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I have decided that in the New Year I'm going to make a point of writing here every day, even if it's just a couple of sentences or something. Until then, I'm going to try to at least post more often, maybe a couple of times a week.

Every time I think of posting here, I worry that I'll never be able to catch up on everything that's been happening that I haven't had time to post about. Then I feel overwhelmed and decide there's no point in even trying, and I creep away from LJ filled with guilt and regret. Wah. :P

So I'm not going to try to catch up. I'm just going to jump in where I am and hope people aren't too confused.

Quick bullet-point summary of significant events of the last year:

April: [ profile] pdaughter moved in with Bean. We are all very happy, if adjusting. (:::ETA::: It occurs to me I shouldn't speak for them. I am very happy. I have no idea if they are, but if they aren't they haven't told me.)
June: I applied for a transfer to Ottawa
August: My transfer was accepted, and I was offered a permanent position with the RCMP. Whee!
September: I started work in Ottawa

Because [ profile] pdaughter is still in the midst of her studies, and because we didn't want to pull Bean out of his wonderful new preschool, I kept the house in L'Ile Perrot and am renting a tiny (no, really, it's 8' x 11') room in Ottawa at an exorbitant price. I commute back and forth roughly every five to six days. In two years' time we will be selling the house and moving to Ontario permanently.

This year has also been the year of hospital visits (one each for Bean and [ profile] pdaughter, though luckily in both cases it was for stuff that was easily treated with antibiotics), car accidents (one each for me and [ profile] pdaughter, though in her case the accident wasn't her fault and in my case it was technically I who hit the other car—no injuries in either case and insurance covered all repairs) computer deaths (only one, but that was enough), and cat-assisted cell phone death.

In short, life right now is insane for me. Whenever I get a chance to be at home I cling there like a limpet because there are so many chores to do that I can never seem to get to the bottom of them all, and because I'm a homebody at heart and I hate having to spend so much time away from my family. I'm reasonably sure they don't enjoy my absences either (though in my more paranoid moments I wonder if they don't heave a sigh of relief when I'm not there screwing up the new routine).

I haven't been writing at all (creative or otherwise), because I'm a) really really busy with mundane things, b) really really exhausted from the new job and the new commute and general stress, c) perennially stressed out about money. All these things basically fuck up the headspace I need to be in in order to settle down and let the muse out to play. I'm hoping to change this in the New Year. I have vague plans that I hope will become more concrete to not only write but also finish my writing projects (something I'm notoriously bad at).

So, yeah, that's me in a nutshell. I'm open to questions if you have any about just what the heck's been going on with me these days. ;)

Happy trails!
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I have an interview for a permanent posting tomorrow morning at 08:00 EST. Good thoughts would be appreciated, if you can spare 'em. :)

Busy day

May. 7th, 2009 06:59 am
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Yesterday was crazy-busy. Got up early to do some cleaning (the shelf-debacle wasn't thoroughly picked up, plus the cleaning lady was coming), and ran to work after missing my bus. Got there only a few minutes late, and sat down to a major rush all day long.

The n00b had to stay home with her sick kid, but given how busy we were it was probably a good thing.

I ran errands at lunch, then after work I ran to the gym and worked out for a little over an hour. After the gym I donated blood, and was rewarded with cut for people who don't like blood ) Umm, yay? Anyway, as ever there were no ill effects, although the volunteers fussed endlessly over me and tried to get me to consume seventeen times more cookies than I needed. :P

Once I had stopped bleeding, had had a cookie and a coffee, I mosied over to Pinata!Supervisor's retirement party, where I got offered a job half-jokingly by OCC Ottawa, who have permanent positions opening up. Permanent! *sigh*

I dunno if I'd want to move to Ottawa, though. It would depend on the cost of living. Anyone know if it's more or less expensive?

Either way, Ottawa look like they have better schedules and more organized supervisors, and they rarely if ever work overtime, so I gotta say it's tempting...

Anyway, I sneaked away early during the really bad/boring speeches, and went to Hurley's, where the usual gang was there, and good times were had.

By the time I got home I was completely zonked. I hope today ends up quieter.
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I just gave notice today at my job. I am posting this entry publicly, because I'm no longer worried about potential repercussions from my company.

I will be starting my new career as a Civilian Telecom Operator for the RCMP on November 19th.

I am also taking the first two and a half weeks of November off, because I deserve it. I also want to take that time to put all my affairs in order, clean my apartment and generally make sure I'm starting with a completely clean slate.

It's been less than two years since I first expressed the desire to change career paths, and here I am, about to embark on what is probably going to be the career path that I will follow for a very long time. I am both impressed and a little frightened at how quickly this all came together.

Umm, wow

Jul. 16th, 2007 10:45 pm
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So... turns out I might actually be elsewhere by the end of September.

Quick: everyone think happy September thoughts!

I have to fill out all my paperwork tomorrow as a result.
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Time is slipping through my fingers these days. So much is going on that I feel as though I have no time to record it all.

The interview went really well, for those of you who were wondering. Thanks for all the good thoughts!

After five days of (unpaid) vacation, I'm finding it very hard to accustom myself to the idea that I have to leave for work in a little over an hour. I really enjoyed *not* being at work for more than three consecutive days. Just being by myself for a couple of days, and then spending the weekend with friends. It was nice. I needed the space, I think. In fact, I could use another week of that. Maybe then I'd feel properly rested. As it is, I'm kind of cringing at the thought of going back into the windowless bunker that is our security central. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get back in the swing of things once I'm there.

This was a gaming-intensive weekend, with Mage for the first two days, and the final game of Mutopia on the last. A very good time overall, if I do say so myself. A most satisfactory ending to Mutopia (frolicking in the water!), and a promising second session of Mage. I very much like the new character I'm playing, and there's been a promise of a two-person solo in the near future, which will be lots of fun, I'm sure.

I owe many people emails and/or phone calls. I promise I will be getting to those this week, ASAP.

I'm in a funny headspace these days. I'm starting to learn that I get this way when I'm overtired and have all at once too much and too little time to think. I'm constantly busy, but with stretches when my mind isn't occupied. So I'm too busy to stop and give all the stuff in my head time to settle down into any kind of order, but not busy enough that all the stuff can't accumulate anyway. It's a little annoying. Some of the stuff is Not Good, but I haven't been able to give it enough attention to be able to get rid of it.

With any luck, I'll be able to get back into a proper rhythm in July. I have three entire weeks left, so I'm hoping that will be enough. If not, well, there's always August.
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Haven't been posting much. Haven't been online much, as it happens. Busy, life, you know how it goes: the more you have to post about, the less time you have.

I have an interview for the RCMP on Friday morning at 9:00. Think good thoughts for me, please! :)

I will try very hard to make a proper update soon, promise.
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I have the dumb.

The following conversation took place Friday evening, with a coworker.

Coworker: "I tried to call you this morning, but you must have been sleeping pretty soundly, 'cause you never answered your phone."

Me: "I might have been gone already. What time did you phone?"

Coworker: "Around 8:00. The phone rang off the hook, and you don't have an answering machine. I thought you were asleep so I hung up."

Me: "That's odd. I was definitely home at 8:00, and I have an answering machine. Besides, the phone is right next to my bed, so I would have heard it rin— Oh, God."

Guess who accidentally unplugged her phone for three days last week? You get three tries, and the first two don't count.

Anyway, I plugged my phone back in when I got home, and thank God that I'd had the presence of mind to email the RCMP on Friday (before I found out my phone was unplugged) to do a follow-up, because of course they tried to contact me during that time.

So I received a message yesterday (while I was gone, naturally), asking to call them back on Wednesday. YEE!

All in all, while I am an idiot of the worst kind, things have turned out for the better thus far.
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The other girl at work got a call from the RCMP today. I, however, did not. I'm hoping it's a clerical error and that they'll phone tomorrow.

Think good thoughts, please.
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I'm off to my RCMP test!

I really hope I have the right address. Did you know that there are 4 separate places in Montreal that correspond to 740 rue Bélair? Ack!
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I'm out of here in a few minutes. The micromanagement continues apace, although I find that there's a lot of stop-and-go as I try to figure out what works for me and what doesn't.

I miss line dancing. I miss the people, I miss the energy, I miss the music, and I miss having something to look forward to in the evenings. Now all I do at night is work, and the day is filled with errands and cleaning and being responsible.

I'm thinking of applying to be a dispatcher for the RCMP. They're looking for people. The shift work would be brutal, but it pays about twelve grand more than I'm getting now, and I'm beginning to dislike the atmosphere at work. It's not a good sign when 95% of the employees in a place are unhappy with how things are being run.

So I get to update my CV (should put that on the to-do list), and start shopping around again. I feel a little disloyal about looking for a new position so soon, but after Monday's little unpleasantness I feel less guilty than I might. I don't enjoy being told that I'm a hypocrite who doesn't care about my work, because that's patently not true. Whatever. I refuse to get into that again. I spent far too long being upset over what is essentially an empty threat and a couple of insults.
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I got the job. Congratulate me. :)

Of course, it does mean that my local friends aren't ever going to see me again except on weekends, but what can you do?
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Took a nap this afternoon, and I'm still barely able to keep my eyes open. I am going to bed early. Writing will happen tomorrow.

I have another interview (same company) tomorrow morning at 9am. The more sleep I get tonight, the better. I'm little better than a zombie today, and while that might be interesting for character exploration purposes, it's doing nothing for my functionality.

More tomorrow when I'm awake.
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It seems to me that I had plenty of things to say earlier today, but I've forgotten them all.

I have a job interview on Tuesday for a dispatcher job for a security company. Not 911, but it would pay reasonably well and be a steady source of employment, which is better than what I have now. So everyone wish me luck!

Oh, I recall now. I had two other things to mention. Most of you probably don't know that I really enjoy reading out loud. It's not something I get to do often, if ever, but I love reading to kids, and I used to participate regularly in the McGill Students For Literacy's yearly Read-A-Thon (I would read "Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang"). I've always been fascinated and enthralled by the oral tradition in fiction, by the notion that, until quite recently (relatively speaking) the written word didn't exist as a purely visual medium, but was meant to be read aloud.

On Monday I'm going to get to practise this particular skill. My father (again, as most of you probably don't know) has just had his most recent book, Dérive Globale (to which I can't find any link on the frikking internet because the publishers are a bunch of slackers), translated into English (the English title will be, I think Global Drift, but I'm not 100% sure). He asked a well-known person in his field to write a preface for this newest translation, and she agreed promptly. The thing is, she's also legally blind, and therefore needs someone to read the manuscript to her so that she can get an idea of what the book is about and write the preface properly.

I'm rather looking forward to it.

The last thing I was noodling about today, which is completely unrelated, just as everything in this post fails to relate to anything else, is cat food. See, my poor beasties are not doing as well as I'd like on the current stuff I give them. It"s not that they're unhappy or visibly unhealthy. They're all reasonably energetic, have a gloss to their coats, and they seem to like the kibble. At least, they eat everything I give them.

However, they're ALL gaining weight. Even Smudge, who seemed to be immune for a while there. George, while not obese, is getting kind of pudgy, Smudge is beginning to look, well, solid, and Pan-Pan has ballooned to monstrous proportions because he can't keep his nose out of other people's food dishes. :P Gretzky doesn't appear to have gained weight, but she's already too heavy anyway.

So I'm thinking of going into homemade cat food. I've been doing my research, and it seems like cats do really well on a properly-balanced diet of raw meat (ground) and shredded vegetables and various other oddments. Granted, given that cats were originally designed to be carnivores, this makes a fair amount of sense.

Does anyone out there on my flist make their own cat food (or dog food)? How is that working out for you? Have you always done it, or did you switch from commercial food, and if so, what made you switch? What resources, if any, did you use to determine what to feed your pets? Input would be most appreciated.
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After promising myself I would call the two emergency-dispatch jobs and inquire today, I went back and looked more closely at the job offers, so that I would know what I was talking about when I called and sound oh-so-together-and-on-the-ball.

Except, neither job offer includes a phone number. :::headdesk:::

What I thought were phone numbers at first glance are in fact fax numbers. So it seems I worked myself into a state of "Oh-my-God-I-have-to-use-the-PHONE!" for nothing.

For those of you who are relatively new to this LJ (I think there are a couple of you) and who are scratching their heads wondering: "If she has a phone phobia, why the hell does she want to work in a call centre?" allow me to explain the funky ways in which Phnee's mind works.

Almost all my jobs, no, strike that, all my jobs have involved considerable phone use. I have no problem with phones, answering them or calling out, as long as I have a Large Corporation to back me up. When I worked for Bell Mobility, I wasn't Phnee answering the phone or calling people to harass them. I was a Representative of Bell Mobility™. See? That means it's not personal. If people yelled, they were yelling at Bell Mobility, and not at me.

Also, I have remarkably good phone skills, professionally speaking. I have talked down so many clients from so many metaphorical ledges, it's not even funny. I know exactly what kind of tone to adopt with people that will make them relate to me, even like me, and therefore trust me. They stop yelling. They speak more quietly. They remember that they're dealing with another human being who doesn't deserve to have them vent their frustrations on them in this way. But I never, ever reproach them for doing it. On the contrary, I usually encourage them: "That's okay. I know it's not personal, and that you're really frustrated by this. I understand. In your shoes, I'd be frustrated and yelling too." Funny how that makes them stop yelling even faster. :)

The trick is that you actually have to care about the caller, even if you don't know them and will likely never speak to them again. They can sense if you care, believe it or not. On my off days, when I didn't want to be at work and didn't want to give a damn about my clients, I had less good results. It makes for pretty exhausting days, though, caring about everyone who calls. But having happy callers is a hell of an ego-boost.

It's a gift. I try to use it only for good. :)

Using the phone on my own power, however, is an entirely different kettle of fish. I far prefer going places in person. I am *very* good in interviews. I am well-spoken, articulate, and I *look* professional. Sometimes that doesn't always come through on the phone. On the phone I turn into a stuttering, blithering mess. I trip over my own tongue, I lose my words, and the little voice at the back of my mind goes into a loop: "Why are you wasting these people's time? Why are you bothering? Who are you to be calling and taking up space?" etc. Going in person helps, because I can usually gauge by body language if the little voice in my head is right or not (it usually isn't).

Okay. I've sent off one email. The harder one. The one for the actual 911 job. The other one is for a security company which is closer to home. The 911 job would be in St. Eustache, which is WAY the hell gone and, as far as I can tell, not close to anything remotely like public transit. On the off-chance that I do get the job, it's going to be hellishly complicated to get there. :P

Now I have to send my CV to this other job. Wish me luck!
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I am determined to go to bed, well, if not early, then at least not ridiculously late. To that end, I shall keep this post short.

The NaNo meet-up was, as usual, a lot of fun. I was a little too tired to enjoy it properly, another indication that I should get more sleep tonight. Tomorrow, as well as additional wordcount, there will be job searching. There. I've said it out loud (or written it in public, same thing), and that makes it real. I have two places to contact about dispatching jobs. Dammit, there is no reason for me not to call and at least inquire. No more self-sabotage, Phnee! No giving into Shithead. You've written 65,000 words in fifteen days, you can make two lousy phone calls.

Okay. Going to bed. I shall get up at 8am with my alarm clock tomorrow. I shall get up and have a productive day.

In other news, I have made my "rainbow socks" icon my default for LJ. It cheers me up every time I look at it. Did I mention that [ profile] toughlovemuse not only gave me two pairs of rainbow socks on Saturday, she also gave me four more pairs on Monday? Now every day can be a rainbow socks day, as long as I do laundry at least once a week! Isn't that exciting? I know I'm excited. :)

Right. I'm off to bed. Good night, all!
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I don't remember how the time went by so quickly. I really don't.

I've been getting an average of nine hours of sleep every night, and I'm still tired. Part of that is because I'm going to bed late (by my standards —remember, your mileage may vary) and getting up later. This has two disadvantages: one, I'm generally a morning person, and so waking up at 9:30 or 10:00 means that the more productive part of my morning is pretty much gone by the time I'm up; two, I tend to stay up later to compensate for not having accomplished as much during the day, even though I'm not as productive in the evenings. Thus the vicious cycle starts.

It doesn't help that a lot of my friends are night people, or at least have to be night people because they work all day. I try to match up my schedule so that I can spend at least a little time with them, but I tend to be wiped when I get home. Unfortunately, "wiped" doesn't usually translate into falling asleep right away. I usually have to wind down before going to bed, either with a bath (and a book) or by rummaging around on the internet.

Part of me is really pleased that I don't have to worry about working this month. I really, really needed the extra sleep, the time to myself, etc. The other part of me is running around like a caged rat, shrieking with anxiety about the fact that I'm about to run out of money, the fact that I haven't worked in three weeks and that at this rate no one will ever want to hire me again, etc, etc. NaNoWriMo has been a great distraction for not thinking about how stressed I am about all this sort of thing. Unfortunately, it's also a great distraction for all the things I still need to be doing this month.

Off to find something for breakfast. If I have all the ingredients, I may try out [ profile] toughlovemuse's pancakes that she made last night during the writing jam. She gave me the recipe for the batter when I asked for it. Yay!
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At least, that's how I feel right now. And I slept for ten hours and have had three cups of coffee this morning.

I would take a nap, but today I must, must go to my temp agency to pick up my ROE so that I can get my EI ball rolling. Must get dressed and go. I will do that soon. Yes.

As soon as I can pry myself out of this chair, that is.

Wordcount for zombocalypse has increased, but the scene isn't over yet. I'm taking my time with it partly on purpose, partly out of being really tired. I don't want to mess up this scene.

I have a sort of plan percolating in my mind, and may do something about it this week. Updates as warranted.
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Going to the EI office this morning. I got up later than I intended, mostly due to a dream about being recognized by a mob boss against whom I'd testified but who was released early for some reason. I might write more about it when I get home, if I can still remember it then.

It's going to be a tight few weeks, I think. According to the EI website, I need to factor in a minimum of two weeks before I see any money at all. *sigh* No one ever wants to give me money. Sad, really.

Anyway, the local bus drops me right in front of the office, so I'm going to leave in about five minutes to hop aboard on time. That's the one good thing about living in a low-income neighbourhood: the EI office is *really* accessible by public transit.

In other more random news, I just wish that other shoe would drop already. I'm getting a little tired of waiting, here.
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Just found out my job is gone. I've got two weeks' notice, then I have to find work elsewhere. It's not me: they like me. They're just broke and can't keep most of their employees.

This sucks. I really liked this job. I was looking forward to making the position truly my own. I love the people here. This really, really sucks.


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