Sick Day

Feb. 5th, 2014 10:09 am
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Not me, Bean. He refused dinner last night and this morning wouldn't eat breakfast, and he's running a low-grade fever. Apart from that, though, he's much the same as he always is, if slightly quieter. Right now he's playing a computer game with [ profile] pdaughter and providing running commentary about the "tricky" puzzle she's working on.

So today's plans have changed. I was going to try to work on my novel, and I still might try, but obviously I'm not optimistic about whether I'll be able to manage anything on it today. If the current level of quiet persists, I might be able to write at least a few hundred words. Maybe. Afternoons are usually harder for Bean, though, because he's a lot more tired by then.

I think I'll try writing this morning while things are still quiet, and do things like laundry in the afternoon. I have at least one load waiting for me, but I'm reluctant to "waste" the quiet right now. ;)

[ profile] tx_cronopio has asked me to talk about the French language and whether or not it's as easy for me as English, and while I was originally going to write about that today, I think I'll save it for tomorrow. What little writing time I have today I'm going to try to devote to fiction, while I can.

I made pancakes this morning, and am about to have a second cup of coffee. Currently chatting with [ profile] pdaughter about the clusterfuck that is the Sochi Winter Olympics so far. Human rights violations aside, the whole thing sounds like a shambles. I might try to articulate my thoughts/feelings on that too, in the coming days.
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How is the time going by so quickly? I swear, it feels like it was Christmas yesterday.

Because I'd been sent on training courses the past two weeks, it's actually been a while since I worked a full night shift, and so it's sort of kicking my ass this time around. It's a little frightening how quickly I readjust to a daytime schedule. I am not a night owl, never have been. I enjoy going to bed by 22:00 (23:00 at the latest) and getting up around 07:00. That's what my body does naturally, after a few weeks of time off. I don't need an alarm, that's the way my circadian rhythms roll. Of course, this almost never happens, because I rarely have time off, and when I do it's not long enough for my body to reset completely, so unless I set an alarm (or Bean wakes me, or whatever), then I can easily sleep in way past 07:00.

I got a bit of writing done last night, which was nice. It wasn't on any of my current projects, but it was nice to at least get some fiction down on the screen. Perhaps tonight, if work remains quiet, I'll actually manage to work on one of my big projects for the year. It'd be nice to produce something I can get paid for at some point. This month, due to money that we're expecting not coming in for a while yet, things are very very tight. Tight to the point of making me worry if I'll have enough money for gas to get back to Montreal on Monday.

I tried doing the 2nd job thing last year, but as it turns out my memory of hating everything about translating was completely accurate. Much like the last time I did it for a living, it ratcheted up my anxiety to near-unbearable levels. So, that's out. I'm at a loss of what I can do to earn extra income (aside from writing, because while I know it CAN be a source of income, I'm a long ways away from getting anything published. I'd have to finish one of my projects, for one thing), because translation is essentially my one other marketable skill. I do know how to edit & proofread, but I have no formal training and no background to speak of (beta-ing fanfiction doesn't count, pretty sure).

If I worked a different kind of job, I could take on part-time work somewhere. Working a retail/service job would be fine, for what I need. The problem is that my schedule simply won't allow for that. I'd never be able to give my second boss a clear idea of when I'd be available. Also, I'd never be reliably free on nights or weekends, which is when a lot of part-time jobs want people to work. Argh.

Right, moving on.

In unrelated but hilarious news, J. K. Rowling, who refuses to shut up and let her art be art, has come on record as saying she now regrets putting Hermione and Ron together, stating that she did it for personal reasons at the time, but that now "distance has given [her] perspective," and she thinks they're terrible for each other. The internet has re-exploded back into Harry/Hermione vs Ron/Hermione ship wars, seven years later, and mostly I think someone should shove Rowling into a cupboard until she can learn to hold her tongue. I say this with love, and as someone who never had a pony in this particular race. My own love for Harry Potter fell very much in the gen. category, and while the Harry/Ginny thing felt forced, I never much cared one way or another.

A Twitter friend suggested taking Harry Potter away from her now, like taking a drunk's car keys away before they hurt themselves.

"I'm not done."

"We think you've had enough."

"But the relationship between--"

"No. C'mon, let's go let's get you home. You'll feel better in the morning."


"Shh, it's okay, just a few more stairs."

*J.K. Rowling throws up more opinions on the carpet before being put to bed*
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Maybe cleaning out litter boxes has a grounding effect. :P

I'm not feeling quite as disconnected today. Awoke with the beginnings of a migraine (the result of too little sleep, combined with some sort of tension in my shoulders, I suspect) and medicated it into submission. I can feel it lingering on the left-hand side of my head, which is both unusual and annoying.

Spent the last hour and a half puttering around, cleared up stuff for the cleaning lady (I hope she's coming, after all that), and posted some more random snippets of things at Midnight Crossroads. I figured that I really ought to start putting my drips and drabs of writing in the "other" section, and even posted the prologue of my first NaNo novel from several years ago.

I'm slowly (agonizingly slowly) getting back into a writing headspace, too. I've been mulling over some ideas, had a thought about re-writing my first NaNo novel with a supernatural twist to it, although I'm not sure it would work, and am going to try to carve out some time in which to properly edit and revise the zombie novel.

Of course, this new-found grounding is coming exactly two days before I leave for Vermont for the weekend, so I may get another complete disconnect by the time I get back. Sheesh.

In other news, I just realized that I am hungry (the pain meds are kicking in properly now), and so I shall go make breakfast, and maybe wash the dishes too. Oops.
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Just so you know, I've been posting my serials starting from the beginning over at my shiny new website, designed by the lovely and talented [ profile] joane.There are nine chapters up of each so far, and the tenth is going up this week.

Clicky! Midnight Crossroads.


(Why no, I have nothing else to say today, why do you ask?)
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After chatting about L4D with John Scalzi during the kaffeeklatch on Saturday, I mentioned that someone ought to fanfic that line of graffiti. He then looked me in the eye and told me to do it.

So... looks like I have a writing project. Too bad I haven't quite figured out how to do it yet. Normally the answer would be "Play more L4D," only I can't because I don't have the equipment.

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I've been procrastinating on my writing, but at least I've got my new website updated. For those who don't follow [ profile] secret_history, and those new people who don't even know that I write fiction, I have started a new writing website (designed and loaded and brought to life by the lovely and talented [ profile] joane because I *suck* at that sort of thing).

The new website is Midnight Crossroads, for those of you whose interest may be piqued.

Right now there's only the first instalment of Beyond the Pale on there, but the first instalment of Conflation will go up on Thursday, and the two will update every week at least for a year. I have a significant backlog of BTP, but Conflation will need writing before the year is out, which is all to the good.

Next week's project is to start putting up edited chapters of In Transit (thanks to [ profile] pasley for the new title!), formerly known as Afternoon Snack of the Living Dead and also formerly known as Crisse, des Zombies! (Zombie Crisis!).

(Amusingly, I'm the second Google result for "Midnight Crossroads." I don't know why I got such a kick out of that, but there you go.)

In non-writing news, I got up late this morning, but at least I've had breakfast and soonish I'll be getting my act together and doing some cooking and tidying. Yes. That's the spirit. :P
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Okay, this has never actually happened to me before, but I've been stuck on what to call my zombie novel for nearly three years now. The inestimable [ profile] toughlovemuse came up with two brilliant titles ("Afternoon Snack of the Living Dead" and "Crisse, des zombies! (Zombie Crisis!)") which are sadly too tongue-in-cheek for the tone the book eventually developed.

So, those of you who've read it, any suggestions? If you haven't read it, you can read the majority of the first draft here, although it has changed a fair bit since I first published it.

(I will not be offended if you don't read it, no worries.)



Okay, people. Maybe I wasn't explicit enough. THE TITLE MUST NOT BE FLIPPANT. That is precisely what I am trying to avoid.

Let's try again.

[Poll #1415809]
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Next time I agree to do a colleague a favour and take their night shift, remind me that it's a bad plan?

I am a minor wreck this week. I am tired, and the place is messy, which has to be resolved before tomorrow.

I also have a ton of writing to do which isn't going to do itself. Bah.

We've got a guy from Ottawa helping us out this week, which means I'm doing most of the work as he doesn't have access to the system and doesn't know our S.O.P.s (Standard Operating Procedures). He's nice, and it's good to have back-up on the phones, but it's also pretty much doubled my workload. I also have plenty of "extra credit" given to me by a supervisor which needs to get done.

I think I'm going to try to leave earlier tonight and stop by Tim Horton's for some reinforcement. :P

I'm going to procrastinate a little while longer and go look at air fare on the intarwebs.
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I just realized that I am missing a whackload of background information for the next part of BTP, which is looming far closer than I'd like. I ended up ordering three .pdfs to help me with this, but they haven't arrived yet, and may not for a couple of days. I am a bit worried, and annoyed with myself for not having the foresight to think of this earlier.


I am also almost late for work. I need to not sit at my computer and feverishly hit "refresh" on my email and head out the door.

Curse my lack of foresight on this matter! I was not planning to have this many delays on BTP. *grr*
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Working doubles is No Fun At All. Go to work in the morning before the sun rises, go home after the sun sets, go directly to bed. Get up before the sun rises, go to work, go home after the sun sets, go directly to bed.

Is my life exciting, or what?

I am behind in my photo project. I will rectify this this weekend.

I am on target for Beyond the Pale, which now has nine new chapters up since the beginning of the year (if this were NaNo I'd be behind, but it's not NaNo, so there). I am almost at ten percent of my goal. Yay! The writing itself is a little uneven. I'm back where I was in 2004 in terms of ease of writing: I can do it, but I'm struggling with a lot of the phrasing, expressing my ideas in a way that's both clear and pleasant to read. I suspect that one day I will have to go back and polish the whole thing with a vengeance.

I am still struggling with tomorrow's script, but many of you have already listened to me whine about that enough. It's coming along, and will be ready in time. I am less enthusiastic about Capricornucopia this year for the simple reason that I'm exhausted and it crept up on me almost unawares. I've had a kick-ass idea for next year, too, and it's hard for me not to get all excited about the new shiny and focus on the task at hand, which right now feels as though I'm vastly underprepared.


I'm not being very up-beat these days, am I? I'm sorry about that. I don't really have a good reason to whine so much. I promise I'll try to keep on the sunny side of life a bit more. :)
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I've written more in the past week than I did all last year combined, I think. I am still about a day behind in my resolution to catch up on my serial writing, but with any luck I will catch up on that delay today.

Nattering about writing. Feel free to skip. )

Anyway, news you need, clearly.
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Okay, [ profile] august_writing is here, and I am uninspired.

So, flist, any suggestions? Story ideas, heck, I might even try my hand at fanfic (I don't do it much, but that's because I don't usually feel comfortable in other people's sandboxes).

I will do drabbles, poetry, full-fledged fiction, anything. Just give me something to start with. :)

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The problem with being a financially responsible adult is the realization (often come to around 02:00) that, if I want to get most of my furniture in September, I probably won't be able to buy that megaton of books I wanted to get this summer. I have a very, very long list.

The furniture and appliances I want (and in some cases need, like the stove and fridge) are going to be expensive. This means that *gasp* I may have to defer my gratification wrt books. Oh noes! *grumble*

I have also had about seventeen plot bunnies leap unbidden into my brain in the past two days. I don't know what's going on with that, but I'm getting the itch to write again. This is probably a good sign. It usually takes about a year after I get into a job before I feel settled enough to write. So far I've been here a little over seven months, and while I don't know if I have the energy to start writing regularly, it's nice to know that the writing is still there. I can't remember the last time I sat down and wrote for hours. Actually, that's not true: I did it last November. Still, I wasn't happy with how the last NaNoWriMo turned out, and it kind of burned me out on writing for a while. I'm glad it's back. :)

Dear flist

Mar. 25th, 2008 11:16 am
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Okay, I have a slightly weird question for y'all. (To those of you whom I've already asked, please forgive the repetition)

I'm looking for any and all information on serious ghost hunting. Y'know, EVPs, images in photos ("I swear that wasn't there when I snapped the shot!"), and all technology related thereto. Books, videos, TV shows, anything you can think of that isn't produced by people with cotton candy for brains.

Also, and this is actually related, I would like to learn about the technical aspects of photography. This is all going to end up as a work of fiction, but I know diddly about the ins and outs of taking pictures and developing one's own film, and all that sort of thing. What I need is some sources that will explain it to me as though I were a five-year-old and in turn allow me to sound as though I know what I'm talking about when I start writing about someone who is a competent amateur photographer.

Yes, I will be doing my own research on all of this, but it always helps to have friends and others who actually know what they're doing point me in the right direction first.

Thanks for your help!
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I've been too busy to post. I keep telling myself that I should write posts in here that aren't "here's what I did while I wasn't posting" entries, but I never seem to get around to writing those meaningful, insightful entries. I rather think that I don't have any to write. I've lost the knack of writing analytical text ever since I left university. Besides, I don't know that I'd want to inflict my essay-writing skills on my beleaguered flist, as I seem to recall that I bored myself silly with my own academic writing. I remembered wondering who would ever want to read such dry stuff as I was able to produce. It's not that it wasn't good —it was just really, really dry going.

Anyway, I've had a busy couple of weeks.
I saw an old friend of mine from high school last Saturday, although we didn't have much time to actually catch up as he had to go back to his office right after lunch (he's a lawyer). We did have a nice chat, and wandered through Atwater Market before he had to go, and it was really nice to see him again. Of all my friends in high school (of which there admittedly weren't many), he was the one with whom I got along the best. We're supposed to meet up again at some point in the near future, which ought to be nice. After that I got treated to a lovely private concert in the living room of some family friends, and spent the afternoon and better part of the evening making slightly awkward small talk with three roomfuls of people I didn't know and with whom I had nothing in common. Still, the concert was quite nice. The violinist was a young man, somewhere between nineteen and twenty-one, and he's quite promising. His playing was very adept, although it lacked depth and intonation, but with time I'm guessing he'll turn out quite well.

Sunday was spent hiding from the world recovering from that stupid migraine which started late on Saturday. Annoying in the extreme, as it was a gorgeous day out.

Monday was a writing jam with [ profile] owldaughter, in which I got more writing done in one morning than I had in the past four weeks combined. I'm finally getting back into my ongoing YA novel, and I'd like to have it finished by the end of the year. I might "cheat" and make finishing it my NaNoWriMo project for this year. Either that or I'll write another horror novel, since they appear to write themselves for me.

I forget what I did on Tuesday, but I do remember that I had to be out of the house stupidly early to do it. That's probably why I don't remember: I was still half-asleep. ;)

I met up with [ profile] ai731 on Wednesday morning, and she taught me the mysteries of canning. It's a really fun process, I assume more fun because there were two of us. We went through about three-quarters of the 20lb bag of apples I'd picked, and made apple sauce, apple butter (so very yummmy!) and an apple cake based on her grandmother's recipe, which was so very very delicious that I brought it to work with me so that I wouldn't be tempted to eat the entire thing by myself. I brought half to work, and [ profile] ai731 kept the other half, naturally. I had to abandon ship just before the end of the session, as I had to go to work, and I just received the last three jars of apple sauce last night. I am very pleased with how the whole thing turned out.

Thursday was spent driving my mother around so she could get some errands done without spending the whole day doing it. Since she doesn't drive, and generally gets around pretty slowly anyway, it's easier for her if I occasionally spend a morning driving her around, and I don't mind doing it in the slightest. I tend to lose my mind if I spend too much time with my parents, but a couple of times a week is enough for me to keep my sanity.

Friday's Ubisoft lunch got canceled for me due to the (not unexpected) passing of my great-aunt Margot at the age of 93. I have very fond memories of her, and of going to her apartment in the Linton for a New Year's Day luncheon every year until I was about eight or nine. After that she moved to a smaller place (I believe it was a residence for relatively independent retired folk who only needed minimal amounts of help to get through the day), and she became a little too frail to be able to put on the spread she really wanted to. None of her three daughters ever kept up with the tradition, and so I sort of lost track of her for a while. We still saw her at the larger family gatherings, but it wasn't really the same.

The funeral itself was interrupted when my cousin Ophelie (the youngest of all the cousins, and one of the two cousins near my age with whom I actually keep up and get along) suffered some kind of seizure or syncope in the middle of the service. She was sitting right next to my father, and the next thing we knew she had turned a horrid shade of green, her eyes rolled back in her head, and she slumped forward. Luckily my aunt (not Ophelie's mother, but another aunt) is a nurse and took over immediately. I was rather grateful not to have to step in and apply my limited first aid skills to the situation. Someone produced a cell phone (a blackberry, I think) and called 911. I spent most of the time keeping people from crowding around, and reassuring people that no, it wasn't taking as long as they thought for the ambulance to get there. I timed it, see, and it took nine minutes from the moment the call was placed to the time the paramedics got there. In times of crisis, people's perception of how quickly time elapses gets seriously distorted.

My mother spoke to my cousin yesterday, as well as my aunt. Ophelie is doing okay, as it turns out, but she's going to have to see a neurologist, as her symptoms were quite alarming (swelling in the throat, stiffening of the extremities, extremely elevated heartrate, etc.). My mother, in true keeping with her nature, has invited her to dinner next Sunday.

After the funeral I took my mother to Juliette & Chocolat for lunch. Egads, it should be illegal to make chocolate that good. I have rarely had anything quite that sinful. I must go back.

Yesterday I got shanghaied by my parents into helping them shop for appliances. God help me. The less said about that, the better. The day improved immeasurably by the time I got to [ profile] luvenditti's for dinner, and had a wonderful time with all my friends, chatting about movies and books and games and food and all the usual things we end up talking about at these events. I borrowed the movie "Clue" and watched it last night: it's a great deal of fun.

All right, the rest of my day beckons. More updates when I have something to say. ;)
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I have a silly problem. Namely, I have too many things I could be writing, but I don't know which one to start with. An overabundance of wealth, so to speak.

So I'm making a poll, just because I can! Help me solve my dilemma. :)

[Poll #1033336]
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Okay, I've fallen out of the habit of writing lately, and I want to get back into it. Since writing is largely an issue of momentum for me, I'm going to ask my very creative friends for some prompts and hopefully work those into short stories. It can be anything you want, but I'd slightly rather it be for original fic rather than fanfic. However, beggars can't be choosers, and if you want something in particular I will be happy to oblige. :)

The prompt can be anything. A sentence, a word, a concept, a quote, whatever tickles your fancy.

Thanks for the help!

Day Off

May. 16th, 2007 02:00 pm
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I am declaring today a Phnee Day. It means I get to sit around in my pajamas all day if I want to, and do nothing but read and futz on the internet if that's what tickles my fancy.

I may do a load of laundry, but that's only because I have no clothes at all left to wear (except for all my winter stuff, but that's a little warm, even for the current rainy-and-not-hot weather).

I am happily doing writing for Skywatch. I'm enjoying getting momentum back in the game and having fun figuring out new plots (and resurrecting old plots) for the characters.

Last night's stir fry was a success, although I am disappointed that my local store does not, as I was told, carry TVP. I shall have to find a different source for it, is all. I picked up a different variety of tofu, and have found that my only regret is not trying this nifty food earlier in my life. Tofu is awesome. :)

I have struggled for the better part of four hours with Open Office (counting the hours I struggled with it last night and today), and am annoyed. Because I have to run it as though it's Linux-based, it takes forfreakingever on my poor, tired computer. Cleopatra is five years old, and she just ain't what she used to be.

However, while it's really really slow, it's better for sharing files than my default word processing application which isn't compatible with anything on the planet. So.

The rest of the afternoon will be devoted to slacking off, and maybe some writing and some laundry. I have to figure out what's happening in Conflation. I sort of got stalled there because I'm beginning to feel like the writers of Lost. :P
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Wow, this week has gone by really fast.

Spent all of Monday morning running around doing errands that needed doing (I am quite pleased, because I got a lot done), and got to work early. Thank goodness for the new metros in Laval, which have done great things by way of reducing the traffic around here a fair bit. Not that much, but enough that there have been no major traffic jams on the way to work this week for me.

Came home, collapsed into bed, and was up again four and a half hours later to go into work. I swapped shifts with someone so that I could go to [ profile] aislingtheach's thesis defense. It went beautifully, as we all knew it would, and with any luck she will write all about it when she gets the chance. We kidnapped her afterward and all went to dinner at Kumon, a Chinese restaurant on Côte-des-Neiges. We were seven in total: me, [ profile] conscioussoul, [ profile] ulvain, [ profile] aislingtheach and three others who don't (yet) have LiveJournals.

We repaired to someone's home after for coffee and general chatting (and I got my very first massage ever! Wow.), and after I'd driven [ profile] aislingtheach home it was 1am.

Staggered out of bed late yesterday morning and ran to [ profile] toughlovemuse's place for tea and a writing jam. The good news is that I have pretty much finished Crisse, des zombies! I have a quick concluding scene to write, but it shouldn't be more than 300 words or so. I'M DONE! W00T!

Okay, not quite done. After this I have to revise my draft, try and fix as many of the typos, spelling mistakes and clumsy sentences as possible, and fix as many of the inconsistencies as possible. Then I print out three copies, hand them out to the very nice people who said they'd be my front-line readers, and try not to worry about it after that.

Today I am off to visit the Maternal Unit, whom I've been neglecting, and tomorrow I will do more cleaning of this place, which I had no time for this week. I'm amazed the place isn't worse off than it is, actually.

Saturday is band practice, and then the overtime fairy gets to visit. I think I shall write about work in a separate post, as it's pretty long and this is something of a grocery-list post. Not now, however, as I have to go see my mother. :)

Happy trails, folks!
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Other than because I enjoy the books, that is.

I've been re-reading The Stand thanks to a loan from the lovely [ profile] curtana with whom I spent Friday morning. That, of course, has put me back into a horror frame of mind, and so, as I walked from the metro to [ profile] sultrysong's place for lunch on Saturday, I figured out why I can't get the end of Crisse, des Zombies! (Zombie Crisis!) (aka Afternoon Snack of the Living Dead) written.

I can't get it written because the story is pretty much finished. The remaining scenes I have in my head are too disjointed to make a proper narrative. They either need to be edited out entirely or saved for a different book, supposing I ever figure out a sequel. All of the book up unfolded itself in front of my eyes as I wrote it, and it's no longer doing that. I'm guessing that's because the story has been told and is just waiting for me to admit it and move on.

So the plan now is to go back over my manuscript, tie the ending together, and re-work the structure slightly so that it works better than it does now. A few existing scenes are going to end up on the cutting-room floor, and the book may not end up being 100,000 words, but I can live with that.

In a way I'm pleased, because now I can focus on polishing and editing and getting it sent out, rather than agonizing about why the ending refuses to come together.

I'm quite excited about this, really.

Now, if only I could come up with a title that won't put off any self-respecting editor. ;)


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