Feb. 4th, 2017

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This entry is literally just me blathering on about my D&D campaign. Feel free to skip it, since it won't mean much to anyone aside from me.

D&D adventures )In other news, I'm leading First Day School again tomorrow (which reminds me, I should post about my Clearness Committee at some point. Fodder for tomorrow's entry, I guess), and have officially run out of ideas for nut-free, gluten-free food that I can easily make with a group of children ranging between five and thirteen that will also take 45-60 minutes to prepare. The list is shorter than you'd think. It's either too fiddly for the five-year-old (requiring lots of knife work or stovetop cooking), or it's a ten-minute assembly kind of project (too short to keep them all busy during Meeting), or else it involves gluten or peanut butter (the latter, at least, can be replaced with Wow Butter). I tried three-ingredient cookies last time, but the children all ran off while the cookies were in the oven, and since I was busy chasing them down and trying to corral them, the cookies ended up burning. So anything involving baking is off-limits too.

I'm torn between trying chocolate-covered fruit (likely super messy) or gluten-free Rice Krispie squares (which I've already done before). *lays head on table* I'm kind of hoping the children won't show up tomorrow, which is terrible of me, but it would spare me having to keep them under control when the thirteen-year-old with ADHD and ODD inevitably decides he's bored and starts revving up both his sisters instead of participating in the activity I have planned.


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