts and lots of skin lost.

Still, I have a stove now! YAY!

My father also helped me install two and a half curtain rods (I'm missing a screw for the last one) as well as a coat rack. Yay coat rack!

Today I am going to try to hit as many stores as possible so that I don't have to do it the rest of the week. I'm starting with the appliances (that's the most important thing), moving onto furniture, and then I'm going to hit Canadian Tire (towel racks and a drill, baby!) and maybe FutureShop for a phone. Turns out that having only one telephone doesn't work so well when you live on two floors. *eyeroll*

My exciting discovery of the week is a HUGE clothes closet in the basement! Okay, not huge, but huge by my previous standards. It has shelves and cubbies for shoes and everything! My clothes will practically all fit in there except for socks and underwear. I'm very excited.

Okay. Gotta go get my day started in earnest.

*iz ded*

Aug. 30th, 2008 09:36 pm
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Many thanks to all who came out to help and to partake of beer and pizza. 'Twas a most excellent time. :)

Now I go die.
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You had just BETTER not rain!

*shakes fist*

In other news, I unsurprisingly overslept this morning. I haven't slept that badly in years. Between the post-packing stress and the cats deciding that Mummy was not, in fact, a human, but a carnival ride, I don't think I got more than four hours' sleep, total.


Now I'm all behind in my work. I have to have breakfast, and the Great Migration begins in 40 minutes.

Also, I packed all my coffee mugs.

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I may have the time to post tomorrow morning, I may not.

Be that as it may, Bell is switching over my service somewhere between 09:00 and 18:00, or so they claim. I am being cautiously optimistic, as the last time I moved the switch went off without a hitch.

If you don't hear from me, assume I'm either without phone/internet, or just really busy unpacking. :)

And now I go fall into bed. I am 95% done. The last 5% will wait until morning (well, later in the morning, since I see it's already 1:00). I'm aiming to be up for about 6:30, which will give me time for breakfast and last-minute packing/logistics until 9:00, when it's time to help with the Great Migration downstairs.

My own move starts at 15:00. There is beer in the fridge, and I am planning a pizza run at 17:00 if all goes well.

Good night, folks!
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Number of boxes: 41 and counting.

Note to self: be grateful that you don't have much stuff.

Bedroom: 90% packed
Living Room: 99% packed
Dining Room: 100% packed
Bathroom: 95% packed
Kitchen: 80% packed

There was a really unfortunate moment when I was on my beer run for tomorrow. I foolishly decided that, since I was only going a few blocks, I would put the beer in the back seat of the car. Then, on my way home, a cat darted out in front of the car and dashed across the street ahead of me. I saw it and figured I was fine, until the damned cat doubled back. I hit the brakes, and ALL the beer went flying. Luckily none of the bottles broke, but my beer is now officially booby-trapped. I can only hope it'll settle overnight.

Left to do:


- Pack up the remaining kitchen cupboards
- Take drawers out of the dresser & put attendant screws into a convenient baggie
- Tape convenient baggie to the dresser so it won't get lost
- Do a small load of laundry (basically the clothes I'm wearing so that they'll be clean again for tomorrow: after two days of packing, they're, umm, not so fresh)
- Put beer in fridge (I'm gettin' to it!)


- Pack bits & bobs that I used tonight & in the morning
- Dismantle bed
- Arrange boxes neatly in such a way that people can get in and out
- See about arranging the boxes so that they're sorted by room (a little tricky, but doable)
- Arrange furniture as best I can to ensure ease of transport

I'm sure I'll think of more as the night wears on. I am going to be SO happy when this is done!


Aug. 29th, 2008 09:25 am
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24 hours left!

*runs around in circles*

Signed my new lease last night. I have thirty boxes packed, and will probably pack 10-20 more before this whole thing is over.

Living room: all packed except for a couple of stray items

Dining room: not packed (but mostly empty anyway)

Kitchen: 50% packed

Bedroom: not packed (gah!)

Bathroom: 50% packed


Aug. 28th, 2008 08:43 pm
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I posted up a bunch of things on Freecycle, basically telling people to come and get them tomorrow during the day whenever. Otherwise, it's all going on the sidewalk with a "FREE" sign.

I have a guy coming over NOW.


That's efficient.

I hope he takes most/all of it. I am tired of this stuff cluttering up my home.


Wish fulfilled! The guy took all of it! w00t!


Aug. 28th, 2008 03:17 pm
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The only downside to this move so far has been that I had to turn down a date tomorrow night. We've postponed until next Friday. Nonetheless, I am put out.

Okay, back to my boxes.
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After a really nice evening/night out, the Great Move has just gotten *that* much more difficult: my vacuum cleaner died. It feels to me as though something is stuck in the hose, but my vacuum doesn't appear to have a handy "reverse" switch to see if I can blow it back out the other way. I have to call a guy to come pick it up for service, and repairs take at least a week. So I have no vacuum during one of the times when I will need it most.


My mother is coming by this afternoon to help me, but I was hoping to have the place in better shape by then.

Just strike me down now.
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I totally forgot the administrative crap that goes along with moving. I just spent the better part of the morning changing my address around with various services, and now I must hie me to the Post Office to redirect my mail until I can get everything changed.

I must also go to the bank to change my address there as well.

It seems so silly, given that I'm changing all of one digit in my mailing address. On the plus side, when I called Bell the customer service guy was super friendly and actually saved me $12 on my current bill *and* made it retroactive! It almost makes up for the $20 service fee I'm being charged by Hydro.

I've changed my mailing information with the SAAQ and the Québec government, so now I just have to go double-check all my bills and such to make sure I'm not forgetting anything...


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