Feb. 7th, 2017

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I was saying that to someone else today. All I want to do lately is eat and sleep, which means it must be February (not as bad as November, but still not great). I'm seriously thinking that hibernation has some really great perks. Ahem. I've been slacking for weeks on the exercise front, mostly because I can't run properly in the snow and ice, and all other forms of exercise that are available to me are super boring (as far as I'm concerned: I'm sure plenty of people love using cardio machines, or whatever). I'm trying not to be too hard on myself about my supposed shortcomings here, but it's kind of difficult to let go of a lifetime of vicious self-criticism. ;)

I spent the morning at L.'s house again, although the neighbours stayed quiet. They're not as active in the mornings, apparently. So I hung out while she shovelled her driveway and then got some work done, until other friends of hers arrived at noon to take up the baton, as it were. I don't know how she gets anything done, with people coming and going all day long. Lord knows, I'd never be able to get any of my work accomplished, if I worked from home and was in the same position. 

It's a work night, so I should head to bed early. Goodness only knows if the will happen. I've been pretty iffy about getting to bed at a decent hour lately. Late January/early February has been hell on all my good habits. The only up side is that I've been catching up on a bunch of TV shows that I enjoyed but let fall by the wayside. I caught up on Criminal Minds, and while I am sad that Hotchner is no longer part of the show (although I agree that an abusive actor should not be allowed to stay on set), I am pretty keen on the new guy and his gooey soft marshmallow spot for his gorgeous dog. Today it was the turn of Orphan Black, which I've not finished yet, and I still have Penny Dreadful and Elementary lined up. I've also been re-watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, as I think I mentioned, and it's still holding up quite well, with some extra progressive views combined with some depressingly heteronormative thinking, which makes for a bit of whiplash to anyone watching in the present day. I have so many questions about Trill society and culture now, omg.


Got interrupted twice writing this, and now I don't remember what I was saying. My mother called the first time, because she was worried about my father. He left for Vietnam on Sunday and still hasn't checked in, which is unlike him. He usually emails as soon as he gets to his hotel when he travels. Anyway, I talked her down for a bit and got her onto other topics, and then ten minutes after I'd hung up with her my father actually got hold of me via Skype. Turns out he can't connect to his university's server (or something, he wasn't entirely clear with me about what had gone wrong), but otherwise his tablet is working fine, hence his being able to use Skype. So I was able to let my mother know that he's fine, which is a relief for all concerned.

And after all that telephone call excitement, it's time for bed, if I want to call it an early night, the way I'd intended, so off I go. You'll just have to wait for another time for my brilliant musings on television. ;)


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