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 I'm keeping my friend L. company at her house today. Readers who've been with me since January will remember that she and her partner L. are the targets of neighbourhood harassment, so on Tuesdays I go hang out at their place in order for L. to get some work done in peace. 
This week the neighbours across the street appear to be away on holiday, which means they're getting a But of a break. Not a full break, because the back neighbour is still driving by about 8 times a day, and the other neighbours are still around as well, but as L. said: "At least they're not playing chicken with us every time we leave the house."
I got a late start this morning, and only brought my phone, so I'm typing this entry in Chrome, hoping it'll work. So far so good. Unfortunately, the Dreamwidth window is at once tiny but still too big for my phone, so seeing what I'm typing is a bit of a challenge. I won't be making a habit of posting from here, that's for sure. 
I need to remember to write down my dreams. I had a really cool one the night before last about opening up some kind of craft store with <lj user="miseri"/>. We were in a kind of permanent renfaire set-up, with tents all around, and in the dream my plan was to start selling clay--somethings? I recall I wanted them to have pseudo-medieval fantasy designs, and that I thought maybe D&D players could use them to hold their dice or as dice towers. Dream logic, basically. I wasn't worried in the slightest that I'd never worked with clay before: I was confident that I'd pick it up in no time, and was really excited not to have to go back to my old job. 
I've forgotten most of last night's dreams, unfortunately. I remember only bits and pieces that I won't be able to put into a coherent narrative here. It's too bad, because I think they were pretty interesting. Oh well. 

Hm. I've hit the limit of Dreamwidth. Apparently I can't scroll past a certain point, so I can no longer see what I'm typing. This is suboptimal. I'll continue this after from home. 



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