Feb. 1st, 2017

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I am perhaps overreacting about my landlady, but I am incredibly frustrated. After the whole cleaner saga, she has come back and told me that the cleaners said my pets had *stained* the floor and that, as I said yesterday, the cat litter smell is overwhelming. I'm honestly flummoxed as to why they would say that. I have had pets irreversibly stain floors before, and I paid to replace them out of my own pocket. These floors? Not stained.

She insisted on having floor people come to see the house today, which in turn forced me to cancel my afternoon appointments. Did she turn up at the time she said she would? No, of course not. I didn't know the main purpose of their visit, so I was unable to answer even the most basic of their questions. They were very nice, though, and made friends with the cat and the dog. They agreed that my floors are not stained, that it's just normal wear and tear, and they will be passing the message along to my landlady, thank goodness. They also gave me a good trick to keep further dog hair out of the ducts, which was the previous reason for my landlady freaking out.

As for the litter boxes, well, I've got nothing. I don't smell anything, other than the smell of normal clay litter, which does have its own distinct odour. It's not the same as used litter, so if it's the clean litter smell that's the issue, then there's nothing I can do about that. I poured out all the old litter today and washed the litter boxes, just in case, and went down on my hands and knees in the house just to make sure I hadn't missed a spot where one of the cats might have been going outside the litter boxes, but I found nothing. *shrug*

Honestly, part of me kind of hopes she'll pitch one final fit and just ask me to leave. It'll be easier to deal with the extreme anxiety of having to movie on short notice than to deal with the constant rollercoaster of crazy. I mean, I'm not really in a position to move, financially speaking, but I *could* do it if I had absolutely no choice, and I'd be out from under her thumb. I really regret signing that lease now, let me tell you.

In short: ugh.


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