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I'm back to work tonight, after two days of gastro. I started feeling myself again yesterday afternoon, which was a relief, and today I'm pretty much back to normal. So that means heading back to work for my last two night shifts. I am not really looking forward to it, but I suspect that's the perma-anxiety that set in on Monday (after I spoke with my landlady) talking, and not much else. Maybe. I mean, if I won the lottery and never had to go back to work, that'd make me pretty happy too, but still, the malaise is not actually work-related.

I saw the mortgage broker today, and while the news wasn't bad per se, it also wasn't quite what I had hoped for. Basically, no matter which way I slice it, I am not quite ready to buy a house. The broker estimates I could probably swing it in six months, which is encouraging news, but given that most landlords want to sign a 12-month lease, it means I won't be in a position to buy until next summer. So it's back to renting for now, and socking money away until I'm in a position to move permanently into a house of my own.

I finally found a cleaning service (to honour the verbal agreement I have with my landlady), and the girl who came today is excellent, which is a relief. The service that my landlady hired charged almost twice as much as she does and didn't even bother vacuuming under the furniture. So, anyway, it will be nice to have some help around the house. I have mentioned that I am an indifferent housekeeper, so this ought to keep some of the pet hair under control, at the very least. The house is super clean, although I'd been keeping it quite clean myself (albeit not this clean). If I move close enough, I'm hoping I can take her with me. I'll figure out the budget part somehow. Back in Montreal when I was paying half of what I do now in rent (so before I got my own house), I had a cleaning service as well, and I'd forgotten how much easier it makes things overall.

My next steps over the following weeks will be to hopefully get into the shed, now that there's less snow, pull out my boxes, and start packing. I also need to sort out my "office" and the very large bedroom closet that's sort of become a catch-all for stuff. If people are going to be coming by to look at the place, then the hidden spots need to be just as tidy as the not-hidden spots. I know that when I look at places I poke into all the cupboards and closets, so I can expect other people to do that too.

I'm waiting to hear back from my paralegal. She's been in touch with my landlady's lawyer, who appears to be entirely out of the loop concerning her intentions. So once she hears back from the lawyer, she will get in touch with me and update me on things. I'm trying to hope for the best, but given how passive-aggressive and bitchy she was with me on Monday, I am bracing for the worst.
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I don't think I could possibly catch up on everything that's happened since I last posted here, so I won't even try. That being said, there's stuff coming up that I may want to blog about in more depth, so making a bit of an effort now is in order.

First off, hi LJ Land! I haven't been posting, but I do read everything you write. <3

Anyway, have a bullet-point version of the past few months:

  • I adopted three new cats in February. It was meant to be two, but then [ profile] fearsclave was forced to rehome his kitties due to health concerns, and so I got his Maggie as well. Alas, one of the other two cats I got is not integrating into the household, so he will be vacating the premises and going to live with good friends of mine. So far all the cats mostly get along, with some spats and negotiating of territory still happening. Things are settling down slowly but surely.

  • I am still volunteering in the soup kitchen at Shepherd's (I won't use the full name, because I don't want their media relations people reading all my posts), and have also started volunteering one day a week at their community garden plot, helping to grow and harvest vegetables for the soup kitchen. I still love it, although the work is often physically very demanding.

  • I went on a trip to Barcelona with my parents in March, which was far too short but truly wonderful. I posted lots of pictures on Facebook, so anyone following me there probably saw them.

  • The work restructuring continues apace. It is, as I suspected, a PITA, and has resulted in a lot more work being given to much fewer people. Those people are also the ones who are paid the least, not surprisingly. It appears every workplace is the same when it comes to penny pinching: the higher up you are, the less you feel the pinch.

  • I also managed to escape to PEI for a while this summer, also with my parents. I've joked with them that we've seen more of each other since I moved to Ottawa than in the past five years I lived in Montreal combined. That's not quite true, but they have been making extra efforts to come out and see me (and vice versa!) since I moved.

  • The past two years of commuting to and from work in Ottawa, as well as trying to run two households on one income, paying for private daycare, and then renovating the house in order to sell it, all took a pretty serious financial toll on me. The short, ugly version is that I accumulated a fair bit of debt in order to do that. So I've been tightening my belt (the two trips notwithstanding, although in both cases my parents were generous enough to pay for almost everything) and looking for extra sources of income. I'm currently trying my hand at being a mystery shopper. It doesn't bring in a fortune, and it's not super great work for someone with anxiety, but I'm hoping it will at least offset some of my monthly bills. Every little bit helps, right? I also need to get my act together and try to sell some of the "extra" furniture that doesn't fit in my new, smaller house.

  • In happier, not debt-filled news, I have been approved by the Ottawa Children's Aid Society to continue with PRIDE training (Parental Resources for Information, Development, and Education) as well as a home study. The training starts on September 9th, and if all goes well I should be done with everything by the end of October. If I'm approved as a prospective adoptive parents after that, then I get to start the waiting game of being matched up with a child (or maybe children!) in need of a permanent home.

So that's me in a nutshell. I may be using this space to talk about the PRIDE training in September and October, so apologies in advance to everyone who finds that sort of stuff super boring. I promise to put it behind a cut if it gets overly long. :)

I know lots of you have been having a really rough year. I hope you're all keeping as well as possible under the circumstances. *hugs all around*
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I don't have anything as exciting as the opera to report about today.

In which I talk about people not liking what I like. )

Aside from having people actively rain on my parade, I received some promising news at work yesterday. It turns out that another section wants me to come work overtime for them at least once a month. This will put a bit of a crimp in my schedule, but it will pretty much solve many of our financial problems, because a full twelve hour shift at double time is a significant amount of money. It's practically the same amount of money as if I picked up a part-time minimum wage job for 3-4 shifts a week. So at this point I'll just have to take the extra commute/travel time in the name of financial solvency. It's not a done deal yet, I'll only be hearing back for sure on Friday, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I'm also excited at the prospect of doing actual dispatch work again. I like my current job, but it's very technical and very text-based, and I don't get to talk to people very much anymore. It'll be nice to have a headset again and to work with my old dispatching software and deal with more immediate security concerns rather than worry about what level of classification my transmissions need. :)

Tonight I am going out with the lovel [ profile] sultrysong. Plans are a little up in the air for now, but I'm hopeful that drinks might be involved.
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I'm feeling a bit more energetic these days. Light and energy. )

Gardening, fencing and asphalt. )

Paperwork. Blech. And also the prospect of selling books. )

So that's about it for now. I have other thoughts about time and procrastination and time management, but they're all still pretty rough, and not ready to be written down.

I'm feeling pretty optimistic about summer. Maybe it's the extra sunlight, maybe not, but I'm not complaining. I'm looking forward to the warmer weather and to getting outside more.
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We've been having trouble with the dog, as I mentioned before. Last week he stole a sealed Ziplock bag of fifteen muffins off the counter and ate them all, did the same with half a box of Tim Horton's doughnuts, and has been sneaking the cat food when he thinks we're not looking. He's gained about five pounds over the winter, too, which is really bad for his arthritis. It was getting to the point where I would get home and the first thing I'd hear about was the myriad ways in which the dog had misbehaved during my absence.

When I got home on Friday, he was limping noticeably, favouring his right front leg. He's injured this leg a few times in the past, but hadn't done anything to it recently, so I figured his arthritis might be getting worse. I dutifully took an appointment with the vet for yesterday, since I don't want my dog to be in pain. Before the arthritis had manifested as stiffness, so we were managing it with diet and exercise, but if it's more than that we need to look at pain management. I also figured I would address the new "behavioural" problem in case it was a medical problem, as [ profile] ai731 suggested. It hand't occurred to me before, but it made sense.

So, nearly two hours at the vet's later, there were x-rays and blood tests and thermometers jammed in unfortunate places. Sergent was not a happy camper. We need to wait for the blood tests to come back, but the vet suspects either a thyroid problem or maybe diabetes. The x-rays did't reveal any worsening of the arthritis, though, which is a good thing in all of this mess.

Of course, the vet visit cleaned me out of the last few "spare" dollars I had. I had managed to clear a bit of space on my credit card, but that's now gone, and I am a little worried about what the beginning of next month is going to look like. *sigh* If the dog has diabetes, we're looking at a crapton of expensive medication that I will somehow have to find a way to pay for out of my already non-existent money. I am really hoping he doesn't have any kind of terrible long-term illness, because I don't want him to be sick and I also don't want to have to figure out how to pay for the new medication.


Anyway, today is a commute day. This week I'm coming back for Bean's birthday and then going back again. I'm happy to be able to be at his party but also a little concerned about where the money for the extra gas I need to use is going to come from. Isn't worrying about finances awesome?

Okay. So. Now that I have watched the Teen Wolf finale and I am not chewing off my own fingers in frustration at the show, I need to pack up my things and go.
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Putting this out there in case anyone on my flist can help:

I need a room to live in Ottawa that's within walking distance of my job at 1200 Vanier Parkway, Ottawa. So anywhere near Vanier Parkway/Coventry/Riverside Drive would be ideal. It doesn't have to be a short walk, either, I am actually a pretty good walker and don't mind longer distances.

I'm in town typically about half the days of the month, including two weekends. 60% of my shifts are night shifts, and as I work 12-hour shifts, I can safely say you'd barely notice my presence even during day shifts.

My current budget is in the $400 range. I can probably manage a little more if necessary, but I'm trying not to bust that ceiling, and in fact less than that would be awesome.

I am also willing to do extra work around the house in exchange for lower rent. Cleaning, cooking, shovelling snow, yard work (within my capacity!) whatever, on the days I am in town. Or, you know, a special long-term project, like that garage you've been meaning to clear out forever, am I right? ;) I am a pretty good cook and am very good at cooking in bulk for later freezing, for what it's worth. I am, however, a little useless at DIY home repair things that are more complicated than changing light bulbs and hanging curtains. If your problem needs more than a hammer and a screwdriver, I'm not your gal.

Anyway, I have to give my current landlord 30 days' notice, so barring miracles I'd be able to move in come April. I can provide my own bed/desk/whatever, if that's an issue.

Anyone looking for a quiet-yet-useful roommate?


Feb. 10th, 2014 12:26 pm
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I don't have specific subject matter for today's post, so have a series of unrelated paragraphs!

1- Bean is still sick. It's been six straight days of staying home with Mama now, and I think they're both going a little stir-crazy. I'm told that the doctor can't see him until tomorrow, which means a whole week of being kept home from school, and of [ profile] pdaughter not being able to go to school herself as well. At this point it has to be something like an ear infection, which Bean seems to be unable to shake on his own, so hopefully antibiotics will clear that right up. Luckily, Bean is incredibly good about taking his "ear intekshun tedditzin" and so we never have to fight him on that. Small mercies.

2- I have the dentist today. Again. In spite of my insurance I'm sort of running out of money for this. I think that after this the rest of the dental work will have to wait for a while. There's even less money than usual this month. I'm always stressed about money, but when there's less than half the money that I expected coming in, it puts a serious dent in the budget. We're fine for now, but next month's daycare payment is beginning to worry me.

3- I really hope these next two days turn out better than the weekend. I blame the Olympics for how badly shit has hit the fan. Normally nights and weekends are pretty quiet, but I've been putting out fires since Friday, and I am exhausted. It's been a long string of problems that I don't know how to solve, so I've been run off my feet the whole time, and yesterday I left an hour late. 13-hour days are not my favourite thing, let me tell you.

4- My body clock helpfully woke me up at 3:40 this morning. "Time to get up to go to work!" it said gleefully. Of course, today is a night shift. I went back to sleep, but woke every couple of hours until I resigned myself to the inevitable and got out of bed. The morning has been quiet, at least, before I head out to the dentist, but I have a headache building which Advil and Tylenol aren't doing much to shift. I hope it goes away sooner rather than later.

5- There is no spoon. Or a number 5. Sorry. If I think of something else, I'll post again. Might go back to my old ways of multiple LJ posts a day. Shock! Horror! Actually, probably not. I have Twitter now for random thoughts. ;)
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I know I still owe an entry about my relationship with the French language, but it requires more time and thought than I can devote to it today. It will probably happen this weekend. I know you're all waiting with bated breath.

Bean was much better today, after spending yesterday with a fever that wavered between "low-grade" and "high enough to be very uncomfortable." We can always tell when he's truly under the weather, because he sits still and is quiet. He also got quite clingy and latched onto [ profile] pdaughter like a limpet, switching to cling to me only when she got up to go to the bathroom. In the afternoon we watched Casper (the live-action movie) together, and he seemed to enjoy it, though predictably about 50 minutes in he declared the movie "too long" and announced he wanted to watch something else. He was too lethargic to really protest when [ profile] pdaughter told him we were going to keep watching, though, and the movie piqued his interest again a few minutes later, so all was well.

In spite of [ profile] pdaughter's repeated attempts to get him to nap, he stubbornly stayed awake until about 17:30, when he dozed off in her arms. He roused briefly when she tried to stealthily put him to bed, but went down again pretty easily about half an hour later. [ profile] pdaughter went out to get more Children's Tylenol (he got one dose before bed, but that was all we had on hand), and of course while she was gone he woke up crying for her. Luckily I was deemed a suitable alternative to Mama for the time being, and he settled again and was fast asleep—though coughing in his sleep, poor bunny—by the time she got home.

Because Bean had an early night, we actually managed to watch three TV episodes in a row! Though, in retrospect, the third one was probably a mistake, as we ended up going to bed later than usual. Still, we caught up on Castle and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (which FINALLY delivered an episode that hit the right notes for me and didn't feel forced or boring or have only one good part) before watching the 200th episode of Criminal Minds almost live.

Today I packed my bags, took the dog out, got George's antibiotics from the vet, and drove to Ottawa. It sounds like very little for a day in which I seemed to run out of time for everything. Bean was, as I said, feeling much better, which was a relief, but also meant he was back to his very energetic and rather loud self. He was not 100%, but still greatly improved. He spent the morning making cards for me and [ profile] pdaughter. He made hers first, and carefully and spontaneously labelled it "MAMA," which made her go all misty-eyed. It was adorable. He decorated both with aluminium foil hearts which we helped him glue on, and then drew very elaborate pictures on them. Mine had a toilet (don't ask, I don't know), green grass, several doors, and a picture of someone I believe is meant to be me, as well as the aforementioned foil heart and a foil triangle ("A mountain triangle!"). I have brought the card with me to Ottawa, and need to find a good spot for it in my little room.

Being a step-parent rocks. :)

Even though I have no money, I bit the bullet today and bought some new clothes, because all the ones I have that were suitable for more "casual" office wear were nearly 10 years old, faded, misshapen, and had become irreparably stained. No longer office-worthy at all. I managed to find a few items on sale for $9 and a few cute shirts for $19, and hopefully that will set me up for a while. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this doesn't break the bank.

One of my self-improvement goals this year is to sit down and write out a proper budget. Then I need to stick to it and find a way to cut back even further on some of my spending. I think that some of the trouble comes from not having a strict budget when it comes to "extras" like presents and books and DVDs. (The rest of the trouble comes from trying to wrangle a mortgage, car payments, daycare, a 500km/week commute, and a frankly exorbitant monthly rent on an extra room to sleep in for my job, all on my salary and the contributions [ profile] pdaughter is able to make, as well as some government money for daycare).

I think I'll save the money talk for a different post. I have Thoughts on the subject, and they deserve their own entry.
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How is the time going by so quickly? I swear, it feels like it was Christmas yesterday.

Because I'd been sent on training courses the past two weeks, it's actually been a while since I worked a full night shift, and so it's sort of kicking my ass this time around. It's a little frightening how quickly I readjust to a daytime schedule. I am not a night owl, never have been. I enjoy going to bed by 22:00 (23:00 at the latest) and getting up around 07:00. That's what my body does naturally, after a few weeks of time off. I don't need an alarm, that's the way my circadian rhythms roll. Of course, this almost never happens, because I rarely have time off, and when I do it's not long enough for my body to reset completely, so unless I set an alarm (or Bean wakes me, or whatever), then I can easily sleep in way past 07:00.

I got a bit of writing done last night, which was nice. It wasn't on any of my current projects, but it was nice to at least get some fiction down on the screen. Perhaps tonight, if work remains quiet, I'll actually manage to work on one of my big projects for the year. It'd be nice to produce something I can get paid for at some point. This month, due to money that we're expecting not coming in for a while yet, things are very very tight. Tight to the point of making me worry if I'll have enough money for gas to get back to Montreal on Monday.

I tried doing the 2nd job thing last year, but as it turns out my memory of hating everything about translating was completely accurate. Much like the last time I did it for a living, it ratcheted up my anxiety to near-unbearable levels. So, that's out. I'm at a loss of what I can do to earn extra income (aside from writing, because while I know it CAN be a source of income, I'm a long ways away from getting anything published. I'd have to finish one of my projects, for one thing), because translation is essentially my one other marketable skill. I do know how to edit & proofread, but I have no formal training and no background to speak of (beta-ing fanfiction doesn't count, pretty sure).

If I worked a different kind of job, I could take on part-time work somewhere. Working a retail/service job would be fine, for what I need. The problem is that my schedule simply won't allow for that. I'd never be able to give my second boss a clear idea of when I'd be available. Also, I'd never be reliably free on nights or weekends, which is when a lot of part-time jobs want people to work. Argh.

Right, moving on.

In unrelated but hilarious news, J. K. Rowling, who refuses to shut up and let her art be art, has come on record as saying she now regrets putting Hermione and Ron together, stating that she did it for personal reasons at the time, but that now "distance has given [her] perspective," and she thinks they're terrible for each other. The internet has re-exploded back into Harry/Hermione vs Ron/Hermione ship wars, seven years later, and mostly I think someone should shove Rowling into a cupboard until she can learn to hold her tongue. I say this with love, and as someone who never had a pony in this particular race. My own love for Harry Potter fell very much in the gen. category, and while the Harry/Ginny thing felt forced, I never much cared one way or another.

A Twitter friend suggested taking Harry Potter away from her now, like taking a drunk's car keys away before they hurt themselves.

"I'm not done."

"We think you've had enough."

"But the relationship between--"

"No. C'mon, let's go let's get you home. You'll feel better in the morning."


"Shh, it's okay, just a few more stairs."

*J.K. Rowling throws up more opinions on the carpet before being put to bed*
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1- Election is over. Dear rest of the world, don't worry, this was not, as your news outlets keep saying, "a decisive victory for the nationalists." It's a minority government, and the popular vote was split three ways equally among the main contenders. At best, it's a rejection of the status quo, of a government which was becoming weighted down by scandals and a spectacularly mismanaged student strike.

Carry on, the world is not ending. I predict another election in 18 months or less.

2- Work has ben insane. Last week was a 72-hour week and I am still trying to recover. *falls over*

3- The house is a disaster, mostly due to point 2. I am slowly working on this, but it's been a bit of a slog. I've been cooking & freezing my meals, but it's a big undertaking and doesn't exactly help with keeping things tidy. Plus, because I'm so tired it means everything is taking twice as long to accomplish.

4- Paying extra close attention to my finances is paying off. I'm not rolling in money, but everything is getting handled, slowly but surely. If all goes well, I'll be out of the immediate woods in about 6 months. So, yay for that.

5- The cats and dog are doing well, too, for those of you who were wondering. They pine for the days when I was on vacation, though, and stare at me mournfully whenever I leave for work. ;)
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The moral of the story is, home ownership is hard.

I am on vacation, and have actually managed to do a cursory cleanup of the main floor. Eventually, if this nice new cool weather holds, I will clean out the basement too, and try to set up the shelving I have been promising myself I would do for months now.

The garden is in so-so shape. I haven't planted anything except the raspberry bushes that [ profile] karine gave me, which did well for a while and then promptly keeled over and died. Otherwise, I've been making do with the plants that were already there (peonies and a few small rosebushes), and fighting a losing battle with the powdery mildew that's growing on half of them.

Whining about finances under the cut )

I have a number of outside-related projects I want to get done for the house, but are mostly dependent on my winning the lottery. I need to pave my driveway, install a retaining wall, and build a fence to separate me from the neighbour I suspect might be more than a little crazy. I'd also like to build three more raised beds for next year, so I can plant vegetables.

Do I have the money to do any of the above? Hah. No. *sigh* Not even the money to buy the two-by-fours I'd need for the beds. Although I will likely have a bit more loose cash in the early fall, which is when I'd be able to build them. Supposing I can figure that out. I am not exactly what you would call "handy." I am learning as I go.

I did get myself a shiny new compost bin from Home Depot yesterday, though, and assembled it this morning. No more food waste going into the garbage. *kermitflail* I also got some biodegradable cleaning stuff for the back patio, which desperately needs it. I will likely be doing that over the weekend. The Maternal Unit is coming by tomorrow to "help" me with the garden. I suspect it will mostly involve her obsessing over some tiny detail I'd never otherwise have noticed, and nothing else happening for the rest of the day. Oh well, it'll be nice to have her over.

The dog has not been enjoying the heat, but today the temperature has gone down, and so everyone is enjoying a much-needed break.

And this has been the Most Boring Update Ever™ in the history of LiveJournal. ;)
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I am having a shitty month. So even though I don't post much as a rule, I will likely be posting even less for a while.

I have the completely unhelpful reaction of "Not dealing, can't make me," when it comes to outside stressors. Yes, the head-in-the-sand method that has worked so well for so many others is now serving as my guideline.



If anyone can figure out how to make money spontaneously drop from the sky into my lap, please drop me a line. Otherwise, I implore you to be patient until I have my head surgically removed from my posterior, where it appears to be lodged these days. *headdesk*
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I haven't even signed the papers for the house yet and I'm already sort of starting to have conniptions. Mostly it's because I feel kind of poor in the face of the vast sums of money I am being expected to disburse for this transaction.

Anyone know people looking to buy a kidney? :P

I've been back at work since yesterday after the longest vacation I have had the leisure to take in my entire professional life, but it really hasn't been long enough. Work is the same as always, and while I still like the work itself and my colleagues, there are some frustrations here that haven't actually gone away in my absence, as I'd hoped. The thing is that I've never mastered the art of being content in the face of administrative bullshit.

I don't suppose anyone out there has advice for how to be Zen about things and brainwash oneself into being content to go to one's job, do the best one can, and leave other things aside? Or, in short, how the hell does one overcome one's own tendency toward demand resistance and procrastination?

I don't know, but I really need to find out sooner rather than later. Thoughts? Tips? Resources? Bueller?

It also looks like work may not give me any time off the weekend I'm meant to move. That either means I have to switch shifts with someone (not likely, given how busy that weekend seems to be for everyone) or else maybe end up moving on the Monday following my weekend shift. Ew.

This is not the happy update I was hoping for, but I'm a little bit stressed. I will be very happy in about six weeks' time, when all of this will be behind me and I'll have new things to be stressed about, like how to build a retaining wall in my yard and figuring out how to extend my downspout and clean the leaves out of my gutters.

I also have a list as long as my arm of things I need to look into: good places to go running near my new place, buying a new fridge (my current one doesn't freaking fit in the new kitchen, much to my dismay), possibly getting a dryer for my clothes, all sorts of really boring things that are nonetheless taking up a great deal of CPU for me.

Anyway, you may now return to your regularly-scheduled lives after that scintillating and inspiring update on my life. :P


Aug. 18th, 2011 01:59 pm
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Oh my GOD moving companies are expensive.

I think I will resort to begging and bribing people with excessive amounts of pizza and beer...


Dec. 3rd, 2009 08:23 pm
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So November apparently messed me up enough that I *missed* paying some bills. Nothing major, the money was there, I just forgot. FORGOT.



Anyway, it's taken care of, but this is ridiculous. Is there a "reset" switch somewhere for my brain, please?


Sep. 27th, 2009 04:37 pm
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Dear banking website,

I have several inter-connected complaints to make. First off, if I click on "Pay A Bill," I do not, in fact, really mean "Log Me Out Successfully." Second, if I click "View My Transactions," I still do not, in fact, really mean "Log Me Out Successfully."

Related to this, given that there is a SERIOUS bug in your programming that logs me out every time I click on a link, forcing me to re-enter all my information over and over again, I would very much appreciate there being a section somewhere, ANYWHERE, on your site that would allow me to report the bug and open a trouble ticket.

Is there such a section? NO. I had to resort to your "customer feedback" section, and I am not optimistic about your promise to get back to me within 24 hours. I fully expect, given my previous experience with you, that your "response" will be an automated email thanking me for my patronage.

For the love of all that's good and holy, would you just fix your damned website?

No love,

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With one exception, I have declared October to be Buy Nothing Month. (The exception is the first Friday, when [ profile] fearsclave has generously agreed to take me shopping for a fishing rod and other equipment. Yay!)

So for the next couple of weeks I'm going to be doing some advance preparations for food and the like, so that I have enough to carry me through the month, as well as cat litter and the like. That's not a huge difference, since I try as a rule to have a month's worth of litter and food in the house anyway.

What ought to make a difference, however, is not buying books, a luxury to which I've become altogether too accustomed since I got this latest job. I have a reading list a mile long already, so this will force me to read the stuff I bought on a whim a few months ago and then never got around to reading, without succumbing to current whims.

I'm also going to not use my Communauto car except for one weekend, since I find I have begun relying on it for "frivolous" things that I could as easily do using public transport.

I'm thinking of turning 2010 into an exercise in frugality. After doing some careful math, and figuring out which luxuries I'm not willing to forgo right now (like my gym membership) and what obligations I have to meet no matter what (paying off my RRSP loan), I am going to try to live on 2/3 of my current salary. It would be tight, but I think I can do it. Some of the "savings" will go almost right away to a nifty toy from Lee Valley that I think will be very useful for the garden, as my house is too cold and doesn't get enough sun to start seeds with any success, but all the rest of it is going to go into a "house fund" for the near-ish future.

Originally this was a quick paragraph about the house plan, but then it turned into a bit of a rant against credit card companies. Sorry. )


Sep. 9th, 2009 05:37 pm
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My mother lost her Cartier Trinity ring when she was over at my place feeding the cats while I was in Ottawa. I thought I would try to replace it for her for Christmas, since she's had this ring for something like forty years, but a quick search on the internet has revealed it to be waaaaaay out of my financial league.

Curse my mother and her expensive taste. :P

If anyone out there wants to send us ring-finding vibes, they'd be much appreciated.
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Just when I thought I was going to get a break from having to spend money on stuff, my microwave bites the dust. Geez. I mean, don't get me wrong: the microwave was given to me by [ profile] meallanmouse when her appliances got replaced, and it was already a couple of years old by then (I think). It has served me faithfully for seven years, so I can't complain too much.

It's just that the timing is really terrible.

I also replaced the cats' water fountain today, except the new one isn't working the way it should, and I have no time to figure out what I did wrong. At least the cats have fresh water. I also got them a new scratching thing (with catnip! They are all very stoned.) and toys, which they needed to keep them busy.


I was going to heat myself a quick lunch, and NOW I CAN'T, so I guess I'll rummage for something else to eat other than the yummy chicken I made the other day. PAH!

Now I am going to take comfort in the general hostility and unfairness of the Universe, as per my icon.
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My Québec Government tax refund just arrived! Woohoohoo!

Now I don't have to worry about how much I'm going to spend on groceries today. One down, one to go! :D


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