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I feel like a change of scenery is in order for this LJ, but I'm not sure who even makes LJ icons anymore. My main source was [ profile] iconsbycurtana, but she hasn't made LJ icons in years, AFAIK.

Anyway, the vertigo has come and gone. *waves goodbye to the latest bout of vertigo* I got my sofas cleaned today, and while the state of them was pretty humiliating, at least they are clean and sanitised now. \o/ My resolution now is to get them cleaned once a year and maintain them as best I can until they're well and truly dead, many years from now. The pets are all locked away in the bedroom, highly miffed at not being allowed out while the service people were here, and even more miffed now because they have to wait another four hours before being allowed on the furniture again. Their lives are hard, to be sure.

As for the rest of today, I am 99% likely to go see Rogue One in theatres. I have the points for a free movie, so all I have to do is get up off my butt and go to the theatre in order to see it. I am currently trying to talk myself out of buying myself a birthday dinner of Thai food when I leave the movie theatre. I also need to go buy very cheap sheets or drop cloths to put over the sofas now, so that I can keep them reasonably clean for when guests come. Up until today, you couldn't sit on those sofas without getting covered in pet fur, which is not ideal when you have guests over. At least, guests who don't necessarily want to be covered in pet hair. :P

Ah, the joys of pet ownership.

If I have the time and energy, I will report back on Star Wars when I get home later today.


Dec. 30th, 2016 04:29 pm
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I've been preparing to host an "Un-Christmas" lunch since, oh, the beginning of December. I invited my parents and [ profile] fearsclave and his wife, Carolyn, and started menu planning three weeks ago and cooking last week. Because I rarely entertain, when I do, I want it to be memorable. I flatter myself that today went really well, overall. My parents get along really well with [ profile] fearsclave and Carolyn, and the four of them had a great time laughing about living "near the North Pole," etc. Carolyn got to see how well Maggie and Ben were doing (I adopted two of their cats over the past year, when they couldn't keep them anymore).

This morning I got up early in order to finish the last of the preparation: a last-minute vacuum/tidy of the house, then make the mashed potatoes, mulled wine, wild rice, and green beans. I didn't get it all done before the guests arrived, and we ended up eating about half an hour later than planned, but it all pulled together at the last minute.

The meal itself was a great success. I started out with a beet salad with goat cheese and candied walnuts. It's the only dish which I managed to capture in a picture. The rest of the food got eaten too quickly for me to be able to snap a picture, but there were lemon tarragon roasted cornish hens, balsamic glazed green beans with almonds and cranberries, tourtière, mashed sweet potatoes flavoured with maple syrup, and wild rice with raisins and almonds. For the cheese course we had brie with truffles, bleu d'Auvergne, and Oka, and for dessert I made apple pie and rice pudding (for the gluten-free guest). We finished it off with coffee, and I think all of us may die happily of food.

I was too busy running around trying to get everything on the table and everyone fed and taken care of to get many pictures, but I did get a few, and my parents took some as well. Hopefully between the three of us we'll have a nice record of the day.

Carolyn, my mother, and Darroch. I tried to get a picture of my father, but he keeps making faces at the camera.

Ben wanted in on the action, and kept climbing into my chair when I wasn't in it.

So, in short, I declare success. My parents gave me a sewing basket for Christmas (at my request), and it's glorious: huge, and red with white polka dots. I love it, and I want to get started on sewing something ASAP. Maybe I'll mend the dog's newest favourite toy: a no-longer-squeaky stuffed hedgehog, which he eviscerates on a regular basis.

I got my parents a framed set of my favourite pictures of them taken over the past two years, and they loved it. So I now get to pat myself on the back for a well-done Christmas, all around, even if it wasn't on Christmas itself.

I am due to write a year-in-review post, which I used to do regularly and then sort of forgot about. Tonight, however, I have a D&D game to prep, so it will have to wait.
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Warning: contains harm to an animal done by another animal )

In other news, everyone is dying this year. Brian Bedford, Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Prince, Mohamed Ali, Gene Wilder, Florence Henderson, Anton Yelchin, John Glenn, Alan Thicke, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and now George Michael. I'm sure I've forgotten a bunch. Not to mention Carrie Fisher's massive heart attack, from which no one is sure she'll recover. Though if anyone can give 2016 the finger, it's our General.

Someone on Twitter summed up this year nicely:
Uncheerful thoughts about 2017 )On the plus side, so far Christmas has been kind to me. I've put up a tree, which the cats, weirdly, are ignoring entirely. Clearly, Christmas ornaments just aren't as interesting as live mice. It was a bit of an adventure, as first of all the place I went to no longer had any small trees, so I am now boasting an eight-foot tree, which I had to cut down a bit because my ceilings are not high enough to accommodate eight feet of tree plus a stand. I have a special stand that I bought years ago at Canadian Tire, which balances your tree by itself so that perpetually single people like me can put up a tree on their own. It still works well after all these years, and after being left outside for two years in the rain and the snow (because I'm a careless person, sometimes).

Second, I had trouble with the tree lights. I bought a second strand (because eight foot tree), and wound it first around the tree. I was talking to my mother on the phone, and accidentally unplugged the power supply while I was trying to light the strand. Oops. Then when I got her back on the line I dropped the phone again, so we decided to call it there rather than invite further problems.

That's when I discovered that my first strand had a neutral prong that was bigger than the hot prong (which is how most are made these days), while the new strand had equal sized prongs, which made them incompatible. No worries, I thought, I would simply switch them around and plus the new strand into the old strand instead of vice versa. No dice. The old strand only had half the lights working. Since these are LED strands, I don't think it's a question of one light being burnt out (the way they used to: I have memories of exasperatedly switching out one bulb after the other to determine which was the defective one, and sometimes it was two bulbs and then you were screwed), so I had to go out and get more strands. I got two to be on the safe side, so now I have a very lit tree. No complaints, tbh. I didn't even have to use the extension cord I got.
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It's not that I've forgotten LiveJournal exists. I come on here and read my friends' list almost every day. Few of you post that often, but enough of you post intermittently that I feel as if I'm keeping track of many of you. I suspect that may be a bit of an illusion, but that's okay. Social media is always a bit of an illusory beast.

I just saw [ profile] slipjig link to a friending meme, and I think that it would behoove me to at least try to post more regularly. Sometimes I feel like my life is far too mundane to be of interest to anyone, but then, I love hearing about the little things that all my friends are doing. Going to work? I want to know how your day went! Planning a garden? Show me pictures of your squash! Taking your kids to school in the morning? Yes, please! Are your pets adorable? PICS, OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN! Etc. So if I'm interested in all these small, daily victories and disappointments, it stands to reason that at least some of my LJ friends feel the same way.

So, what have I been up to since the last time I posted? That was in February, I am a little horrified to see, when my computer keyboard bit the dust. I got it repaired, it's working fine now, except every now and then it... decides not to. It's always a bit nervewracking when that happens, but it's never for more than about 10-15 seconds, and it's happened maybe twice or three times. I'm trying not to worry about it too much.

Quaker Stuff )

Pet updates, with cute pictures! )

The Parental Units )

Work and gardening )

In short, I'm slowly re-aligning myself with my values. I'm trying to cook and bake from scratch more, getting back into being a steward of the earth and not just a mindless consumer. It's a process, and I still have a long way to go, but at least I'm moving back in the right direction. I feel like, in some ways, I lost a lot of myself for a while there. While there are still important decisions to be made, it's nice to catch glimpses of the person I used to be.
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I told myself I would post more to LJ this year, but I find I have nothing to say. My life consists of work, gym, and sleep. The pets are doing well (I have acquired a stray cat—I don't suppose anyone in or near Ottawa would like to adopt him?), and I'm doing reasonably okay. I just feel like I'd be boring the pants off the few people who still read this if I tried to post about my daily existence.

Is there anything you'd like me to talk about? I'd do a "daily topic for every day of the month" thing, but last time I burned out after two weeks, so I don't think I'll commit to something that big again. But I'm open to suggestions. Thoughts?
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I don't think I could possibly catch up on everything that's happened since I last posted here, so I won't even try. That being said, there's stuff coming up that I may want to blog about in more depth, so making a bit of an effort now is in order.

First off, hi LJ Land! I haven't been posting, but I do read everything you write. <3

Anyway, have a bullet-point version of the past few months:

  • I adopted three new cats in February. It was meant to be two, but then [ profile] fearsclave was forced to rehome his kitties due to health concerns, and so I got his Maggie as well. Alas, one of the other two cats I got is not integrating into the household, so he will be vacating the premises and going to live with good friends of mine. So far all the cats mostly get along, with some spats and negotiating of territory still happening. Things are settling down slowly but surely.

  • I am still volunteering in the soup kitchen at Shepherd's (I won't use the full name, because I don't want their media relations people reading all my posts), and have also started volunteering one day a week at their community garden plot, helping to grow and harvest vegetables for the soup kitchen. I still love it, although the work is often physically very demanding.

  • I went on a trip to Barcelona with my parents in March, which was far too short but truly wonderful. I posted lots of pictures on Facebook, so anyone following me there probably saw them.

  • The work restructuring continues apace. It is, as I suspected, a PITA, and has resulted in a lot more work being given to much fewer people. Those people are also the ones who are paid the least, not surprisingly. It appears every workplace is the same when it comes to penny pinching: the higher up you are, the less you feel the pinch.

  • I also managed to escape to PEI for a while this summer, also with my parents. I've joked with them that we've seen more of each other since I moved to Ottawa than in the past five years I lived in Montreal combined. That's not quite true, but they have been making extra efforts to come out and see me (and vice versa!) since I moved.

  • The past two years of commuting to and from work in Ottawa, as well as trying to run two households on one income, paying for private daycare, and then renovating the house in order to sell it, all took a pretty serious financial toll on me. The short, ugly version is that I accumulated a fair bit of debt in order to do that. So I've been tightening my belt (the two trips notwithstanding, although in both cases my parents were generous enough to pay for almost everything) and looking for extra sources of income. I'm currently trying my hand at being a mystery shopper. It doesn't bring in a fortune, and it's not super great work for someone with anxiety, but I'm hoping it will at least offset some of my monthly bills. Every little bit helps, right? I also need to get my act together and try to sell some of the "extra" furniture that doesn't fit in my new, smaller house.

  • In happier, not debt-filled news, I have been approved by the Ottawa Children's Aid Society to continue with PRIDE training (Parental Resources for Information, Development, and Education) as well as a home study. The training starts on September 9th, and if all goes well I should be done with everything by the end of October. If I'm approved as a prospective adoptive parents after that, then I get to start the waiting game of being matched up with a child (or maybe children!) in need of a permanent home.

So that's me in a nutshell. I may be using this space to talk about the PRIDE training in September and October, so apologies in advance to everyone who finds that sort of stuff super boring. I promise to put it behind a cut if it gets overly long. :)

I know lots of you have been having a really rough year. I hope you're all keeping as well as possible under the circumstances. *hugs all around*
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Moving house is eating my brain and taking up all my CPU. With any luck I will be back and posting properly after I've moved. The date is set for November 4th. Yay! Also, ACK!

Quick update on the State of the Phnee:

  1. I am trying to pack like the wind, and mostly packing like molasses uphill in January. Still, things progress.

  2. Sergent finally got his ultrasound done (God, that shit is expensive!), and the good news is that he doesn't have cancer or Cushing's. The bad news is that the vet couldn't tell what the hell is going wrong with his liver, so we've got him on some expensive medication for a month to see if that helps his liver a little bit.

  3. Octavia (my new kitten) got spayed the day before yesterday and is doing fine, except for how much she hates the Cone of Shame. It bends her whiskers out of shape and so messes with her balance and makes her walk funny. Poor kitty. I'm hoping to take the cone off in a couple of days, as soon as her surgical incision has healed a bit more.

  4. I was planning to maybe throw a small going-away party, but I realise now that I can't pull it off in the time I have, given all the work I still have to do. Sorry, everyone. Either you'll have to come to my housewarming in Ottawa, or else we can have a get-together the next time I'm in Montreal. Deal?

  5. Packing. ALL THE PACKING.

  6. Moving is hard. And stressful. And expensive. Boy howdy, is it expensive.

  7. Also, because I am a masochist, I've decided to do NaNoWriMo this year.

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I remembered that I wrote a post about pets the other day, so I'm not sure how much more there is to actually say on the topic of the pets I've always wanted to have.

I'm still a little too raw over losing George and Pan-Pan (who's now been missing 22 days, not that I'm counting) to post any picspam of or stories about the cats.

I'm hoping [ profile] elanya won't mind too much if I take a raincheck on a really long post about the pets. Instead, have some adorable pictures of the dog! I don't know if I should even try formatting these.Sergent behind the cut! )
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At 17:00 I decided to take the dog out for a walk to go look for Pan-Pan. I opened the front door, and George slipped between my legs and headed out for the evening. I locked the door, turned around, and watched as a car drove by and hit him.

Cut for very graphic description of bodily harm to the cat )
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It has been All Birthday, All The Time at Casa [ profile] mousme this week. We started with a wee celebration on Monday because I wouldn't be there for Bean's actual birthday on Wednesday. Then Bean had a special birthday celebration at school on Wednesday, complete with Monster High-themed cupcakes, and received some presents from [ profile] pdaughter as well.

It my party NOW? )
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Cat: "Pick me up! I want to be on your lap!"

Me: *picks up cat*


Me: *puts down cat*


Me: *picks up cat*


Me: *puts down cat*


Me: *picks up cat*


Me: *tosses cat to the far side of the room*

Cat: "Yeah, fuck you too, buddy!"
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I know I still owe an entry about my relationship with the French language, but it requires more time and thought than I can devote to it today. It will probably happen this weekend. I know you're all waiting with bated breath.

Bean was much better today, after spending yesterday with a fever that wavered between "low-grade" and "high enough to be very uncomfortable." We can always tell when he's truly under the weather, because he sits still and is quiet. He also got quite clingy and latched onto [ profile] pdaughter like a limpet, switching to cling to me only when she got up to go to the bathroom. In the afternoon we watched Casper (the live-action movie) together, and he seemed to enjoy it, though predictably about 50 minutes in he declared the movie "too long" and announced he wanted to watch something else. He was too lethargic to really protest when [ profile] pdaughter told him we were going to keep watching, though, and the movie piqued his interest again a few minutes later, so all was well.

In spite of [ profile] pdaughter's repeated attempts to get him to nap, he stubbornly stayed awake until about 17:30, when he dozed off in her arms. He roused briefly when she tried to stealthily put him to bed, but went down again pretty easily about half an hour later. [ profile] pdaughter went out to get more Children's Tylenol (he got one dose before bed, but that was all we had on hand), and of course while she was gone he woke up crying for her. Luckily I was deemed a suitable alternative to Mama for the time being, and he settled again and was fast asleep—though coughing in his sleep, poor bunny—by the time she got home.

Because Bean had an early night, we actually managed to watch three TV episodes in a row! Though, in retrospect, the third one was probably a mistake, as we ended up going to bed later than usual. Still, we caught up on Castle and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (which FINALLY delivered an episode that hit the right notes for me and didn't feel forced or boring or have only one good part) before watching the 200th episode of Criminal Minds almost live.

Today I packed my bags, took the dog out, got George's antibiotics from the vet, and drove to Ottawa. It sounds like very little for a day in which I seemed to run out of time for everything. Bean was, as I said, feeling much better, which was a relief, but also meant he was back to his very energetic and rather loud self. He was not 100%, but still greatly improved. He spent the morning making cards for me and [ profile] pdaughter. He made hers first, and carefully and spontaneously labelled it "MAMA," which made her go all misty-eyed. It was adorable. He decorated both with aluminium foil hearts which we helped him glue on, and then drew very elaborate pictures on them. Mine had a toilet (don't ask, I don't know), green grass, several doors, and a picture of someone I believe is meant to be me, as well as the aforementioned foil heart and a foil triangle ("A mountain triangle!"). I have brought the card with me to Ottawa, and need to find a good spot for it in my little room.

Being a step-parent rocks. :)

Even though I have no money, I bit the bullet today and bought some new clothes, because all the ones I have that were suitable for more "casual" office wear were nearly 10 years old, faded, misshapen, and had become irreparably stained. No longer office-worthy at all. I managed to find a few items on sale for $9 and a few cute shirts for $19, and hopefully that will set me up for a while. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this doesn't break the bank.

One of my self-improvement goals this year is to sit down and write out a proper budget. Then I need to stick to it and find a way to cut back even further on some of my spending. I think that some of the trouble comes from not having a strict budget when it comes to "extras" like presents and books and DVDs. (The rest of the trouble comes from trying to wrangle a mortgage, car payments, daycare, a 500km/week commute, and a frankly exorbitant monthly rent on an extra room to sleep in for my job, all on my salary and the contributions [ profile] pdaughter is able to make, as well as some government money for daycare).

I think I'll save the money talk for a different post. I have Thoughts on the subject, and they deserve their own entry.
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1- Election is over. Dear rest of the world, don't worry, this was not, as your news outlets keep saying, "a decisive victory for the nationalists." It's a minority government, and the popular vote was split three ways equally among the main contenders. At best, it's a rejection of the status quo, of a government which was becoming weighted down by scandals and a spectacularly mismanaged student strike.

Carry on, the world is not ending. I predict another election in 18 months or less.

2- Work has ben insane. Last week was a 72-hour week and I am still trying to recover. *falls over*

3- The house is a disaster, mostly due to point 2. I am slowly working on this, but it's been a bit of a slog. I've been cooking & freezing my meals, but it's a big undertaking and doesn't exactly help with keeping things tidy. Plus, because I'm so tired it means everything is taking twice as long to accomplish.

4- Paying extra close attention to my finances is paying off. I'm not rolling in money, but everything is getting handled, slowly but surely. If all goes well, I'll be out of the immediate woods in about 6 months. So, yay for that.

5- The cats and dog are doing well, too, for those of you who were wondering. They pine for the days when I was on vacation, though, and stare at me mournfully whenever I leave for work. ;)
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Does anyone local know someone in need of a cat?

Poor Smudge is not adjusting well to the dog.

Worse, the dog is not adjusting to Smudge either. The dog got into the spare room tonight where Smudge has been camping out, lunged up onto the furniture after him and tried to bite him. Or eat him, I honestly can't tell. He literally had his jaws around poor Smudge by the time I managed to intervene, and I nearly broke my finger getting them apart.

Since Sergent is here to stay and is fine with the other two cats, I think I need to re-home Smudge in a nice, calm place where there are no other cats or pets of any kind. He's a sweet, affectionate cat with people—it's just other animals he doesn't get along with. He hasn't had any behavioural issues in years: he always uses the litter box (even the whole time the dog was stressing him out, no less!), and cuddles with me and purrs whenever I go into the room.

As much as it breaks my heart, I think he would do better in a single cat household. Right now I feel like he's being punished for something that's not his fault or his doing.

Anyone in the area looking for a cat? Or do you know someone looking for a cat? If you do, point them my way, please. Smudge deserves a better life than the one he has now.
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Poor Smudge finally crept out of hiding while I was gone for the weekend, and promptly tried to run away again as soon as I got home with the dog.

I caught him, though, and kept him first in the bedroom (where he peed on my bed in order to show me just how hard he was judging me for my life choices) and now in the spare room with the door closed to keep him separate from the dog without his having to hide in the basement ceiling.

Poor cat, he's a hot mess. He's been too afraid to come out and eat, so he's lost a ton of weight. Anyone know a good way to make an underweight cat gain weight again? I may try wet food, but I'm afraid it'll wreak havoc on his digestive system. Halp?
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Eight days after the introduction of the dog, Smudge has made an appearance. I got home this morning from a work thing I can't talk about in public apart from making these teasing oblique references (I can't help it, sorry!), and after a quick in-and-out so the dog could pee, I brought him back in to feed the ravening horde.

As I was doling out kibble, I heard a very plaintive yowl coming from the basement that sounded exactly like Smudge. Yes, I have lived long enough with my cats that I can tell their voices apart (S. found this astounding, but to me their voices are as distinct as any of my friends' voices). I left George, Pan-Pan and Sergent upstairs to nosh on their kibble and went downstairs to check. Sure enough there was Smudge in the middle of the floor, yowling miserably at me as though he hadn't a friend in the world.

He seems none the worse for wear. I checked him over for signs of dehydration and starvation and found none: his skin is still elastic to the touch, no tenting, and he still has a healthy amount of flesh over his ribs. So he's either been sneaking upstairs for food and water when I'm not here/asleep, or he's found some other source of food and water.

We attempted a foray upstairs, but the dog showed a little too much interest in him, and so Smudge took to his heels. Unfortunately, he panicked so hard that he triggered the dog's chase reflex and it all went to hell pretty quickly. The cat is now gone once more. Oops.

Upside? He's healthy and not dead. There is hope.


Jan. 4th, 2012 01:57 pm
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Sergeant (well, Sergent, but I think for the purposes of this LJ I'll stick to the English spelling) is now at home with me.

He's settling in pretty well. The cats are furious: Pan-Pan is hiding in the highest place he was able to find, Smudge has disappeared, and George is hissing sporadically at the proceedings from inside the recycling bin. Yeah, I don't know either.

Unfortunately, the poor guy is still waiting at the door for his Mommy and Daddy to come back. I'm going to take him for a walk in an hour or so in the hopes that this will cheer him up. His Mommy cried when she left, poor thing. I think this separation is going to be hard on all of them, but I have promised to email regular updates to them, and they live close enough that they can come visit if they want.

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This morning at 11:45 I took Gretzky to the vet. He administered a tranquilizer and she fell asleep in my arms while I patted her. I held her while he gave her the last shot, and she was gone in seconds. It was quick, quiet and painless, and she went with all her dignity and knowing she was loved.

Needless to say, I'm pretty much a mess.
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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your sweet comments on my post about Gretzky. I can't quite respond to people without being a giant baby and crying over my keyboard, so for now I'm hoping this blanket statement will cover it adequately.

You're all wonderful.

*group hug*


Apr. 2nd, 2011 10:16 pm
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I'm beginning to think I may have to make a Decision™ regarding Gretzky. I was hoping to let her live out her days quietly, since she was obviously content and not in any obvious pain, and just one day go to sleep and not wake up.

I don't think that's going to happen anymore. She's getting increasingly confused and today not only missed the litter box, but missed it by a whole room rather than by a few inches or a few feet.

I'm torn. Part of me thinks that I'm just being overdramatic about one litter box-related accident. Except that it's not one accident, it's been that way every day for a few months now. I don't mind picking up after her, but I'm wondering if maybe there isn't a bigger problem here than what I was imagining.

Gretzky is eighteen years old. She's lost a lot of weight, she's gone pretty much blind and almost completely deaf. Her hips are bothering her, and her hind legs are getting a little weak when she moves around.

I think maybe I might have to let her go sooner than I ever wanted to.


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