Jan. 27th, 2017

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Especially when you haven't done much writing in months. Capricornucopia is coming along, but very slowly. Mostly I'm having trouble pulling it all together. With any luck and a bit of perseverance I'll be able to get it to work, although I will confess to not feeling super excited about it this year, for reasons I've detailed already. More people have cancelled or declined since then, which is further demoralizing.

Still, I'm at least entertaining myself by trying to work in as many Hamilton references as I can manage. I am late to the Hamilton party, but I have been listening to it in the car for the past few weeks, and it's every bit as great as everyone has been saying it is.

I hope to come back with a longer post tomorrow or maybe Sunday, once Capricornucopia has come and gone. I do try to get a report written up every year, even if it's a relatively brief one, so I will make an effort this year to be diligent about it and be detailed, if events warrant it.

I'm heading in early in order to have breakfast with my parents, too, so that will be nice. I haven't seen them in person since Christmas, and a lot has happened in the interim. My mother has gotten into the alarming habit of falling. She's going to be eighty in March, and her balance isn't too great, on top of the arthritis in her hip. Ten days ago or so she took a header into a window at a grocery store, and came out of it with a goose egg on her forehead and two black eyes. I already gave her a really hard time for not going directly to the emergency room to be checked for a concussion, and we all got lucky this time, as there's no lasting harm other than the bruising. I wish she weren't so stubborn and would at least use a cane when she goes out, but arguing with her is like trying to melt an iceberg with a Zippo. I'll have another go at her tomorrow over breakfast, at least.

On that note, I should get back to writing my script. It's not going to write itself, unfortunately.


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