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 I feel like I do this every year. TV shows get renewed, I make a mental note to start watching again, and then... I don't. Then, months later, I remember they exist, and have to go hunt them down in order to catch up. So yesterday and today, in an attempt to distract myself from my landlady's latest assholery (she's getting too petty for me to call it "shenanigans" anymore), as well as because the gastro has made it all but impossible to do much else besides lie around with my laptop, I decided to marathon the latest season of Elementary.

Spoilers follow, for those of you who are not caught up to Episode 11 of the current season.

I will confess that I wasn't particularly invested in last year's Morland Holmes storyline, although I do still harbour much love for John Noble. I'm now halfway into the new season, and there hasn't been a single whisper or hint about last season, so I must conclude that they didn't get much traction with it, and they've gone back to a case-of-the-week model, for the most part. This year's ongoing subplot appears to be the rehabilitation of Shinwell Johnson, former gang member turned criminal informant. It's not a bad subplot, as these things go, and unlike last season, it's not taking over the whole show. John Noble is amazing, but I couldn't bring myself to care that much what happened to Morland, and the end of the season left me rather dubious about the character's future in the show. I kind of don't want a long-term antagonist other than Moriarty, or at least I don't want it to be Morland. According to IMdB there are 18 episodes in this season, and I'm at episode 11, so it's possible the writers have decided not to address it at all. Time will tell.

My mild criticism of last season's plot line aside, I am really enjoying Elementary, the way I always do. This is the first re-imagining of Sherlock Holmes that has allowed Sherlock himself to evolve psychologically and develop new human bonds, to develop an appreciation for others rather than the opposite. I love the deepening of both him and Joan especially, her evolution from dissatisfied "sober companion" to fully fledged partner in detective work. I love their relationship, the way she encouraged him not to retreat behind a wall of "I'm an intellectual genius and have no time for petty human concerns" that occurs in pretty much every other adaptation I've seen. It has made for a more nuanced and wholly more relatable and yet still extraordinarily skilled character. I love that this show has essentially flipped on its head the trope of "brilliant white dude is an asshole and everyone lets him get away with it because he gets results." In this show, no one lets Sherlock get away with being an asshole, and i is so refreshing, because it lets him grow and evolve and, shockingly, he remains brilliant and able to solve cases.

I was at once happy and disappointed about his relationship with Fiona, aka "Mittens." I loved that they had a non-neurotypical love interest for Sherlock, and I was interested to see how they were going to handle it long-term. That ended this season, and I was disappointed about that, but I did like part of the way they handled the relationship ending. I wish we'd gotten to see more of Mittens, and her reaction to the break-up, but I understand why that was either cut or never filmed at all: it wasn't particularly relevant to the plot, and overall wouldn't have contributed much to the emotional tone of the show. Still, it would have been nice to see.

I still have three episodes left before I'm caught up, and then only four episodes are left to air before the end of the season. I'm at once wistful that I won't get more, but at the same time I like shorter seasons of television, because it forces writers to be tighter with their plotting and cuts out "filler" episodes. Not that filler is as much of a concern in an episodic procedural like Elementary. Anyway, I've meandered enough in this post. Time to procure dinner, and maybe watch some more episodes.
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