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Off work for a bit longer )
What have I been doing in the interim? Well, for a week or so I stayed in, napped a lot, and did a lot of gaming. I've slowly been crawling out of my shell to venture outdoors again, and visiting the vegetable garden a bit more, and mostly trying to reset my brain back to normal parameters.

The veggie garden is doing beautifully.Veggie garden update, picture-heavy )

The rest of my time has been spent playing computer games.
Gaming stuff behind the cut )
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[ profile] ai731 has asked me to talk about my plan for living more sustainably when I move. There are still ten or so slots available for the tell me what to write about meme, if you're interested.

I apologise in advance for the fact that this entry is likely going to be more disjointed and a lot less comprehensive than previous entries. Mostly I'm writing it because I committed to writing these posts every day this month, and because I'm trying to distract myself from yesterday's really horrific trauma. Needless to say, the distractions aren't working all that well so far. However, I figure trying to write an LJ post is better than siting on my bed and crying, so that's what I'm going to do. Subsequently I'm going to go through with my original plan of cleaning up the basement.

Phnee's rather haphazard attempt at explaining what she means by living sustainably )
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First off, what the hell just happened to LiveJournal? I DISLIKE CHANGE, OKAY? Well, I dislike change that makes my LJ look ugly, anyway. I am not overly fond of this new look. Still, if the past is anything to go by, LiveJournal is going to ignore all feedback and carry on the way it wants to, and since I'm not yet ready to give up on it just yet, I suppose I'd better just swallow this and keep going. *sigh*

In which I rival anime heroines in levels of klutziness )

Scheduling Woes, i.e.: There are not enough hours in the day. )

A Full Day

May. 8th, 2014 09:30 pm
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Last night my brain decided that I should stay up and Worry About All The Things™. So I was up until at least after 2:30, which was the last time I remember looking at the clock before falling asleep. The good side to that was that I was awake at midnight when Bean woke up screaming bloody murder because he had to go to the bathroom. He's been getting up almost every night now to pee, and that has resulted in dry diapers in the morning. So we're well on our way to having him be completely diaper-free at this rate. It's very exciting!

Bean was also up promptly at 6:20, and since he came into our room to ask his mother if he could watch television, that was loud enough to wake me as well (mostly because he started whining and then screaming when she said no), although I had set my alarm for 6:30. So I got up then too, much to Bean's befuddlement. He's not used to my getting up at the same time as him and Mama.

We got Bean fed, dressed and out the door on time (three tantrums, four instances of whining and fussing, and two instances of running away and giggling instead of doing what he was told, all in the space of an hour and fifteen minutes), and I set about trying to be productive for the rest of the day.

My first stop was at the bank (though I did call to make an appointment to get my car tires changed, finally). I took the dog with me because he needed the exercise and because he was so excited when he saw me put on my running shoes to go to the bank that I didn't have the heart to tell him that I hadn't planned on taking him with me. So, happy dog was happy. I managed to straighten out the problem of the daycare check that the bank bounced, and was very pleased with the prompt, efficient service I received from the teller. They apologised (sort of), reversed all the charges and covered the fee the daycare will charge for a returned check, no muss, no fuss. If only all my problems were so easily solved.

I got home and cleaned the bathroom, and was about to start on the kitchen when [ profile] pdaughter came back from school to wait for the Avon ladies to show up for their 14:30 meeting. As an aside, [ profile] pdaughter is starting up her own Avon business again, so if anyone local wants the flyers for the current or future campaigns, by all means look us up! Avon has some really neat stuff, not just makeup and skin care products. You can look it up specifically on Facebook, where I encourage you to at least "like" her page, just in case. Father's Day is just around the corner, and there are all sorts of fun products and swag you can get for a very reasonable price!

Anyway, back to the exciting recounting of my day. :P I did a pretty thorough cleaning of the kitchen while we waited for the Avon ladies (they were well over an hour late due to traffic), including scrubbing down the cabinet under the kitchen sink, which had grown super scungy over the winter. We've been having trouble with ants for a few weeks, and I figured that cleaning things out down there certainly couldn't hurt. We have ant traps set up strategically, but we can't work out where they're coming from, cheeky little buggers. So right now we're mostly engaged in guerrilla warfare against the little formicidae foot soldiers. Ugh. If we knew where they were coming from we'd be able to put down corn starch and have done, but not dice. It's rather frustrating.

I headed out to do some last-minute grocery shopping before the Avon ladies arrived, but everyone was gone by the time I got home again. Despite getting caught in some pretty gnarly traffic I was still able to get dinner in the oven in a timely fashion. I don't think I've ever cleaned and chopped vegetables that fast in my whole life. I made chicken with roasted vegetables and made baked tomatoes as a side dish. Very paleo, I'm sure [ profile] fearsclave would approve. ;)

Predictably, Bean's first reaction was: "But me not like that!" He demanded to have macaroni, then demanded "leftover pizza," and was upset when he was not presented with either of those options. I hadn't bothered giving him one of the baked tomatoes, figuring it would be met with shrieks of horror, but when he saw the one I'd given [ profile] pdaughter he immediately insisted on having some, spurning the chicken, potatoes, carrots and green pepper already on his plate. After two small servings of tomato he then threw himself on the floor and wailed about being thirsty, and then whined and fussed and kicked at the nearest piece of furniture when he was instructed to eat a bit more before he'd be given more milk. It took some doing, but eventually we got him back into his chair, and after a bit more fussing he ate all his carrots, then tried the chicken and promptly finished that, and even managed a good number of his potatoes.

A pyrrhic victory, but one I'll take nonetheless.

Bean took a bath while I loaded the dishes into the dishwasher and put away the rest of dinner into Tupperware containers. We have enough for at least one other meal, which is nice. The food turned out delicious, if I do say so myself. The chicken was moist, the veggies crisp and savoury (though the carrots were a tad too crunchy for my liking—I'll try cutting them thinner the next time I make this dish).

Although he was wound tighter than a spring factory, Bean actually settled relatively quickly once he was properly in bed (there were a lot of false starts to that), and so we were actually able to start Game of Thrones at a decent hour, and now we're going crazy and watching CSI as well. Two TV shows in the same evening! Unheard of!

Tomorrow it's meant to rain, which will put a damper on my plans to do yard work. I may try to organise my paperwork instead, depending on the weather. I have been very bad about keeping my papers in any kind of semblance of order, and it's my newest May project, to get it all sorted out properly into my filing cabinet. That will definitely help when it comes time to sell the house/do my taxes/that sort of thing. If I have time I'm also going to head to Home Depot. I am determined to get the garden ship-shape this weekend and next weekend so that we can take advantage of it during the summer months.

And now, to finish CSI and pray that I'll actually be able to sleep tonight. Obviously when I mentioned almost wishing for insomnia the other day, I should have been more careful about what I wished for. :P

I'm back!

May. 2nd, 2014 09:05 am
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The laptop charger arrived, so I am all set. When finances loosen up a little I am going to get myself another one, so I can keep one in Montreal and one in Ottawa. I think it was at least partly the fact that I had to wrap the cord over and over and over that led to the plastic/rubber casing wearing out and then fraying to the point of snapping. If I make the cords travel less, I'm sure they'll survive longer. Plus it'll save space when I pack.

The week in review. )
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I'm feeling a bit more energetic these days. Light and energy. )

Gardening, fencing and asphalt. )

Paperwork. Blech. And also the prospect of selling books. )

So that's about it for now. I have other thoughts about time and procrastination and time management, but they're all still pretty rough, and not ready to be written down.

I'm feeling pretty optimistic about summer. Maybe it's the extra sunlight, maybe not, but I'm not complaining. I'm looking forward to the warmer weather and to getting outside more.

Poor Bean

Apr. 20th, 2014 07:32 pm
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So last night's throwing up/upset stomach turned into a fever this morning, as previously mentioned. Poor Bean didn't want to eat much apart from a few bites of apple sauce, and refused most drinks as well. The fever climbed over the course of the morning, at which point he began to complain loudly that his neck hurt a lot. Well, kid + fever + neck pain was something we weren't prepared to take a chance on, so off we went to the Children's Hospital. [ profile] pdaughter took Bean in her car, and I followed in mine, so that I could be free to come and go as needed in case we were at the the hospital for a long time. Last year when Bean had pneumonia and an infection in both ears we ended up there for the entire afternoon and evening right up until nearly midnight. In light of that, we figured we shouldn't take the chance and take both cars. Luckily for me [ profile] sandman7 generously let me park in his driveway for the duration, so we didn't have to pay a fortune in parking fees.

Adventures at the Hospital )

Home again, jiggety-jig )
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The daffodils are out in the garden. I am very pleased. :)

I have to do some planning for what the rest of the garden is going to do. I learned a lot last year, but I'm getting a really late start this year due to having had a crappy winter, mood-wise and schedule-wise. So once more I'm going to be going with plantings from Atwater Market. I think next year ought to present a better opportunity for growing things from seed.

Also, I got a car! I'll be picking it up next Thursday. I'm very pleased. Photos will be forthcoming. Now I need to think of a name for it. I've been toying with the Iain M. Banks Culture naming conventions.

Supernatural is still rocking my world, although last night's episode was unexpectedly sad. :(
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We're getting a new schedule in November. I've probably written about that before, not too long ago. I think the new schedule will be better for me, overall. I'll be working twelve-hour shifts, which means fewer days at the office, but longer hours. It's a trade-off. It means I'll never have the problem of having to work seven night shifts in a row, which is a HUGE bonus for me. Night shift does nothing good for me.

Near as I can figure, the pattern is as follows: three days on, two days off, two days on, two days off. I spend two weeks a month doing that pattern on day shift: 07:00 to 19:00, and two weeks on night shift: 19:00 to 07:00. It's going to take some serious adjustment, but I think I can do it. For one thing, I'm going to end up working only about half the days of the year, which is really awesome. I'm a bit worried about the two weeks' worth of night shift, but I'm told by people who've worked twelve-hour shifts before that it's way easier than seven nights in a row.

The other bonus is that every six weeks or so I'll have "earned" a day off, by virtue of having worked a few too many hours. So I'll end up with a four-day weekend roughly every month and a half, and that's without touching my vacation time at all. I've already got a pretty significant backlog of vacation time anyway, by virtue of having worked so much overtime in the past couple of years: I took all my vacations from my "banked" time rather than my annual vacation, and my bank is still pretty full.

Yet another advantage is that, unlike my current rotating schedule, which varies all the freaking time, I'll be able to time myself like a metronome. The schedule will remain fixed, with no variation at all. That means I might actually be able to get a routine going. I like routines: they make my life go much more smoothly.

For the moment, I'm stuck on the current schedule until October 30th. That means that in the meantime I have to do all the turn-of-the-season stuff while still working ridiculous shifts. I'm sure I can get most if not all of it done, but I do wish that they'd decided to start the new schedule in October.

I just got a pressure canner! I am very excited, although my enthusiasm was dampened by the *expletive deleted* extra shipping charge that got tacked on AT MY DOOR. Gnarr.

So now I have to get my act together and start canning like a mad canning thing. For one, all the tomatoes that were likely to ripen have ripened, and if I put it off much longer, then they will go bad. In fact, I should freeze 'em, so that they don't go off before I can can them. *goes to do just that* I'm not sure what to do with the rest of them. The poor Brandywines haven't ripened, and I'm not sure if I can mix the green Brandywines with the other green tomatoes in order to make chutney, but I don't see why not.

I want to start canning in larger quantities this year. I've been poking at the Bernardin book and Ball Blue Book of Canning, and with any luck I'll have a lot more homemade food this year. I want to try my hand at canning soups and stews and the like, which ought to make bringing lunches to work much easier. I hope.

Most of the plants in the garden have bolted at this point, but overall for a first attempt at a garden I'm quite pleased. I have to put everything to bed in the next few weeks, and I'm going to try to get my hands on some fertilizer to spread on all the beds for the duration of the winter. Next spring I'll put in some more, and with any luck the weather will be better and I'll have a gorgeous new crops. There's a lot of planning in my future, and, with any luck, with the new schedule at work I'll have time to implement it all.
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To quote [ profile] fearsclave. I'm off by a few minutes, but oh well. :)

Night shift is back, and kicking my behind. I'm not surprised. I'll be back where I need to be in a few days, sleep-wise, so it's not the end of the world. Tonight I have tidying to do, and I have to figure out something for dinner.

Otherwise, things are pretty good.

I have a pile of tomatoes waiting to be canned. I hope they'll hold out until I can get to them.

In other news, the new work schedule is out, unofficially, but I haven't seen much of it. I *do* get an extra day off every six weeks, which is nice. It means every six weeks I essentially get a four-day weekend, which is pretty awesome. Unfortunately, two weekends a month will now be spent at work. I hope they actually post it officially tonight so I can start planning my schedule properly for the next six months or so.

I also wish they'd tell me if I'm going to the Olympics to work or not. If I do, it's possible I'll be there for six weeks running, so I have to know ahead of time so I can figure out what to do with the cats while I'm gone. Six weeks is a long time to ask people to come by and look after them, but it's also really long to board them all to the tune of several hundred dollars a week. Right now I'm thinking of asking someone (not that I know who) to come and housesit while I'm gone.

Of course, the Olympics will also take me away right when I ought to be prepping seeds for the garden, but that's a lesser concern right now.
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I have oodles of tomatoes. Oodles. Unfortunately, 90% of them are green and refusing to ripen. I don't know if I like green tomato chutney, so I'm reluctant to committing so many tomatoes to that endeavour just yet.

With prompting from [ profile] toughlovemuse I have rimmed a bunch of the leaves off the plants, in the hopes that that will encourage the fruit to ripen. I've left the Brandywines entirely alone this year, but next year I have nefarious plans to encourage them to grow into riotous bloom.

I have baby tomatoes forever. It's wonderful. Every day I go out and pick one to two cupfuls of them, and have yet to run out. I ought to be golden for at least another week, maybe ten days. Good times.

The peppers have grown an extra three inches in height (w00t!) and are producing itty-bitty fruit, which I am awaiting anxiously. The red peppers are still tiny and green, and it's taking all my self-control not to poke at them constantly.

The rose bushes have flowered again. I thought they would only flower once this summer, but lo and behold there are four or five new blooms and at least two or three buds still in the making. I am absurdly pleased. The roses have grown like mad this year. The bush we cut almost down to the ground is now taller than my head.

Speaking of riotous growth, the basil is up to my waist again. The plants have become like small trees. It's a bit disconcerting.

Oh, and the weeds are flourishing. Naturally.

In other news, I don't feel like going back to work today. Not at all. Bleh.
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Between constantly losing my camera cable and being really busy at work, I never got around to posting pictures of the garden.

There are a lot, but here's a sampling:

Pictures behind the cut! )
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The garden is booming. The tomatoes have made an appearance, and a few of them have ripened without my noticing. I have ninja tomatoes, apparently.

The peppers are sulking, but while they haven't grown, they have produced flowers, so I am cautiously optimistic.

I got one tiny cucumber off one plant, and the other plant has a cucumber on it too. I hope that next year the harvest will be better.

The herbs survived in spite of my not weeding the garden for about a month. The tarragon isn't very happy but it's hanging in there. The mint had a battle to the death with the bindweed, the clover, and the grass, and came out the victor once I cleared out the debris. I'm vaguely frightened. ;)

My garlic disappeared. I think something ate it. There is *one* bulb left.

The basil has gone nuts and is three feet tall. The carrots that [ profile] moonandtree planted are doing well, as are the beets.

[ profile] moonandtree and I got a lot of weeding done today. I am taking a break right now because I'm hot, tired and thirsty, but depending on how the rest of the day goes I'm going to try to get out there again to spread some cedar mulch where we weeded, to discourage the weeds from coming back too strongly again.

I also harvested the rhubarb, which I think I left a little late. I lost some of the stalks to... well, rot, I'm guessing. Still, I have a TON of rhubarb. I see canning in my immediate future. Gotta pull out my canning recipe for rhubarb and make sure I have enough jars for it.

Today's to-do list includes dishes, laundry, gardening, finishing the baby blanket, and getting in some writing. If I have time I'll be canning the rhubarb. If not, that will happen tomorrow at the latest. Oh, and I have to call my mother before she convinces herself that I've decided never to speak to her again.

In non-domestic news, I appear to have some sort of weird summer cold. I had a horrific sore throat all day on Thursday and it got a bit better yesterday, but today I woke up slightly congested and with the feeling that someone had settled a wildebeest on my chest: not quite an elephant, but big and heavy and inconvenient nonetheless, and the occasional racking coughing fits aren't as fun as you'd think. I'm feeling better now —being outside in the warmth helped— but I can feel whatever it is lingering in the background.
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There are three things which have done well in the garden this year: the lettuce, the basil and the cherries. On Sunday [ profile] moonandtree and I made delicious pesto and had it with rotini. There are no words to describe how wonderful it tasted.

Today I finally got my act together and picked the cherries from the tree. I had to leave some behind: a couple were way too high for me to reach, and a bunch of them looked... well, like something had snacked on them. Extensively. A little blemish is fine, but if half the cherry is gone and the other half is turning brown and dripping, well, let's just say I'm not quite that brave. ;)

There are a fair number of cherries this year. I thought there were many last year too, but [ profile] ai731 says that this is the first year the cherry tree has produced significant amounts of fruit. In any case, a half-hour's worth of work has produced a large bowl of cherries. I haven't measured them out, but I estimate I have 3-4 cups' worth. I'm not sure if that's average for a mature tree or not, but it should certainly be enough to make pie or clafoutis.

Now, if only the rest of the garden would catch up. I think I shall go harvest some lettuce for lunch, too.
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Me: *attacks back yard with a vengeance*

Insects: "GENOCIDE! APOCALYPSE! AIEEE!" *insect diaspora ensues*

June Bug: "OMGWTF! CRAZY WOMAN!" *burrows back into the ground*

Earwigs: *come forth from the ground like a freaking tidal wave of exoskeletons and pincers and antennae*

Me: "Eww..." *continues weeding*

Large But Pretty Weed: "What are you DOING?!?"

Me: "I am weeding."

LBPW: "You don't want to uproot me!"

Me: "Oh, but I do."

LBPW: "No no no! I'm a tomato plant!"

Me: "No, you're not."

LBPW: "But I have a pretty yellow flower, just like a tomato plant, see?"

Me: "You're not a tomato plant."

LBPW: "How about you pretend I am?"

Me: "You're choking my actual tomato plant."

LBPW: "You could pretend you didn't see me. I'll make it worth your while!"

Me: "Are you going to provide lots of tomatoes at the end of the summer?"

LBPW: "Uh... maybe?"

Me: "Yeah. Didn't think so. Are you, in fact, going to deprive me of tomatoes by choking my tomato plant?"

LBPW: "..."

Me: "That's what I thought." *uproots the weed*

I have made great strides in the garden in the last three hours. The weeding is about 90% done, all but the very last raised bed, because I ran out of energy. I am going to have a cold drink and a rest before heading back out there.

Something has been at my garlic. I now have five plants where I used to have eight. I am put out. The lettuce is growing back in spite of repeated attacks by the local marmot and is now looking quite big and healthy.

The parsley has not fared as well, since it appears the marmot has been snacking on it. The pepper plants are sulking (probably 'cause they were infested with weeds, poor things), but the tomato plants have suddenly grown an entire foot. Four out of the five Brandywines appear to have survived their very fraught beginnings, although they're showing no signs of flowering yet or even growing branches. Still, the stems have thickened considerably, and three of them are holding up under their own steam with no help from the sticks I planted next to them. The cucumbers have finally deigned to grow about two inches and have started flowering, which is very exciting!

The mint is having a party in its corner of the garden. I planted spearmint earlier this year, and it appears that even though I thought the original peppermint was dead, I was wrong! It's coming back as well. Most of the herbs appear to be happy, if not exactly thriving, and the coriander has decided to flower, which looks very sweet.

The raspberry bush is producing berries like mad, which is very heartening, as I'm told they don't usually make berries their first year.

I also laid waste to the bindweed and the creeping Charlie in the open areas of the garden with the weed whacker until it ran out of steam. It's currently recharging in the shed.

I'm expecting a call any minute now that will take me away from my gardening and off to visit a friend who's in town for a split-second, but when I get back this evening I'm going to go back out there and clean up the huge freaking mess I made while weeding and weed whacking, and put all the extra garbage and stuff out in the trash or the recycling. I am rapidly running out of room in the compost bins, too, and I'm not quite sure what to do about that.
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Me: *turns back on garden for half a minute*

Rain: *falls for ten days*

Me: *glares at rain*

Rain: *stops, albeit grudgingly*

Garden: *sprouts virgin rainforest of weeds overnight*

Me: *arms self with garden tools*

Weeds: "Aieeee!"

Me: *starts weeding determinedly*

Very Large Weed Tree: "Ack! NO! STOP! I'm not a weed! I'm a... uh... decorative vine. Yeah, that's it. A decorative vine. You totally don't want to uproot me."

Me: "Oh yeah? You look awfully like a weed tree to me."

VLWT: "No no no. I can't be a weed tree. See how I'm growing horizontally and not vertically? Totally a vine. Put the trowel down."

Me: "So if you're a vine, how come you're growing under the porch?"

VLWT: "Uh... I like the shade. Yeah. Shade. I'm totally not a weed tree. See how I'm all thin and stuff? I couldn't be a weed tree. If I were, then my roots would be growing right under your house... and... crap. I just gave myself away, didn't I?"

Me: "Yep." *uproots the tree*

I've just spent an hour weeding the teeny-weeny front yard. The back yard is not as badly infested, but it's about ten times as big. This ought to be interesting. At least the front yard no longer looks like a vacant lot.

Also, why is it that people feel it is appropriate to TOSS THEIR TRASH into my front yard? I'm sorry, how does a garden in any way shape or form resemble a trash can?!? GAH!

I will update on the state of the vegetables in my next post.
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After a quiet morning, a lunch with [ profile] karine, [ profile] toughlovemuse and [ profile] chibipunkdemon, I came home and dug happily in the garden for a while. I got the basil, oregano, spearmint, tomatoes, rosemary and thyme all planted, and am quite pleased. I still have the lettuce left to plant, but overall things are progressing.

The lilacs I got from my supervisor are kind of wilting, but I'm hoping it's just transplant shock.

Then I sat outside with a glass of lemonade, and basked.


Jun. 7th, 2009 04:34 am
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Two hours until I can go home.

Den!Mother came in to replace Excitable!Puppy yesterday, and so I only ended up having to stay an extra 45 minutes. So yay!

Today I must resist the temptation to forgo sleep and go outside in the garden all day. I came very close to doing that yesterday as well.

I hate night shift. It wrecks everything. Boo.

On Monday I am going to go spend my OT (the Overtime Fairy paid a visit in the form of a cheque!) on a barbecue and on furniture for the garden! I am very excited about this. This week is going to be expensive, I fear. I have lots of useful (although not entirely essential) stuff that I want to get for my place: shelving for storage space, some proper storage equipment for the shed, a few extra garden things (one of those racks for the garden hose would be nice), etc. I am going to take some time, maybe tonight, to sit down, make a list of things I absolutely want and things that would be nice to have but aren't essential, and figure out a budget for the whole thing.

In other news, I am royally pissed off. Not only is this weekend GORGEOUS while I am working night shift and can't enjoy it, but next week's forecast is all about the rain, when I would much rather be in my garden. GNAR!
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Although I was enthused at the idea of having my own veggie garden, I must admit that I never expected to enjoy gardening quite this much. There is something wonderfully peaceful about going outside and simply puttering, pulling a weed here, fussing about a plant there. I even enjoy watering the garden with my new hose.

Perhaps it's the "new shiny" aspect of it all, but I think I'm going to enjoy this in the long term as well.

Once I'm off night shift, I think I'll be spending a lot of time in the garden. :)
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So I didn't get the Mystery Deciduous Tree from [ profile] grrscary, because it turned out to be a much, much bigger sapling than I thought it was. There was just no way for me to dig it up and transplant it properly.

I helped with the move, and even though there were only five of us in total (and three with shoulder/back/leg injuries, myself not included) we actually got the whole truck packed up in less than two hours, and the apartment swept and organized. It was very efficient.

I popped over to Atwater Market and got some replacement tomatoes and lettuce, and snagged a few more herbs. I will be planting them later on if all goes well. I have errands and such that I'd like to run, but I'm not sure if I want to do that today or not. What I'd really like to do now is take a nap, actually. I've been up since 07:00, and given that I'm starting a night shift tonight, I should do that rather than try to stay up for 24 hours at a stretch.

I have a lot of things I want to try to get done this week, in spite of the night shift. Here's hoping I can manage it.


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